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The Classic Assets of Hampta Pass – A Photo Story!

Ashwin Muralidharan

Last updated: 02-09-2021

If the Himalayan Mountains are a significant asset of India, the Hampta Pass occupies an indispensable spot on the Himalayas. Positioned at a height of 4200 meters, this wonder holds a variety of spectacles with the lush Kullu valley on one side contrasted by the dry Lahaul region on the other side. This popular monsoon trek has many versatile options like soothing showers, grasslands, flower meadows, snowfields, and river crossings to be explored.

In this article, we will walk you through some striking imagery and anecdotes that highlight the main attractions of the Hampta Pass Trek.


1. The captivating clouds of Hampta Pass –

From the faraway heaven, carefree streams of cotton clouds descend to reveal the humble fields of the Hampta Pass. Without any binding, they gently brush through the majestic mountains, rustic trees, and the green lands like a breeze. Sometimes they turn generous and shroud the entire land in a whiteout.


The Classic Assets of Hampta Pass – A Photo Story!


2. The flower meadows of Jwara –

If you are planning a date, the flower meadows of Jwara is the ideal romantic location for it. On the second day of the Hapmpta Pass trek, after a refreshing river crossing, you encounter a massive meadow with an astonishing array of flowers. Having your lunch on the meadows of Jwara will be one of the most revitalizing experiences of your life.


The Classic Assets of Hampta Pass – A Photo Story!


3. The valleys of Hampta Pass –

During childhood, we always draw two pointed triangles for mountains, a river shaped like S, and a semicircle for a sun between them. Imagine that picture coming alive with 100% clarity and vivacious colors. Those are the valleys of Hampta Pass for you.

You can witness the first of these valleys on the first day of the trek on your way to the campsite of Chikka. The silky Rani Nallah River penetrates its way here between a cluster of mountain ranges covered in green grasses and shrubs.


The Classic Assets of Hampta Pass – A Photo Story!


4. The spots near Shea Goru –

In the rat race of life, we are always on the lookout for a little space and a spot to sit down and escape reality. The third campsite, Shea Goru, offers the best spots with the best views. It helps you forget your problems and go on an introspective journey in tandem with the flow of the glacial waters.


The Classic Assets of Hampta Pass – A Photo Story!


5. The Citrine Wagtail -

Before the second campsite, Balu Ka Gehra, a thin trail runs parallel to a river stream. When you walk across this trail, keep your eyes peeled for the yellow devil in action. This is the Citrine Wagtail.

They are highly adorable but hard to spot. If you are lucky, you can witness them quickly gliding on the surface of the river streams. Sometimes, they also accompany you for a short while on the trails.


The Classic Assets of Hampta Pass – A Photo Story!


6. Reflections of the Chandra Taal Lake –

The world has many spots that help us forget reality and drift into a dream world. Chandra Taal Lake is one such place that transports you to a different dimension altogether. This bluish-green lake, settled at a height of 4250 meters in Himachal Pradesh, attracts plenty of photographers and their high-end devices during the in-season time.


The Classic Assets of Hampta Pass – A Photo Story!


7. Crossing the Hampta Pass –

The main highlight of the trek and an uplifting moment on the D-day is crossing the pass. After trekking through the huge boulders, walking through the snow trails and whiteouts, and climbing on 60-degree ascents, a short stretch of pass, spanning about 40 – 50 metres appears on the top. It acts as the gateway to the Lahaul region.


The Classic Assets of Hampta Pass – A Photo Story!


The imageries above hold just a fraction of the real splendor of Hamta Pass. If you are looking for a holistic experience, get ready, pack your rucksacks and come here to indulge in a 5-day trekking experience filled with quirky surprises and scenic beauty.

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