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Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?

Pranav Harish

Last updated: 22-07-2019

4 Reasons To Go On Unconventional Treks


John Lennon said, “Imagine all the people....”

Let's just leave it at that because it does not apply to the Himalayan trails.

You may be appalled by this selfish sentiment. As bitter as it may sound, it is indeed true.

Why do we say this?

Lately, the commercial Himalayan treks like Hampta Pass, Bhrigu Lake, Har ki Dun, Kedarkantha, KGL, etc have been witnessing a massive inundation of trekkers. So much that there is literally no check or control over the number of people these classic treks host.

People mostly choose these treks based on someone else’s recommendation or simply because these are the ones they have mostly heard about or these treks are the only ones they are aware of.

Even though these treks are the antecedents of all other treks, it has now become commonplace for one and all. We have great respect to these first comers of the trekking world without which new trails that have been explored probably wouldn’t have existed.

Legendary treks like Roopkund which is probably the greatest of all Indian treks in terms of its popularity eventually became a serious crowd magnet and thus succumbed to fade as the Uttarakhand government imposed a ban on all trekking activities in order to preserve its already damaged ecosystem. All of this happened due to an uncontrollable increase in foot traffic on the trail.


Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?

Super crowded campsite of Roopkund Trek


With many trekking agencies operating simultaneously on the same trail at the same time, it is inevitable that you will see an unbelievable presence of trekkers on the same trail which you chose for its apparent solitude and serenity.

This is where it gets disappointing.

It doesn’t mean that the trek is not beautiful or not worth your attention. It’s just that you get to witness the weight of human presence on these trails and in more desired treks you will end up not appreciating the trail since you get to see more of people and less of the landscape itself which you were excited to experience.

By losing its innocence and charm, the treks dull down significantly and end up with a probability of getting shut down in the near future due to overcrowding.

The trek did nothing but give you its unclouded glory. With its fate sealed, how is this the trail’s fault?


Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?

The beauty of an offbeat trek is in its practically empty yet glorious campsites


Now, comes the part where we talk about new and rare treks which takes you to some of the most pristine and offbeat regions in the Himalayas.

Some might say “Oh, exploring new treks will lead to its destruction and damage by displaying them to the entire world”.

We do not completely disagree with this statement. But like everything else in life, a few selected trails getting stomped on every time and all the time has unprecedented consequences.

So, why not go on unconventional and fresh trails to deviate and re-direct some traffic from these older trails that will help both us and the mountains.

It’s a win-win situation. While you get to explore the new untainted hidden beauty of the Himalayas, these crowded trails get to breathe and detoxify.

Here we talk about the reasons why you must not shy away from choosing offbeat treks.


1) Concealed Beauty Of Unconventional Trails

You will rarely find pictures of these trails on the internet. Which means that you will probably be one of the first ones to witness the unimaginable scenery these treks have in store for you. Imagine clicking pictures and embracing the raw beauty of the trails with nothing to compare it to. It is as original as it can get.


Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?

A trek so rare and spectacular even Google does not have its pictures


With a completely untainted and preserved biodiversity of these trails, trekkers get to embrace an entirely new world they had no idea existed. This is the most fascinating aspect of an offbeat trek.

Colorfully scattered flowers, gigantic meadows, incomparable campsites, unique landscapes, and hidden tracks are some of the many specialties of these treks. Unnamed peaks, passes, and glaciers with no trace of previous passage is a testament to how obscure these locations are.


Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?

Unnamed peaks and passes make you wonder how rarely frequented these routes are


Even though it seems like these highlights are available in the other already popular treks, you have no idea what lies ahead of you because you have no prior information on these trails. Plus the fact that you do not have to face over-crowded trails and campsites is such a relief.

Expect the unexpected is how these offbeat hidden treks work, and that honestly is the most exciting part.



2) You May Say It’s Scary. But, Why?

More often than not, people shy away from these less frequented treks due to the fact that you have to venture into the unknown. One of the reasons being lack of encounter with other humans on these trails.

