What All Things You Can Expect to Do on Kedarkantha Trek

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Last updated: 30-10-2017

Kedarkantha is such a popular winter trek that it would be apt to entitle it as the Queen of Winter Treks. Knee deep snow in winters, mesmerizing view from the top, and the beautiful and easy trails make it popular among trekkers.

Kedarkantha is an easy grade trek appropriate for beginners and family. The ‘easy on endurance’ trail goes through thick pine forests of Govind National Park. The views from the top are worth climbing to an altitude of 12,500 ft.

If you are headed to Kedarkantha this winter, here is all that you should be doing on the trek:

Crossing the first re-entrant

For those who don’t know what re-entrant is, it is the channel formed between two hill spurs from where usually the rainwater flows. A cool mountain feature to add to a trekker’s vocabulary, ain’t it?

You may not realize while crossing it. Don’t forget to ask your trek leader to demonstrate it for you while you cross your first re-entrant.

Pitching a tent beside Juda ka Tal

There is no more wonderful thing than camping by the side of a lake. And a lake as mystical as Juda ka Tal enhances the experience manifolds. It is frozen blue in the winters.

The legend says that Lord Shiva opened his locks here and the water dripped from his hair formed this lake. Interesting!

What All Things You Can Expect to Do on Kedarkantha Trek

Walking with micro-spikes in the snow

There is tons of snow in the months of December- February which will require you to wear micro-spikes to walk easily on the snow-laden trail.

It is an exciting experience for someone who has never done that before. If you have, you will get to do it once again for these microspikes are no good in the plains.

What All Things You Can Expect to Do on Kedarkantha Trek

Start at dawn on Summit Day

Do you know that mountaineers start at night for summit days on expeditions like Mount Everest? This is done to ensure that one walks on rather harder snow. When the sun starts beating, it melts the upper layer of snow trail, making the trails very slippery.

Also, the target for mountaineers is always to come back before afternoon to their camp because post afternoon, weather changes are highly unpredictable in the mountains.

Well, you are lucky because you will get a short trailer of it on Kedarkantha Trek. On the summit day, you will start early when it is still dark. Is adrenaline rushing through already?

What All Things You Can Expect to Do on Kedarkantha Trek

Do the ‘I rule the world’ pose on Kedarkantha Top

Your jaw is going to drop so quick when you sweep a panoramic view from the top. Mountain Ranges of Gangotri, Yamunotri, and Kinner-Kailash stand tall in aplomb for your welcome as you reach the top. You can see Bandarpoonch, Black Peak, Har ki Doon valley, etc. around you.

The ‘I rule the world’ pose at the top of Kedarkantha Summit will make a wonderful profile pic. With stunning views in the backdrop, it will make your friends jealous too!

What All Things You Can Expect to Do on Kedarkantha Trek

Dash through the snow

Whether you are a kid or an adult, you are never too old to play in the snow. Also, it is so much you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself sliding down the snow.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Imagine me asking this question to you as I sing like Anna from the famous Disney movie ‘Frozen’?

Wouldn’t it be fun to make a snowman with your kids on the trek? A perfect activity for winter vacation, I must say.

And yes, Kedarkantha Trek is ideal for children and beginners if you were wondering. You can stop worrying about your plans for winter holidays.

What All Things You Can Expect to Do on Kedarkantha Trek

Local experience at Sankri

If you have a day extra in Sankri, get around the village to experience the local lifestyle. Explore the local cuisine. Villagers at Sankri will sway you away with their warm hospitality.


Am I missing any ideas?

The best thing about Kedarkantha Trek is that it provides endless opportunities to have fun and open great avenues for the beginners.

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