11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About

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Last updated: 16-07-2019

11 Best Offbeat Treks in India


Offbeat Treks, the moment you hear this word, you start imagining untouched and pristine treks with the virgin beauty of shimmering waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes.

Well, I am convinced as your imagination power is quite strong, like me!

Trekking is one of the best adventure sports for adrenaline junkies as this pumps up their heartbeat and lets them discover the hidden beauty of nature. Bestowed with sublime beauty, these treks are the most convenient way to exchange spiritual dialogues with nature. India is blessed with numerous trekking trails where you can gaze down the gorgeous views of the surroundings.

With a lot of trails being explored by countless people, there are still a few that hidden and undiscovered. Let me introduce you to some of the best-known offbeat treks in India nobody knows about. Get ready to embark on some of the most pristine trekking expeditions across various picturesque trails.


1. Miyar Valley Trek - A Pristine Trail into the Unknown

The Miyar Valley Trek is a taste-test for the beginners who don’t want to put extraordinary physical efforts but still want to get a glimpse of the treasures.

Located in the remote region of Lahaul, this valley hangs quietly, escaping the attention of the trekkers. Trekking along the pristine trail of Miyar Valley is an ideal way to witness the true colors of Himachal and Ladakh. With a maximum altitude of 13100 FT, the trek is mostly on an easy flat trail through some of the most spectacular landscapes.

The Miyar Valley trek is a great alternative to Roopkund trek for its staggering views and experience.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


2. Ghepan Ghat Trek – The Hidden Place with Stunning Neon-Blue Glacial Lake!

If you’re an adventure enthusiast and wish to explore some offbeat places in India then visit Ghepan Ghat and get lost in the panoramic views this trek has to offer. 

Originating from the remote village of Sissu on Manali-Leh Highway, this is a gorgeous neon-blue glacial lake, unknown to even the local guides. The spectacular views of towering snow-capped peaks that surround the lake are something worth exploring. Viewing gigantic neon-turquoise Ghepan Ghat with pearl-white ice chunks floating on the lake is surely a cherished experience.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


3. Digar La Trek – The Key Destination to See Ladakh!

Every adventure enthusiast on this planet wants to visit Ladakh, the land of countless passes and jaw-dropping landscape. Today, I will tell you why the Digar La trek is the best way to experience Ladakh.

If you want to see Ladakh, go on the Digar La trek without thinking twice as this is like a Ladakh sightseeing goldmine. It is an 18,000 ft pass that connects Indus Valley and Leh with Nubra Valley and is officially known as Leh-Nubra-Pangong Tso Circuit. The cherry on the cake is the mesmerizing timeless beauty of Pangong Tso which marks the end of the circuit.

This trek provides you with irresistible views. The further you climb, the views behind you become more spectacular.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


4. Bali Pass Trek – A Lesser-Known Exhilarating Trail!

Wanna test your strength, bravery, and endurance? The Bali Pass Trek gives you an experience of the raw grandeur of Himalayan Pass Crossing.

This is one of the only treks that allows trekkers to unravel the picturesque views of Kalanag, Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini peaks at the touching distance. It connects Har ki Dun valley with Yamunotri and traverses the confluence of Tons and Ruinsara River where trekkers can find lush meadows of Dev Thach and enjoy undisturbed serenity of Ruinsara Valley.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


5. Borasu Pass Trek – The Land Where Everything is Wrapped up in Adventure!

If you really wish to satiate the craving of your adventure buds then perhaps Borasu Pass Trek is all that you need! Dotted with all kinds of astonishing landscapes that may require you to use different trekking equipment, this trek is long as well as difficult. 

Situated on the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, Borasu Pass is one of the most challenging treks with unparalleled views of multiple landscapes. Connecting the ancient trade route between Har ki Dun Valley and Kinnaur Valley, this trail is as rare as it is exhilarating. 


