Churdhar Trek

Churdhar Trek


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The Churdhar trek is one of the most popular treks in the outer Himalayas. It is the highest peak of the lower Himalayas at an altitude of 12000 ft. It is a trek of easy to moderate level of difficulty and can be completed in 2 days. The Churdhar peak is surrounded by a forest sanctuary which makes the overall experience very satisfying. From the Churdhar peak, one can see till Badrinath and Kedarnath, The Gangetic basin, Sutlej River, Shimla, Chail, Kufri, Kasauli & Chakrata. This peak is easily visible from the popular tourist destinations of Shimla, Kufri, and Solan. It is known to have snow on its upper ridge all year round. Perfect for the novice and experienced trekkers alike, the Churdhar Trek is an ideal weekend trek from Chandigarh for all nature enthusiasts. For trekkers looking to venture into the world of trekking, the Churdhar Trek is the best way to do it.

Why Bikat?

  • Learning Experience: We do not just focus on completing the trek but also help you develop basic trekking skills like:
    • Packing a rucksack
    • Morning Yoga & Evening stretching
    • How to pitch and dismantle a camping tent and properly use a sleeping bag
    • Ascend and Descend on a mountain trail
    • How to ensure camp safety and hygiene
    • Identify trail signs and signals
  • Loyalty Programs: Join Bikat community and enjoy benefits of our vouchers and referral programs.
  • Personalized attention: We have small batch size (max. 15) and we maintain a healthy ratio of 8:1 (Participants: Leader) on all our batches to enable individual focus and monitoring.
  • Best Expedition Leaders: Our leaders are advanced mountaineering course qualified, specially trained in rescue procedures from NIM and certified first-aid responders. Even our local guides are certified first-aid responders.
  • Safety norms: We have mapped the region with an emergency evacuation plan and safety protocols maintaining a zero accident record so far. We carry an extensive first-aid kit including oxygen cylinders and high altitude medicines.
  • Safety equipment: Our trek leaders carry UIAA certified rescue equipment like static rope, ice axe, harness, carabiners, jumar, pulley, short and long slings.


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1 Day 1
Day 1 - Chandigarh to Jam Nallah
2 Day 2
Day 2 - Jam Nallah to Churdhar peak and back to Chandigarh

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility: Is this trek good for me?

This trek is good for beginners as well as experienced trekkers.

Eligibility: Experience required

Basic experience of trekking in the Himalayas is enough for this trek.

About the Trek: Why should I go for this trek?

The Churdhar trek is an easy trek which takes you to the highest peak in the outer Himalayas. It is a 2-day trek with splendid views and good camping sights.

Best Season: What are the best months to visit this trek?

The best months to do this trek are from May to November. Avoid going in the monsoons.

Eligibility: Is this trek good for me?

Anyone who is new to the trekking and wants to venture into the experience should begin with Churdhar trek. This is a perfect trek for the people who want to peek into the world of great Himalayan treks. Churdhar trek provides a first-hand experience of trekking and camping in the wilderness.

Eligibility: Experience required

Since Churdhar is a beginner’s trek, you need no special prior experience. Although one is required to have mental preparedness and stamina before he begins the trek. Running exercise is recommended.

Eligibility: Fitness benchmark

1. Jog/Run for 3 Kms in 30 mins and
2. Hold your breath for 20 seconds
If you are not meeting these benchmarks, please use the preparation schedule to improve your fitness till you achieve the above benchmarks.

Eligibility: Requisite Skills

1. How to choose a right rucksack: It is essential that you choose a right rucksack for the trek since you are going to carry it all the time while trekking. Make sure you don’t make these common mistakes while buying a rucksack.
2. How to pack a rucksack: Trekking in mountains become more fun when your rucksack is well-organized. It also makes it easier for you to carry without being much load on your shoulders. Follow the guidelines on how to pack a rucksack.

About the Trek: Why should I go for this trek?

Churdhar Trek

Churdhar trek is a great option for beginners and first-timers. Since it is a two-day trek, it makes a great option for those who have less time on their hands. The trek is a perfect weekend trek from Chandigarh.

Best Season:

Churdhar peak trek can be done throughout the year. Monsoon months are usually not recommended due to heavy rainfall.

Packing List: What to pack

Backpack, rain cover, good trekking shoes, food, trekking poles, poncho, tent and sleeping bag

Packing List: How should I pack my rucksack?

Packing List: How should I select my trekking shoe?

Connectivity: How to Reach the base of the trek & how to go back from the end point?

The base of the trek is Nauradhar which can be reached from Chandigarh by bus or a taxi.

Connectivity: What is the cellular network connectivity for this trek?

Intermittent cellular network. BSNL network works best.

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