Rock Climbing with Bikat Adventures

Rock climbing is one of the purest form of adventure known to man. Over a period of human evolution we have forgotten this art, slowly but surely a few of us are regaining it.


Rock Climbing with Bikat Adventures

Sunday Climbing Sessions (click to view calender)

On sundays Bikat organizes climbing sessions which are open for anyone who wants to try natural rock climbing . The sessions are suited for the skill levels of beginner as well as experienced climbers. A climbing session is for 2 hours & maximum number of 7 participants can join. In one climbing session each participant is guaranteed :

# 30 minutes of climbing.

# Briefing & Instructions by certified professionals.

# Your skill review by a certified professional.

# Breakfast Snacks.

Session Fee

. INR 700 /- For Walk ins

. INR 300 /- For Club Members ( checkout Bikat Climbing Club )

Rock Climbing with Bikat Adventures

Do it at your time & convenience

This option gives you freedom of your time & convenience . You can hire the Instructor & equipment for a day & do climbing on any of our listed rocks. So just book online 2 days in advance & head to Arawalis with your close friends for some good climbing times.


. INR 3500 /- Per Day for Non Club Members ( Instructor + Equipment )

. INR 1300 /- Per Day for Club Members ( Instructor + Equipment ) .checkout Bikat Climbing Club

Rock Climbing with Bikat Adventures

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