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Beas Kund Trek - Q & A

Nitn Sharma

Last updated: 03-06-2015

Mustafa explored the world of trekking for the first time when he did Beas Kund Trek near Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Here are the excerpts from his experience of Beas Kund Trek.

What made you choose Beas Kund trek ?

I was wanting to go on a trek for a long time but being a novice i was confused about choosing a moderate difficulty level trek. My colleague suggested me of "Beas Kund" trek which was ideal to kick start for beginners. So I though this will be perfect one to start my trekking journey

How did you prepare for the trek ?

I had no experience of trekking before, so I was pretty much confused. But I was sure at least that it was going to be little tough due to our today's lifestyle which is full of comfort. Physically i started mild activities like jogging and walking which would remove inertia of comfort from me. Mentally i made myself determined for harsh conditions over there.

Do you have any tips on how to prepare for this trek?

If your routine day has very little physical activity to do, you should start doing from today as it is not only beneficial for trek but also for our healthy life. Also for gym going people, they should take up some aerobic expercise and outdoor running too because physical activity in air conditioned room is very much different from those on mountains at higher altitude and harsh weather. Mentally you should be determined to do it as it helps a lot.

What was the difficulty level of this trek ? Would you recommend it for the beginners ?

The difficulty level of trek was moderate with my respect. Doing this trek especially for beginners will make you realize how much strength and determination you have, which will help you measure your health and increase your confidence in long run. Also it would be great "real" experience in today's virtual life of "facebook" and "whatsapp". Intiially it will be challenging but the amazing moments, spectacular scenery and simplistic life of mountains is a reward.

What was the nature of trail on each day ?

On the first day of trek on our way towards base camp we met green mountains and spectacular view of snow clad peaks. The weather was sunny and cold. We saw some great flora and fauna. The view of river passing besides us was amazing. Also we encountered herds of playful cattle and rocky slopes of mountains.On second day moving towards "Beas Kund" we encountered snow and amazing view of mountain peaks. The weather was sunny but turned littler stormy later. Also we faced difficult slopes filled with snow which were difficult to climb. While returning it was raining which made our trek little difficult as the surface got wet and slippery.

What were the major highlights of the trek for you ?

The team was amazing as they provided with all basic amenities like food and camp in the mountains. More than that it was their support while trekking. Whenever i got loose there was someone to pump me up and move ahead. The people are also very well experienced. The overall organization of schedule was also up to the mark

What was the most difficult part of the trek?

The most difficult part of the trek was climbing steep slope of mountain which had knee length snow. It drained us totally and i almost wanted to quit at that moment. Taking even single step was like hundred steps. But somehow due to team support and self determination i was able to climb it.

Any specific moments while on the trek that is most memorable for you.

I belong to Gujarat which lacks mountains. The most memorable thing was the view of mountains which was very rare for me. The sunset and sunrise among mountains in unforgettable. And overall the whole trek was memorable for me for lifetime.

Any advice you have for the first time trekkers ?

For first time trekker i would suggest them to start mild physical activity as it would prepare body for trek. Also they should take measures for proper medication for disease or illness if one possesses. It is also better do daily start stretching of body as it can prevent muscles injury while trekking. Mentally one should be ready to live out of comfort zone of cities, as living in forest is totally different.

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