The belief that “if there is no one going on these treks, then it must be unsafe and dangerous”.

While we understand the reservations, the notion is certainly false.

While a majority of the trekking community chooses to stay within their comfort zone and undertake treks which are known to them, there are those who wish to do something different and uncommon.

With the Himalayas being so incomprehensibly massive and never-ending, one must realize that there are treks which lie hidden within a multitude of terrains and landscapes. Most of these pleasing trails cannot be even found on Google maps. Such is the awesomeness of these.

For explorers, adventurists, nature lovers and trekkers alike, these factors should be advantageous in choosing the best of the best treks. Ranging from easy to difficult there are innumerable options catering to everyone’s wishes.


Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?

You get to have more fun on these treks compared to the commercial ones


But, with trustworthy and organized trekking operators leading trekkers to these unconventional trails along with experienced guides, trek leaders and support staff, there is nothing to worry about. As long as you are aware of your physical capabilities these treks will be enjoyable and admirable even for the most skeptical.  



3) A Supreme Sense Of Achievement

You have been noticing that there has been a stupendous increase in the number of people opting to summit the World’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest. While everyone is busy doing the expedition to the most known and famous peak, there is a handful of those who choose to summit other less popular peaks. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that Everest is too mainstream now. In spite of being the highest peak, it is not fun anymore to mountaineers. A mountain which was once known to be the behemoth of all adventures meant for only the most hardcore mountaineers, peaking Everest is now considered to be a pedestrian achievement because everyone is doing it.

Though the treks we are talking about are not like a mountain expedition, it certainly does bear resemblance in terms of popularity and convenience.

We say convenience because everything is readily available to you. From information, pictures, data, maps, topography to technical support. Everything is well laid out to you.

With unpopular treks and expeditions, there is a greater sense of achievement and accomplishment for those who are one of the very few to consider it. Going to a place where very few have been to makes it all the more sensational and praiseworthy.


Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?

Some expeditions are not popular but definitely extraordinary and divine


Imagine when you meet a group of trekkers all conversing about the same trek or a set of known treks and you are the only one who has something different to share. Their attention will immediately be drawn to the trek they have not heard of only to realize that they could’ve chosen to venture into an offbeat and barely known trail but instead chose to settle with the ordinary.

This precise feeling makes you feel proud of yourself and of the fact that you took a leap of faith by deciding to move towards the path less taken.



4) The Emotion Of Knowing The Unknown

When it comes to the well-known treks you already know what to expect, what exact scenery you will encounter and the precise spot for the Instagram-worthy shot. All of this information is already available to you on the internet from hundreds and thousands of people who have undertaken these treks. You just have to go and experience something which everyone is already talking about.

It’s like being in a group of people all wearing the same colored T-Shirt. And, you are one of them.


Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?


Imagine going on a trail that has hardly seen photos being clicked or tents being pitched. You will have no prior information on how the landscape will look like or the perfect spot for the perfect picture. Since only a handful of people venture on these offbeat trails there is hardly any information on these which means these are the best trails to find some solitude and experience the true untainted beauty of the mountains. This time you will go and experience something only a handful know about.

It’s like being in a group of people all wearing the same colored T-Shirt. But, you are the only one who is not.


Are You Worried About Choosing Treks With Zero Crowd?


There is nothing wrong with doing the same treks like everyone else. But, try going on treks that no one is talking about. There is nothing wrong with that too.

It’s like gaining a new emotion. One that you had no idea existed. But it will definitely change your world.


The rationale behind this article might seem to be ostentatious to you but, think about it and picture the same. Doesn't it make sense?

It does not matter how many times and how many different ways we put this, the only way you will realize the magnificence and splendor of these rare unconventional treks is by being on it. No words or pictures can justify the feeling of an offbeat trail. Ultimately, it all depends on your choice and intent.

For those who do wish to enjoy the brand new explored trails, please do not hesitate to join us since we are the only one to organize such atypical treks.

Happy Trails!

Pranav Harish

An enthusiastic traveler and trekker who found his calling in the Himalayas. Read more

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