Bikat pass 2024
The Only Pass you will need for all your Adventures!
105 Itineraries
22 free treks
28 Discounted Treks - Flat 50% Off
55 Discounted Treks - Flat 30% Off
Valid throughout 2024 & More
Bikat Adventures is back with the 5th Season of the much-awaited Bikat Pass
And this time, it is available in 3 New Avatars
For the Unfamiliar,
The Bikat Pass is a one of a kind annual trekking pass that gives you exclusive access to 22 free treks and 83 discounted treks for one full year.

“The Bikat Pass is the perfect motivation for me to push my limits. It is like an alarm clock constantly nudging me to move ahead and get back on track. I believe that there won't be any snooze buttons anymore. The hassle-free booking process, list of free treks, and the variety of regions offered under the Pass are simply amazing. This might be the chance for me to train for Mountaineering Expeditions."

Aayush Gupta
Former Bikat Pass Member

“The Bikat Pass was the perfect platform that helped me to do treks frequently. It’s economical and hassle-free, and most of all, it does not take a toll on my bank balance.With the help of the pass, I have completed 7 treks this year and also went for a cycling expedition from Manali to Leh.  You won’t believe me but the treks have given me enough confidence to finish my Basic Mountaineering Course and Skiing course this year. My plan for next year is to complete my Advanced Mountaineering Course, Intermediate Skiing Course, and embark on Kang Yatse 2 with the 30% discount from the Pass.  I will definitely recommend the Bikat pass to people who are fond of adventure and trekking.”

Shambhavi Mishra
Former Bikat Pass Member
The needs of every adventurer are different
Then why should the Bikat Pass be the same?
So, this year we are introducing 3 types of Bikat Passes & you can choose the one that best meets your needs.
Bikat Pass Compact
INR 21,000
Validity - 1 year
Free Adventures- Any 5
Discounted Adventures 28 (50% off) + 58 (30% off)
Who is this for?
Perfect for Full time working professionals with limited holidays and no flexibility in time
Bikat Pass Classic
INR 29,000
Validity - 1 year
Free Adventures- All 22
Discounted Adventures 28 (50% off) + 58 (30% off)
Who is this for?
Perfect for Explorers traveling full time with flexibility in time and looking to gain the maximum from the pass
Bikat Pass Pro
INR 100000
Validity - 2 years
Free Adventures- All 22 + Power Pack (1 BRS 6 + 1 BRS 7 Expedition)

Power Pack

BRS 6 - Friendship Peak Trek Or Dzo Jongo Peak Trek Or Yunam Peak Trek
BRS 7 - Mt Black Peak Or Mt Deo Tibba Peak Or Mt Kang Yatse 1
Discounted Adventures 28 (50% off) + 58 (30% off)
Who is this for?
Perfect for goal setters looking to progress from trekking to mountaineering over the next two years
You can do a single trek in a year

"In 2020, when I wanted to explore more Himalayan treks, I came across a FaceBook post of Bikat Adventures regarding Bikat Pass. It was a nice concept. I never knew something like this could come into the trekking industry. It even had Friendship peak expedition on its free list. I felt happy and booked it immediately."

No. Of Treks Done : 1
Cost Before Bikat Pass
Cost After Bikat Pass

"When I heard about the Bikat Pass, it was really intriguing. The concept was really nice and the discounts were an eye-catcher. My primary goal was to gain as much altitude and do challenging treks not to do all the free treks."

No. Of Treks Done : 2
Cost Before Bikat Pass
Cost After Bikat Pass
Or multiple treks every month

“The Bikat Pass 2022 is a reset button that has changed my life and given me a new path to pursue. I bought the pass as an experiment at first. I wasn’t that confident about trekking. So, I started with two easy treks- the Kedarkantha and Har Ki Dun. The trek leaders of Bikat gave me the confidence to explore more trails in the mountains. So, after finishing these 2 treks, I did 9 more treks with the Pass this year! Doing all these treks has opened up a new path for me. I am now working towards becoming a well equipped trek leader and may even apply for the job at Bikat in the future”

No. Of Treks Done : 9 (free) 2 (discounted)
Cost Before Bikat Pass
Cost After Bikat Pass

"When the pandemic happened, any other company would have withheld our money and canceled the pass. But, Bikat Adventures extend- ed the time and helped me use the privileges of the Pass for a long time."

" I made the most of it and I thank Bikat for it. Trekkers, forget about your long list of 10 to 20 treks. Even if you try doing 3 treks with the Bikat Pass, you will get more than your value. Think about it!"

No. Of Treks Done : 9
Cost Before Bikat Pass
Cost After Bikat Pass
And Still Save Big with The Pass.
To put it simply, it lets you worry less about the travel budget and more about exploring the outdoors!
There is one catch though. There are only 100 Passes Available for purchase this year
Okay, How do I buy the Bikat Pass?
Earlier, we sold the Passes on a first-come first-served basis. Since last year, we have changed things a little bit.
We found this process to be better because it lets us understand how the Pass is going to be useful to you first. This way, the Pass reaches trekkers who are looking to step up their Adventure Game.
If you are interested in buying the Pass, please fill up the registration form below.
We will open sales of the Pass to 100 shortlisted candidates on 20th of December.
Please note that the form will be open for registrations until the 19th of December.