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


6. Parang La Trek – The Place That Will Grab Your Heart!

The high altitudes treks are some of the most thrilling and gifting experiences for any trekker. If you are hunting for the high-altitude pass in the Himalayas then the Parang La Trek is surely the ideal option.

Going above 5540 meters, this trek connects the arid and unmatched landscapes of Spiti and Ladakh. Earlier, it was used as a traditional route between Spiti and Ladakh but now it is an escapade for trekkers and mountaineers. This trek can be started either from Karzok village in Leh or Kibber village in Spiti.

This offbeat trek gives you a unique chance to explore the stupendous beauty of Tso Moriri Lake. This lake offers different shades of blue with numerous unclimbed peaks in the background.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


7. Japfu Peak Trek – Absolutely Desolate!

History and adventure walk hand in hand. The Japfu Peak Trek in the untouched valleys of Nagaland is a treat for trekkers looking to trek to the trail less traveled.

Nestled amidst emerald green hills and pristine valleys, this trek is million years old and absolutely desolate. With serpentine streams, lush forests and myriad colorful blooms, this peak easily grabs the eye of the trekkers and keeps them spellbound throughout the trek.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


8. Kalicho Pass Trek – An Exclusive Trek Made Only for Few!

Still looking for more?

The steep gradient from the base of Alyas to the top of the pass from Chamba Side, Kalicho Pass is a difficult trek and must be done with an expert guide.

Known as the abode of Adhishakti Bhagwati, the Kalicho Pass trek is one of the most unexplored and challenging treks in India. Every year, only three batches are permitted to cross this pass and thus this trek is considered as a rare gem.

This trek is as pristine and pure as it gets with its fair share of challenges and thrill.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


9. Baraadsar Lake Trek - The Ultimate Ridge Walk

Some treks have managed to stay hidden from the rest of the world. Such is the glorious Baraadsar Lake Trek that takes on an epic ridge walk to the mystical Baraadsar Lake that is located on the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the most pristine and untouched trails emerging from the famed Sankri region of Uttarakhand.

Loaded with cascades of breathtaking meadows, majestic campsites, a demanding summit and one of the most unique trails in the Himalayas, the Baraadsar Lake trek is picture-perfect in every aspect catering to your trekking desires.

The Baraadsar Lake Trek is the new alternative to the crowd favorite Roopkund Trek.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


10. Dev Kyara Trek - At The Foothill Of Giants

Recommended as the "Trek of the Year" by Times of India, the Dev Kyara Trek is undeniably the best valley trek in Uttarakhand, if not in India. Lying parallel to the crowded Har ki Dun trail, the Dev Kyara trek takes you on a virgin and raw trail across varying yet monumental landscapes that will keep the trekkers engaged and excited throughout the trek.

Being an easy trek ideal for beginners, the Dev Kyara Trek presents humongous campsites, mesmerizing meadows, dense forest trail, numerous boulder sections, multiple streams, uncountable waterfalls, and several unnamed peaks and passes. The highlight of the trek is the unique chance to camp at the base of Ranglana Peak that will steal your heart.


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


11. Kalihani Pass Trek - Himachal's own Valley of Flowers

A rather untrodden path near Manali takes you to the Kalihani Pass at 4850 M. Apart from the jawdropping views of the Dhauluadhar & Pir Panjal ranges, this trek provides a unique meadow experience topped only by the decor of abundantly varied flowers. 

The trek is part of a well-known route known as the Barabangal Trek, connecting Bir-Billing with Manali. The trail is stunning and the excursion is adventurous as reaching the pass requires negotiation of precarious moraines and endless scree, what more can one ask for!

Find out more about the highlights of Kalihani Pass here. 


11 Best Offbeat Treks In India Nobody Knows About


The mighty Himalayas of India has no shortage of trekking options, however, these above-mentioned treks are absolutely unrivaled and unexplored.

Choose your perfect trek, pack your bags and become an addict to this sensational adventure activity!

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