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The adventurer blog contest April 2017 entries

Neelam Khanduri

Last updated: 19-05-2017

We are extremely proud to share all the eligible entries that we have received for The adventurer blog contest. 

From trek experiences of nag tibba, hampta, Kalindi pass in north to the Rajmachi, Kodachadri in the south, from scuba diving in Bangaram to sky dive in Prague each and every entry is unique in itself and gives the different taste of adventure. 

And a warm thank you to all the adventurers for sharing their incredible adventure experiences. We hope you loved recounting all your memories and very sure that our readers are not only going to enjoy them but truly get inspired for more adventures in future. 

Enjoy ..The Adventurer Blog Contest Entries! Happy reading laughing


Contestant: Abhiruk Lahiri
Landscape in the mist
We were not that lucky as we expected. The cloud cover poured over the mountain. Barely anything was visible from Tonglu top. We took steps towards the trekker's hut. The caretaker welcomed us with smoking hot soup. We freshened up quickly. We didn't have our lunch so far. We asked him to prepare some YiYi. While we were chatting inside the hut and waiting for our lunch, someone noticed sunlight... continue reading

Contestant - Susan Nivia 
In the quest of an epic sunset - Kodachadri peak trek
The path now seemed to incline covered all around by a green canopy. After about 20 minutes of trekking I started to consciously breathe deep and noticed my knees were starting to give way with the constant inclined climb. I was holding onto all the branches on the way to pull ahead, now I had to stop for a few seconds to oxygenate my lungs and muscles, I found myself..

Contestant: Kratik Mehta
The mighty Vasota trek
We keep on moving ahead and after sometime the sun almost decided to snatch all the water from us. We stayed strong too. We kept on moving and moving. After long tiring stretch into the jungle, between the rocks, climbs, etc., one of us was on the verge of giving up. We kept cheering him and dragged him to the top threatening him...Continue reading 

Contestant - Pratik Shaha
SARPASS into the mighty himalayas
We headed for for our next higher camp at around 8 AM after having our breakfast and collecting our packed lunch. We were already told that today's trail is full of surprises and serene views. We encountered many beautiful waterfalls, short but sweet. Flow of water was too fast that we were wondering the rate at which the snow is melting at the pin parvati peak... Continue reading

Contestant - Prabhat Singh
Of solo treks, open top bus rides and intoxicated drivers
My only regret about the rooftop journey is that I was too scared to pull out my phone and click some amazing shots of the valley every time the minibus took a turn teetering on the edge of the road. As per the rest, it was magic. At several points in the journey I wanted to stand up and make a triumphant Titanic-like pose, but survival instinct got the better of me. The vehicle chugged along at a moderate pace that allowed me.. Continue reading

Contestant - Dr Saurabh Rane
Achieving the impossible
That was the day that I had promised myself, I would be doing another insane things if I survive the treatment and get out alive from this. It wasn’t far after I popped the last set of pills in May 2016 and I had already signed up for one of the most challenging treks in India – Stok Kangri Summit – 20,000 ft. One of India’s highest non-technical trek, this boasts to have a difficult path to the top. This was my next step forward, to slap depression.. Continue reading  

Contestant - Tiru Ch
The diving experience in Bangaram
As soon as I entered the lagoon for my test drive, I have seen some colorful fishes and a clear sea bed. After playing for quite sometime and getting enough of breathing exercises, I hit the top of the water again, just to have a quick fresh breath. Immediately an instruction hit my ears, don’t remove your breathing apparatus.. Continue reading

Contestant - Neha Sharma
In a perfect state of utopia- Hampta pass
It was dark, when I reached my next campsite soaked and extremely exhausted after carrying the heavy backpack. Post the scrumptious dinner with fellow hikers, we gathered together listening to the Mountain Tales from our trek leader. Following day, we cross through a gushing river passage holding hands, slowing taking a step forward making sure.. Continue reading

Contestant - Deepak Bohidar
Coast 2 coast cycling
Visiting each and every beach on the way to Harihareshwar also was an add-on and by the end of the day we only could pedal till Divegar which was some 34km before Harihareshwar. I told Izhaar to carry on since it was only 6.30 in the evening and I was having the lights to ride in the night, he denied due to frequent occurrence of ghats and we had to search a place to stay in the middle of nowhere... Continue reading

Contestant - Utkarsh Mishra
A night beside the frozen hills
This place was nothing less than a piece of paradise, with the bullying white peaks on one side spine-chilling snowfield on the left, heartwarming meadow on the left and a setting sun in the valley up front. As per our leader, we fixed our petty camp which was a puny two person tent which was to accommodate 5 healthy guys and their rucksack for the frozen night ahead... Continue reading 

Contestant - Kamal Gope
It's journey not the destination (hemkund sahib and the valley of flowers)
Again we started walking towards Ghangria which was getting steep. My legs were paining and felt like I cannot lift them anymore, however the passion kept me going. We were gaining height very fast and after almost 10 km, I felt the sudden drop in temperature and it started drizzling thank God we were advised to carry raincoat which came handy. After too much huffing and struggle.. Continue reading

Contestant - Shiva Srinivasan
Into the arms of the singing peak
I was informed by Mempa sir that we will not be packing any much food for the trip and we were execute this trip in lines with what I would later find out to be a Man vs. Wild method of adventure and he proceeded to take me a quaint blacksmith to purchase a local Arunachali dao for a neat Rs. 350 which along with my khukri which I got from my base camp climbof Mt. Annapurna in Nepal be are tools of the survival on this random adventure.. Continue reading

