Popular Treks Rupin Pass trek Experiential Trekking A crazy Rupin adventure!
13 May 2017 | Srinivasa Prasath

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all~ Helen Keller My name is Prasath. My friends call me LSP, by my initials. I am a passionate traveler with love for adventure and photography. I a

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Popular Treks Rupin Pass trek Informative Experiential Trekking Rupin Pass - Not just another trek
04 February 2016 | Kush Sharma

Having unofficially resigned from the job to pursue my new venture, Rural Odyssey, for promoting tourism in Indian villages, promoting their culture & art forms and generating source of income for

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Popular Treks Rupin Pass trek Informative Trekking A Great Himalayan Mix - Rupin Pass Trek
28 October 2015 | Nitn Sharma

We arrived at Dehradun early in the morning. Deciding to eat light for the hilly journey ahead, we had a cup of chai and biscuits and hired cabs to take our group from the town of Dehradun to the star

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