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Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks

Pranav Harish

Last updated: 19-09-2019

5 New and Exciting Treks in the Himalayas


With the known Himalayan treks attracting thousands of trekkers every year, the usual trails have become increasingly popular and crowded. For avid trekkers who have trodden on every possible Himalayan trail available to them, it is now time to introduce new and exclusive trails away from crowds and give all the opportunity to explore the far off regions in the Himalayas that have managed to keep themselves out of sight for years.

Why are we introducing distinctive and unmapped treks to trekkers?

The answer to this question is - Why not?

Imagine venturing into the unknown and the path less taken. Imagine your group being the only ones on the trail. Imagine having the whole world to yourself. Imagine walking on a path so pristine that you don’t have to step over someone else’s footprint.

It does sound scary to follow these isolated trails. But, isn’t that the beauty of it?

We want one and all to enjoy a taste of what we had. We want all to have fun like the way we did when we decided to explore the unexplored.

A one on one moment with nature. Rendezvous with the ultimate elegance of this planet. A chance to conquer the mountains and a chance to conquer yourself.

We as the forerunners of trekking and adventure have had the pleasure of opening these new treks and trails exclusively for our beloved trekkers.

These treks have been listed according to the difficulty level for your convenience.






Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


After having explored the Dev Kyara Trek in the Sankri region of Uttarakhand we firmly agree it’s the best Valley trek in Uttarakhand, if not the entire Indian Himalayan range. Situated parallel to the popular Har ki Dun trail, the Dev Kyara Trek is a mix of everything awesome.

With varied landscapes comprising of dense forests, verdant meadows, monumental campsites, extensive grasslands, exciting boulder sections, 20+ waterfalls, numerous stream crossings, outspread valleys, and several unnamed snowcapped peaks and passes, the trail poses fewer challenges making it perfect for beginners. No wonder this beauty has been defined as the “Trek of the year – 2019” by Times of India. The trail alongside the powerful Dibra Gad river takes trekkers through an overwhelmingly attractive adventure. With a rare chance to camp at the base of the imposing Ranglana Peak, the Dev Kyara Trek is one of the many special trails we have made accessible to you.


Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


Region – Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Maximum Altitude – 4100 M (13,452 FT)

Trek Distance – 36 km

Trek Duration – 7 Days

Best Season – Pre-monsoon (April to June) and Post-monsoon (September and October) 







Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


There is no shortage of spectacular treks in Nepal. From the likes of EBC and ABC, Nepal is possibly the best location to enjoy the full glory of the Himalayas. However, the famed trails of EBC and ABC are flocked by hundreds and thousands of trekkers every year making it one of the most sought after treks in the world. This time we wandered into the Annapurna Conservation Area and came across the wonderful Khopra Ridge Trek. As the name suggests, this trek involves a unique ridge walk with panoramic views throughout, thus taking trekkers high above the valleys.

The trail moves through quaint villages, terraced farms, thick forests, pretty rhododendron sections, a thrilling ridge walk with astounding views of 23 high peaks, and the awe-inspiring viewpoints of Poon Hill and Muldai Top. With so many gems in one single trek, the Khopra Ridge Trek, Nepal's most underrated trek, is for all those who wish to move away from the crowded trails of Nepal and enjoy a new experience without compromising on views. And, we have designed a unique itinerary of this trek especially for you taking you away from the conventional.


Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


Region – Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

Maximum Altitude – 3900 M (12,796 FT)

Trek Distance – 50 km

Trek Duration – 9 Days

Best Season – All year round (except for the monsoon months of July and August) 





Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


The majestic Kalihani Pass Trek is a largely untouched excursion with a high-altitude pass at 15800ft which is the gateway to an even bigger giant, the Bara Bhangal Trek. Feast yourself to fantastic views of the Dhauladhar & Pir Panjal range with Hanuman Tibba, Indrasan, and Deo Tibba peaks towering in front of your eyes. The trail starts from Manali and navigates through hidden pastures, rocky moraines, snow-fed glaciers and a steep pass climb which prior trekking experience. With its lush & dense meadows, diverse & abundant radiant flowers and steep & tricky pass climb; the Kalihani Pass Trek is enticing and engaging, to say the least.  


Region – Himachal Pradesh

Maximum Altitude – 4800 M (15,748 FT)

Trek Distance – 37 km

Trek Duration – 7 Days

Best Season – mid-June to early-October 







Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


One of our personal favorites, the Baraadsar Lake Trek is a ridge overdose. Nestled deep in the Western Garhwal region, the Baraadsar Lake shares the border between Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. For the longest time, only the locals and the shepherds knew the magnanimity of this trek but now we have the outright delight to present it to you. Known to be one of the most virgin treks in Uttarakhand, the Baraadsar Lake Trek gives a tough competition to its famed brother, Roopkund.

From unbelievable meadows arranged like a cascade, spellbinding flower-laden campsites, unequaled views of peaks such as Swargarohini and Black Peak, a demanding summit climb full of glaciers and snow slides, to the mystical lake, the Baraadsar Lake Trek has a series of steep ascents and descents but with the ultimate reward at the end. A place of solitude and mindboggling vistas, the highlight of this trek is its endless ridge walk presenting panoramic views of Supin and Rupin valleys on either side. The lake is frozen in the pre-monsoon season compared to its aquamarine blue color in post-monsoon. Shaped like a cauldron with rides converging from all sides, the trek to Baraadsar Lake is the quintessential adventure for trekkers looking for an eccentric affair with nature. 


Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


Region – Western Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Maximum Altitude – 4600 M (15,092 FT)

Trek Distance – 43 km

Trek Duration – 8 Days

Best Season – mid-May to June (pre-monsoon) and September to October (post-monsoon) 



5) 6 Passes Trek


Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


Let me come straight to the point on this one. Ladakh's 6 Passes Trek otherwise known as Rumtse to Tso Moriri Lake Trek is hands down the most exciting and thrilling trek of Ladakh. Spreading across 106km, the trail alternates between alluring valleys with meandering rivers and not just one or two but a whopping number of 6 high altitude mountain passes rising weel over 5000M. The trek takes you across the stunning Changthang Valley which extends into the high altitude Tibetan Plateau which is known as the "Roof of the World".

The 6 Passes Trek is sandwiched between the Leh-Manali highway and the high altitude freshwater lake of Tso Moriri thus showcasing a whole new world that is well hidden within the highlands of South-eastern Ladakh. The highlight of this scintillating trek is the rainbow-colored landscape typical to this region which is reminiscent of the rainbow landscapes of Peru. The valley is home to the fascinating Changpa nomads. The trek also takes you across the mesmerizing lakes of Tso Kar, Startsapuk Tso and finally ends in Karzok by the banks of the exquisite Tso Moriri Lake. 

The 6 Passes Trek shows you the real beauty and grandeur of Ladakh thus deviating from the touristic swarm of Ladakh.


Tired Of Roopkund, KGL, Hampta? Get Ready For These Epic New Treks


Region – Changthang, Ladakh

Maximum Altitude – 5440 M (17,848 FT)

Trek Distance – 106 km

Trek Duration – 11 Days

Best Season – June to September



Here you have, all the new treks we have in store for you. Join us and explore those places which shatter the norms. These unconventional treks will test your skills, endurance, stamina and resilience while they take you to far off places where only the greatest of the greatest explorers have set foot.

Don't wait any longer, just grab your backpack and meet us on the trail. Happy Trekking! 

Pranav Harish

An enthusiastic traveler and trekker who found his calling in the Himalayas. Read more

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