Top 5 Essentials For A Better Trekking Experience

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Last updated: 29-05-2019

Top Five Trekking Essentials



Are you planning to go on a Trek?


However, it must be said that depending on your level of preparation, your trekking experience could either be a lifelong memory or a harsh learning lesson. It is crucial that you are prepared for every unpredictable situation that nature can throw at you. The great news is that there’s ample technology available to make your trekking experience as smooth as possible.

Here are the top five essentials which you should take with you for a better trekking experience.


1. Solar Powered Portable Chargers for Electronics

Normally, it is better that you assume electricity availability will be scarce along the trekking route you have planned to take. Even though you may find stores or tourist centers that do provide electrical assistance, be prepared for the worst. Apart from bringing extra memory cards always carry solar-powered portable chargers to make sure that all the items that are battery-powered are always insured. During the day the intensity of the Sun is good enough to charge your solar powered charger which can then keep your electronics active for a good amount of time.

Be it a smartphone or a camera, bringing a solar power portable charger or power bank is a must because out in the woods or in desolate trekking spots, making sure you have your electronics charged at all times is extremely important. The most renowned Solar power banks are Cobra Electronics CPP and Anker Solar charger which have multiple solar panels for more power and efficiency and are lightweight thus making it easy to carry.


Top 5 Essentials For A Better Trekking Experience


For long duration treks such as the Pin Parvati Pass Trek which extends over a period of 10-12 days, it is advisable to use such solar powered chargers to keep your camera and phones charged so that you do not miss out on capturing photos of some of the most outstanding views during the trail.


2. GPS Trekking Device

Be it a trek through gorges or a climb up an extremely high mountain, these modern GPS hiking/trekking devices have been designed to help trekkers maintain a degree of connectivity with the outside world at all times. These trekking devices are excellent at –

  • Letting the hiker know of his or her actual location on the route.
  • The distance and estimated time left to reach the final destination.
  • The height above sea level the trekker is so that he or she can physically prepare themselves in accordance.
  • The orography of the trekking route.

Garmin is a great company that manufactures state of the art GPS hiking/trekking devices. Its new Oregon 750t is a recommended top end GPS trekker for hikers who like to perfect every inch of their move on the trekking route. The high definition touch screen of this device is extremely readable in all lights and it has an 8 Megapixel built-in camera as well. The most important function of a GPS hiking/trekking device is having a brilliant satellite tracking system, so make sure that the device you purchase offers that.


Top 5 Essentials For A Better Trekking Experience


In difficult treks such as Auden’s Col, Pin Parvati Pass, and Stok Kangri, using a GPS device such as Garmin will come in handy when it comes to determining the right trail and the topography of the same. Due to extremely rough terrain and crossing over lengthy glaciers, the satellite tracking system of the GPS device will help the trekker to take the necessary decisions to ensure a safe traverse of the trek.


3. Water and Weather Resistant Head Torch

Imagine walking up a steep route somewhere in remote Sikkim. It is afternoon and within 10 minutes of climbing everything gets dark and it starts raining heavily? Even though this scenario may seem like someone’s worst nightmare, experienced trekkers will let you know that it’s quite a possible situation in any long trekking trip. This is why investing in good water and weather resistant head torch is a must.

The finest headlamps are usually the ones with a red light setting as they can provide amazing levels of illumination. However, new and modern LED head torches are also fine choices. These are undoubtedly the most power efficient when it comes to head torches.


Top 5 Essentials For A Better Trekking Experience


Some new models of these head torches are extremely technologically advanced and they can fit seamlessly onto a trekkers head. These are also lighter in weight and produce amazing brightness. Make sure to research further into good value for money LED head torch before planning a trek.  


4. Ultimate Survival Kit

Although the term ‘ultimate survival kit’ may seem a bit vague, assembling one of these kits is actually a common practice for any outdoor enthusiast. Since trekking trips can be extremely unpredictable and one can never know when a situation can go sour, preparing these life-saving survival kits is crucial. The ultimate survival kit must consist of the following.

  • Tools – Swiss Knives, Multi-tool, pliers, etc.
  • Illumination- Emergency matches and candle sets.
  • Extra set of batteries.
  • Water decontamination tablets.
  • Cordage - Duct tape, at least 100 ft of Paracords, 200 ft of monofilament fishing lines.
  • Fire-Creating Kit - Flint and Matches
  • Metal Pots and mugs.
  • Blankets and Poncho.
  • Trekking Poles
  • Safety Pins
  • Spare imperishable food supplies.
  • Basic First Aid and Medical Kits - Bandages of numerous sizes, gauze, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs serve as a multi-functional drug helping the trekker in case he or she gets a fever or a foot injury), Aspirin, antiseptic wet-wipes, and antibiotic ointments.
  • Rescue Signals- Signalling mirrors and a whistle.


Top 5 Essentials For A Better Trekking Experience


From starting a fire to cook food, treat any cuts and wounds, fixing backpacks and trekking shoes, keeping dry during rain to surviving any obstacles during the trek, the ultimate survival kit is your best friend when trekking solo.


5. Water Bottles with Built-In Filters

When it comes to trekking in the wilderness, you are never sure about the quality of water available to you. Up in the mountains the water from rivers and lakes even though are pure and drinkable, it is still a cause of concern for some trekkers who would not want to take any chances and fall sick. The best way to deal with this is to use good quality Water Bottles with built-in Filters.


Top 5 Essentials For A Better Trekking Experience


Water Bottles such as Lifestraw and Brita have excellent filters which filter the water of any quality and serve you pure water to drink. The filters are made up of nano-fibers which filter sediment, silt, dirt and other impurities. These bottles are spill proof as well. The added advantage of using such water bottles is that one can avoid the use of plastic bottles and thus prevent littering.


Since trekking expeditions usually involve an exploration of some of the roughest places in the world, it certainly should not be treated as child’s play. Planning for a trekking expedition entails devoting a substantial amount of research, gathering information about the routes from professional tour guides and most significantly packing vital items to make the trekking expedition an unforgettable affair.

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