Contestant - Srinivasa Prasath
A crazy rupin adventure
A steep climb up a glacier and getting close to the waterfalls revealed the actual force of the stream. The water current was too high. Without some sort of special arrangement, it wouldn't be possible for anyone to cross the stream, especially with heavy backpacks and supplies. A moment of silence prevailed in the camp. It was time to face the reality and take an important call.. Continue reading

Contestant - Maithreyee Oruganti
Rishikesh the land of scenic beauty and sadhus
For almost an hour and half covering a 16 km stretch we rowed with strength tearing the powerful rapids. It was almost surreal as we battled against the rivers enormous torrents. In between when we reached Lakshaman jhula I jumped down into the cold refreshing water where the rapids were low and played for sometime.. Continue reading

Contestant - Sahil Gulati 
Unplanned trip to the seventh heaven 
To my surprise, the jeep was occupied by 20 people (5 in the front, 7 (2 children) in the middle, 6 (2 children) in the back and 2 on the top of the jeep). Someone in jeep suggested me to stay at Aunter for the day and go to Nag Tibba, the next day. He also asked a guy (Ashish) to take me to his home. I was wondering, why would Ashish do so?During that jeep journey, I felt lost. I had no clue about the route to.. Continue reading

Contestant - Pavan Kirtikar

A trek to Kalindi pass

We started early moving like a zombie, crunching on hard ice from Kalindi base camp site. We were at 5500mts, numb and dumb, moving through a sort of a haze. Only the thought that we had to move forward kept us all going. The only concern bothering me at that moment was when will this wide ice field with the crunching hard ice under my feet will end? .. Continue reading

Contestant - Vivek Thakur
Everest base camp and kala pathar trek narrative
Accommodation in Solukumbu region (in nepali, roughly translating to lower Khumbu region) is in Lodges and not tents. Several big lodges are available at every halt place. Rooms are pretty cheap though, our two bed room without attached toilet was 200 nepali rupees. Rooms are pretty clean and the best part are the toilets  which throughout the trail are so clean and properly maintained. But the rooms being cheaper comes with a condition.. Continue reading

Contestant - Tushar Agrawal
An adventure of a lifetime- Parashar lake
Apart from bearing the wrath of nature, I felt guilty of the fact for what my sister was witnessing on her first trek. Yet in the remotest part of my heart I was happy somewhere that such an experience will make her realize her new potentials. Keeping “It’s not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong” quote in our minds, we continued our ascension towards the last stretch.. Continue reading

Contestant - Aditya Bikram 
Footloose in the himalayas
At first it was alright but then after a few turns the way became sketchy we were now walking on crumpling mud, clutching root twigs anything that appeared to hold our weight. On the other-side was nothing but a sharp drop of at least 600 meters which ended on the riverbed. One wrong step and only our permit application in the SDM office would serve as a proof of our identity.. Continue reading

Contestant - Prakash Yadav
A night hike to Rajmachi
Morning was a very very alarming. I mean, literally. Someone's alarm screamed (for the lack of a more accurate word) and screamed and screamed till the dead were awake and the living had transcended in a state beyond awake. I slept a little longer after the alarm had been assassinated. Following that I woke up rather good mood, and noticed the room almost vacant.. Continue reading

Contestant - Abhishek Soni
Heaven on earth - Everest base camp
Now as we proceed further up the trail, grassy lands now started turning into barren land with snow everywhere.Trekking now starts becoming more tougher and tougher with decreasing oxygen levels.Our plans for today was to make it to Lobuche but with plummeting strength levels we decided to hang our boots at Pheriche itself.. Continue reading

Contestant - Aftab Ahmed Khan
From 14245 ft
So,we started trekking with less no. of people than we had when started. After few minutes we realized that we lost the trails and were moving on the wrong,tougher and steeper trail. We were very tired on that point, I was so tired at that point I sat down and closed my eyes for a power of us Went the other side to search for the right and easy trail.while I was sleeping.. Continue reading

Contestant - Shivani Panwar
30 days in the mountains
You'll never get to see the awe-inspiring view from the top if you don't walk the many difficult miles to get there. This includes taking the wrong turn, running out of water, sleeping under the stars or pushing past your fear of heights. We might not always make the best decisions, and things won't always go as we plan.. Continue reading

Contestant - Thanasyam Raj 
Nag tibba trek
It changed the next morning. After we unpitched the tents ourselves (a good thing to learn), we started around 9 to the Nag Mandir campsite — the place we were supposed to have camped for the previous night. Few minutes into the day’s walk the Trek Lead came to me and told me to expect snow within the next few minutes.. Continue reading

Contestant - Sonia Mehra
Mountain calling trip dharamshala, macleodganj and triund hills
While we were going toward the snowline we meet one old man who walks daily around 5 to 6 kms. It was nice talking to him. He told us about the glacier. It was around 1.5 kms from the snowline but we decided to go for it. This was the first time we saw the glacier and touched it also. It's wonderful and beautiful place. It feels peaceful as not many people come to this place. We were standing at the top of the hills with green grass, big glacier spread around.. Continue reading

Contestant - Pavan
Sky dive experience
And then, all of a sudden, everything changed. What was once a calm, soothing flight up into the sky turned into madness. I felt like I was in an action movie. We were all geared up and ready to go. The doors were opened and I immediately felt the gusts of wind. I was in the very back and knew I would have to watch each and every one of my fellow divers jump out of an airplane. It all happened so fast .. Continure reading

Neelam Khanduri

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