Tirthan Valley Trek
  • Small Batch Size (Max 15)
  • Mountaineering Course Certified Trek Leaders, Specially Trained in Emergency Procedures & First Aid Responder
  • Local Guides Certified in First Aid Responder
  • Trek Leaders to Participants ratio of 1:8
  • Adventure Activity Insurance
  • Learning Based Experience
  • Consistent & Transparent Cost Saving Principles

Tirthan Valley Trek

Here's introducing trek to Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). The park was always famous for its biodiversity and to add to the glory, it has been identified as a World Heritage Site. While GHNP is a vast area and many famous treks are part of the park, we have carefully drafted an itinerary that lets you get the real feeling of the flora & fauna of the park along with the convenience of time. As has been the forte of Bikat Adventures, we have tried to create a weekend option without compromising on the richness of a trekking experience. The highlight of this itinerary is Tirthan river that guides you through the trek via Tirthan Valley. The region is also famous for Trout fish and sometimes referred as Trout valley as well.

1 Region Himachal Pradesh
2 Difficulty Level Easy to Moderate
3 Maximum altitude 3100 M
4 Total Trekking Distance 30 Kms Approx
5 Accomodation type Camps
6 Food Nutritious food suited for trekking / 3 meals a day
7 Trek Starts from Mandi
8 Trek Ends in Mandi
9 What to Pack Packing List
10 What is included in the fee Meals
Forest Permits/Camping Charges , if any
Tents, Sleeping bags, mats
Safety Equipment
Trek guide, cook, helpers.
Porters for carrying common luggage
Services of a Trek Leader
Transportation from Mandi to Mandi
11 What is not included in the fee Meals during road journeys
Carriage of Personal Bags during the trek
Any kind of Insurance
Any expense of personal nature
Any expense not specified in the inclusion list.

Trek Fee


Mandi to Mandi

GST @ 5% is applicable on the fee.


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Trek Dates

12-05-2018 - 14-05-2018(Open)
19-05-2018 - 21-05-2018(Open)
26-05-2018 - 28-05-2018(Open)
02-06-2018 - 04-06-2018(Open)
09-06-2018 - 11-06-2018(Open)
15-06-2018 - 17-06-2018(Open)
23-06-2018 - 25-06-2018(Open)
30-06-2018 - 02-07-2018(Open)


Day 1: Mandi - Gushaini - Rolla (2100 mts / 9 Km trek)

We leave in the Tempo traveller early morning (around 6 am). On our way, we stop by at a hotel for fresh-up and breakfast. Post breakfast drive to Gushaini via Aut. The route is beautiful and for most part, one travels alongside the rivers ( Beas & Tirthan ). We stopover for permits at Sairopa, GHNP office. One can see full size maps of the GHNP area in the office. Once we are ready to move, we start our trek from Gushaini. Immediately after entering the GHNP area from Gushaini, one can feel the dense forest with a sudden coldness in the air. Rolla (our camp site) is 9 Kms from here. All through the trail, one moves along side the Tirthan river and the views are awsome (especially for 1st day of the trek). Mobile point in the middle makes for a nice lunch site. From here we head straight to the camping site @ Rolla. The site has some huts made by the Forest department with a very nice bon-fire space developed with Tree Chunks. River flows just next to the site and the mild sound of the flow would be music to the ears in the evening.

Day 2: Rolla to Shilt Hut (3100 mts / 6 kms trek)

Post breakfast, we head for today's target - Shilt Hut. The climb is steep today with a continuous climb. Since the distance for the day is not much, the day would not turn out as too tiring. We reach Shilt by afternoon where we have our lunch and post that we take a side trip to Chhordwari waterfall and bamboo forest. The day is defined by the dense forest and the amazing peak view at Shilt Hut. Bon fire and Camping at the night.

Day 3: Shilt Hut - Gushaini - Mandi

Post breakfast trek down to Gushaini through a steep descending path to arrive at this peaceful hamlet! The trek ends here. Drive to Mandi via the Trout valley. You will be dropped in Mandi by 4 PM Approx.

Trek Story

Laws of the Jungle : Weekend Trek to Tirthan Valley

Any weekend trek starts with a thought of taking a break for people who have been to treks and experimenting with the world of trekking to the new comers. However, eventually what both type of trekkers realize at the end is that it was a bit more than that.

Laws of the Jungle : Weekend Trek to Tirthan Valley

Day 1 : We started the journey in Volvo moving to Mandi. Many people were new to each other, so some interactions started in the bus but due to the spread of seats,its not possible to mix up with everyone. While some of us watched the movie that gets shown in the bus, some others were reading or having some relaxants.. After having our dinner at Karnal, most of us slept off soon to wake up early next morning in Mandi. Our tempo traveler could not enter Mandi district, so we joined it at the barrier where Mandi district ends. The journey from Mandi to Gaushaini ( around 80 Kms ) is not long and most of the way is either along Beas or Tirthan river, so it doesn't tire you much. We stopped at Sairopa (GHNP office) for the entry permit and soon reached the starting point - Gaushaini. Here we met our local guide - Basant and other porters ( 7 of them ). We quickly distributed the essentials for the trek - pack lunch, mug, mes-tin and spoons and started moving to Rolla. Way to Rolla is too steep with a total distance on 8 Kms. Ropa is a small village that we crossed and some of us had the luxury of having 'Buransh' sharbat at a local shop. The way to Rolla is full of small waterfalls and wooden bridges that tempt you to take a dip but we kept moving thinking that may be trying the bath in return would be better. Tirthan river greets you through the way with its mild musical sound of flow but sometime is does show you the aquatic energy that it carries by creating large falls on its way.All of reached Rolla quite fast, overall we took only 4-4.5 hrs to reach there. Camping site at Rolla is quite nice with river flowing on one side, huts providing you shade, log woods cut out around the bonfire, and plain patches for tents easily available. Its a well developed camping site, one must say. Bon-fire was lit up and soon the highlight of the day - trout fish pakoras were served. Awesome! I have never had a better fish in my life. No wonder they call Trout one of the best fishes, ultra thin bones that you can eat along the flesh with very fresh taste. People will kill me if I don't thank Nillu (the cook) for the preparation. Songs (Wakeel refusing to start any and too many from me), Shagun's veg pakoras, shayari ( Abhishek G turning to kumar Vishwas), Regular interventions by Rajat to keep the fire on, Rajat creatively (or should I say unknowingly creative!) mixing halwa in his plate, were some of the evening highlights. To sum it up Day 1 was quite eventful and everyone had the perfect start for the weekend party ahead.

