Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek

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Last updated: 08-02-2019

At Bikat Adventures, we have always been focussed on our trekkers having the right experience on any trek. Now that we are starting the famous international treks especially the Everest Base Camp Trek, it is very important for us that all our participants have the best time on the trail. 

In order to have a flawless trekking experience, it is very important to have the right gear and the right things packed in the rucksack. 


Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek


Being an international crowd puller, there are a lot of questions often asked about this trek. Trekkers usually inquire about the best time to do the trek, the reasons why they should do the Everest Base Camp trek, which boots or shoes should they use on the Everest Base camp trek, what they should wear on the trek, tips for trekking in Nepal etc. 

But the biggest concern of all is the packing list for the Everest Base Camp trek

As we venture in this new world and start scaling another mountain, we would like to have a complete and useful list for our trekkers to help them pack preciously what they need on the trail. 

So here's the big question and its answer for you.


What To Pack For The Everest Base Camp Trek?



First things first, it is very important to know what Trekking Gear to carry on the Everest Base Camp Trek. Here's a detailed list to help you. 


1.) Rucksack along with a rain cover: Carry the right rucksack is very important. A 40 - 60 litre rucksack is good for the Everest Base Camp trek. Do not forget to pack a rain cover for the bag if it does not already come with your rucksack. 

2.) Daypack: Carrying a daypack is quintessential and very important for the summit day. It gives you a chance to summit easily with only the essentials needed.  

3.) UV protection sunglasses: Protection from the harsh UV rays is very important during the trek. On higher altitudes, the intensity of the rays is higher and on the trails where there is snow, the refection of these rays can cause harm to the eyes. So packing a good pair of sunglasses is a must. 

4.) Headtorch along with extra batteries: A headtorch comes handy during the nights on the trail. Packing some extra batteries as a precaution is never a bad idea.  

5.) Water-Bottles: It is recommended to carry two water bottles of a litre each. 

6.) Trekking Poles: Although it is completely up to you to use trekking poles, we recommend carrying them along. 


Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek


After packing the right trekking gear, one should pack the footwear for the trek. the only two footwear you need on the trek are: 


1.) Trekking Shoes: A good pair of high ankle, non-skid, deep treaded trekking shoe is a must for the trek. These shoes will be your savior during the trek. 

2.) Slippers/Sandals: A pair of lightweight sandals or slippers helps you relax your feet during the times when you take a break during the trek. 


Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek


Next comes the clothing essentials you need for the trek. Carrying the right clothes for the trek is very important. You should not over pack or carry too many unnecessary clothes but you should be very careful and not miss the clothes which are absolutely necessary for the trail. The harsh weather on the trail can hamper your progress if you do not have the right clothes on. Here's a list to help you understand.


1.) Track Pants: Carry at least two pairs of warm quick dry track pants. These pants are made of synthetic material which dries up easily. 

2.) Full-sleeved T-shirts: Carry at least 2 t-shirts for the trek. It is preferable to carry warm t-shirts or sweatshirts. 

3.) Woolen Socks: Carry at least 3 pairs of thick woolen socks. It is very important to keep your feet warm and away from frostbite during the trek. 

4.) Thermal Body Warmer: Carry thermal warmers for upper as well as lower body. 

5.) Undergarments: Keep at least 1 fresh pair of undergarments for each trekking day. 

6.) Warm Jacket: Carrying a fleece jacket is recommended to protect yourself against the harsh cold. 

6.) Thick Down Jacket: Having a nice down jacket helps a lot during the trek. It is lightweight, easy to carry and super warm.  

7.) Rainwear: Having the appropriate rainwear which includes a jacket as well as a pant comes in very handy during the trek in case of an unexpected shower from the above.  

8.) Gloves: A pair of good quality warm, waterproof gloves must be there in your bag. 

9.) Woolen Cap: A woolen cap is an absolute must. 

10.) Sun protection Hat: A hat that shields you from the harmful UV rays helps to avoid sunburns. 


Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek


Packing the toiletries for the trek is next on the list. You can make a small kit for yourself having all the things you will need during the trek. Here are a few must carry essentials.


1.) Towels: Carry at least one hand towel. Carrying a towel makes daily cleaning and hygiene easier to maintain.  

2.) Toilet Paper Roll: It is very important that you carry your own toilet paper. During treks, one has to use dry pit toilets sometimes or at teahouses/homestays, you might not have water readily available for use in the toilets. 

3.) Soap(Paper Soap And Soap Bar): Maintaning hygiene during the trek should be on the top priority of the trekkers. Paper Soap is easy to use on the trails, but you must be careful with its disposal. Bar Soaps, on the other hand, can be used throughout the trek without worrying about the disposal.  

4.) Toothbrush: One of the most basic essentials is your toothbrush. Having a refreshing breath makes the trek pleasant for you as well as your fellow trekkers!

5.) Toothpaste: What good is a toothbrush without any toothpaste. Get that minty fresh breath with your favourite toothpaste. 

6.) Cold Cream: The cold weather on the trail makes the skin dry and patchy. Having a small pack of cold cream helps to avoid any major skin damage. 

7.) Sunscreen: It is very important to use an appropriate sunscreen during the treks. We recommend using a sunscreen with SPF higher than 50. You must have the sunscreen on at all times on the trail. 



Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek


After packing the right trekking gear, footwear, clothing, and toiletries there are still a few things you might need during the trek. Let's put all these extra things under the miscellaneous list. These things include all the add-ons to make your trip more comfortable and carefree. 

Here are a few things we suggest you pack along.


1.) Camera: You will need one to capture all the beautiful views. After all, your Instagram and Facebook feed depends upon it. 

2.) Power Bank: It is very important to carry a power bank so that you can charge your devices like your cellphone and the camera while you are on the trail. 

3.) Daily Medicines (if any): If there are any medicines you take regularly, you must not forget to pack them.  

4.) First-Aid Kit: carry a basic first-aid kit with you at all times during the trek. Some of the things it must include are bandages, band-aids, cotton and antiseptic. 

5.) Dry Fruits/Nuts/Protein Bars: Carrying some high energy food is a great idea. There might be times on the trek when you need instant rejuvenation.  Such food is easy to carry and help you bounce back from weakness. 

6.) Cash: As the stay during this trek will be in teahouses/homestays it is important to carry enough cash for a comfortable stay. You will need cash for your meals in the homestays and to avail other facilities. 


Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek


We hope this packing list makes your job easier. In order to enjoy the trek to the fullest, we recommend that you pack all the items listed here. Your journey will be much more comfortable if you are fully prepared for the trek. 

So, with this handy list, you can now book the Everest Base Camp trek and check one international trek off your bucket list. 

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