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Peaks Visible from Brahmatal Lake Trek

You might ask why is it important to know the peaks around you on a trek. The answer to this question lies in if you like to travel time.
Ignorance might be bliss in most cases but with the mountains a little bit of mountain knowledge can take you in an unparalleled mountain journey. If a person read about Mt. Everest and attempts to summit Everest he might be taken back to 1924 when at Hillary step, relating to difficulties faced by Sir.George Mallary. Hence history acts as a great story telling tool to put personal experiences into perspective.

Brahmatal trek starts from Lohanjung village and ends in Wan village. From Lohanjung village as we start out trek to Bekaltal, Mt. Nandaghunti is visible. Mt Nandaghunti (6301m) is a technical climb in Garhwal Himalayas. We can see a very technical and exposed ridge line on Mt. Nandaghunti challenging even the master climber. 

View of Mt. NandaGhunti seen from Lohanjung village and through the trail leading to Bekaltal.

Peaks Visible from Brahmatal Lake Trek

As we climbed higher on the second day from bekaltal, we exit the tree line and enter lush green meadows. A little hike to the top of the ridge gives us a view of Mt. Trishul Massif. Mt. Trishul Massif consisting of Trishul I, the highest and the most difficult of the Massif towering 7120 m above sea level. Trishul II,towering 6690m above sea level and Trishul III, towering 6009m above sea level gives it a rugged ridge line. The Trishul massif is considered one of the most difficult climbs Himalayas has to offer and a sighting of Trishul shows us why. The view of Mt. Trishul follows us through our second day to our camp at Brahmatal.

Mt. Trishul peeking through the treeline as we climb higher from Bekaltal camp.

Peaks Visible from Brahmatal Lake Trek

Mt. Trishul as seen from the top of a ridge as we exit the treeline on our way to Brahmatal.

Peaks Visible from Brahmatal Lake Trek

Majestic views of Mt. Trishul massif. One of the toughest climbs the himalayas has to offer.

Peaks Visible from Brahmatal Lake Trek

The following day as we get to Brahmatal top, Mt. Nandaghunti and Mt. Trishul can be seen in great detail. Mt Nandaghunti itself being 6301m above sea level is dwarfed by Mt. Trishul's majesty.  As we climbed down to Wan village in 30 minutes we reach a view point. From here a panorama of Himalayan peak can be seen. Major peak such as Mt. Shivling, Mt. Neelkantha , etc . can be seen from here. The view acts as perfect towering gift from the Himalayas.

Mt. Nandaghunti and Mt. Trishul as seen from Brahmatala top.

Peaks Visible from Brahmatal Lake Trek

Panoromic views from our break point 30 minute below Brahmatal top.

Peaks Visible from Brahmatal Lake Trek

Brahmatal give views of the most beautifull and majestic peaks Himalayas has to offer. It's the fortunate who get to set foot in trail such as Brahmatal trek.

Vikas Sreevatsa

Passionate Skiier , Mountaineer and adventurer with urge to explore the unexplored. Read more

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  • | 08 January 2018

    Hi Vikas. From ur blog it looks like from brahmatal top you have descended to Wan instead of Lohajung.Can u please share details of trail from Khamila top to wan and how much time does it take?