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The Adventurer Blog Contest May 2018 Results

Neelam Khanduri

Last updated: 08-06-2018

Well, The Adventurer Blog Contest is done and dusted for one more season and here we are with the results. 

But first, let's thank all our participants for the tremendous response. Every season the contest is getting bigger and more and more adventurers are participating in the contest. We are truly overwhelmed smile

Picking only 3 winners wasn’t easy. But after a lot of reading, and evaluating every entry on the different parameters like context, adventure quotient, detailing, personalization, conclusion, language, and Images (it involved stickers and a lot of office bickering) we were able to select our winners.

And here it goes:


1ST PRIZE (Bikat voucher worth INR 10000): Yogesh Raut  

The Chadar Trek - Life Below Zero
When I camped at Chandratal Lake in 2016, even 4° C seemed extremely cold to me. Since I cannot stand cold, I wanted to make sure that I get used to it well in advance. Hence I landed in Leh on 31st January only, three days before the start of the trek. The moment I heard the announcement before landing that the outside temperature was .. Continue reading
Our judge's view: Yogesh has pulled an almost ideal experiential story of Chadar trek. He creates a strong context, personalizes the story for a strong reader connection, details the process for people to follow, maintains a coherent style and uses amazing pictures to demonstrate the experience. He writes as a storyteller and thinks about the reader all the time. You will not just love reading it but also end up greatly informed.


2ND PRIZE (Bikat voucher worth INR 6000): Somanna Nambudumda

Hanuman Tibba chronicles - Making a dream come true
At the break of dawn on the 1st July restlessness had taken over the calm of the campsite for it was the day we were to begin the expedition. We started at 9 AM constantly praying for the weather to be bright and shiny as it was...Continue reading
Our judge's view: Somanna attempts a thrilling peak climb and remains extremely humble about it J He makes the story relatable to all ordinary people by using a simple trip of being humble. The writing style keeps you engaged throughout the article and you cannot stop yourself from smiling for him when he summits. All in all a great expedition described brilliantly.

3RD PRIZE (Bikat voucher worth INR 4000): Sheeba Kaul

Breathing underwater - My very first scuba diving experience in Andaman Islands
“Breathe”, he said. A whooping sound came out of my mouthpiece (that’s what I want to call it right now) and I got skeptical that there was something wrong with the equipment. Before I could ask him he told me to go underwater and breathe from the hose...Continue reading
Our judge's view: Sheeba describes a very unique experience of Scuba Diving. The style of writing is extremely engaging and you almost start feeling the extra Newton Meters (below sea level). Demonstrating the experience with good images and a strong conclusion (with a nice learning summary), helps the reader understand what Scuba Diving can be all about.

A big Congratulations to all our blog contest winners! And best wishes to all the participants smile

Keep Writing and Inspiring.


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Neelam Khanduri

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