Laws of the Jungle : Weekend Trek to Tirthan Valley

Day 2 : We started a bit lazy today since the day had only 5 Kms to cover. However, so it turned out that all of the ascent was steep and it was not easy (to say the least!). Abhishek (not Mr. Gupta) was not feeling well since morning and soon realized that it would not be possible for him to go further. He requested to stay back at Rolla itself and wait for us to come back. I tried convincing him to move ahead and come over his fears but sometime you hit a mental block and that's what happened with him. We gave him a sleeping bag, mat, etc and moved ahead. Everyone was finding the climb challenging but gradually most of us found the right pace and kept moving. The way is full of long herbs with some of them having nasty cactus like spines that gave many of marks on legs and hands. Soon some of us moved quite ahead of others ( Malara, Shagun, Rajat, and Anurag ). They had the luxury of a quick nap at Shilt (target for the day). Most of the trek is full extremely dense vegetation with many many colors all the way. Flowers with yellow, red, violet, and many other color combinations were visible in plenty. Saurav was struggling a bit in the later half and I was continuously talking to him, trying to keep him motivated. For those who challenge themselves for the first time on a trek, it is all about setting a mental standard. Sometimes you can give up easily but believe me its all about breaching that mental block and once you do it, your confidence goes to another level for life! I share many examples of how people who were about to give up on a trek, fought that bit more, and breached the threshold. Now some of those people are always the front-runners in any expedition! So Saurav breached it this time and we all reached \Shilt by 1630 hrs. He was greeted by other members by claps and whistles on the destination.Evening bon-fire was a little disrupted because of drizzle but the view in front was inspiring. We had all cloud cover in the front side (all ridges were covered) but a clear sky on the back ( all stars and moon visible) . The contract was amazing in deed, at least, I had never seen such contrast till now. Gradually the clouds were on us and drizzling increased. We sent a porter with food for Abhishek M (who had stayed back at Rolla) to ensure that he is safe and sound. We had our dinner and Kheer which was awesome again and went to sleep in the tents. I think I have missed something in this day but ....

Laws of the Jungle : Weekend Trek to Tirthan Valley

Day3 : Day 3 had to start early because we had to go back all the way to Gaushaini and reach latest by 5 pm. So everyone woke up early and the sunrise was breathtaking. Mountain ridges in the front not wanting to leave the clouds who had stayed there for the night but the rising sun accompanied by the winds making its way over the peaks. All at the same time, clouds, sun, peaks, made the view brilliant and I kept gazing for a long time. Gradually the sun overcame everyone else and was shining bright, this was good news for us because we can now hope for a drier way back (post the drizzle, it could have been quite wet & slippery). We clicked our group photos here and moved on. The way back was not easy at all especially till Rolla, the descent was steep and people were feeling the cramps in their thigh & calf muscles. We had planned our pack lunch on a waterfall that had tempted on our way upwards. It was around 2 Kms from Rolla towards Mobile point. I came along with Sudha, Pooja, and Sonal to reach Rolla at around 12 noon and from there I moved a bit fast to join others on the waterfall ( I really wanted that bath). When I reached, Anurag, Shagun, Rajat, Abhishek G, and Asheesh had already taken the bath and were feeling relaxed. I also entered the fall to gasp for breath because when you hit that chilled water, it makes your lungs contract ( I guess! ). Abhishek M had moved forward, he might not have had the fun of completing the trek but he did have the fortune of spotting a beer on the shores of Tirthan river. After the fall, we moved towards the mobile point where some of us had lunch. The way back to Gaushaini from Mobile Point was not too hard to maneuver but some of us were really tired and hence walking slowly. Me and Sudha walked together on a long stretch discussing many social issues and how we can do something about it, hopeful! We reached Gaushaini by 1720 hrs. We were running a little late, so without wasting much time, we moved towards Mandi in the traveler. Boarded the volvo from a barrier just before Mandi but everyone was quite hungry and hence eagerly waiting for the bus to stop.. Finally the bus stopped and the hotel (to some people's dismay) was vegetarian but this is how a strong will can change the fortune. All credit to Anurag, we got to eat chicken in a vegetarian hotel!We reached Delhi early in the morning and the journey was over. Like any other weekend trek, this one also made us richer with memories but at the time left us wanting for much much more...

Laws of the Jungle : Weekend Trek to Tirthan Valley

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Trek Experience

From : Anurag Patnaik
Tirthan Valley Trek - 2014

"It was a motley group of trekkers, some of us newly inducted into the world of trekking, some who love doing it and hate everything else and some who were taking the plunge for the first time."

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