Kalavantin Durg Trek

Kalavantin Durg Trek


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The Kalavantin Durg trek is a day hike to the Kalavantin Durg fortress which was used as a watchtower in the olden days. The trail of this trek is easy but the steep rock steps make it a little dangerous since there is no railing to support you. Those who have vertigo should be careful before planning this trek.

Why Bikat

  • Learning Experience: We do not just focus on completing the trek but also help you develop basic trekking skills like:
    • Packing a rucksack
    • Morning Yoga & Evening stretching
    • Ascend and Descend on a mountain trail
  • Loyalty Programs: Join Bikat community and enjoy benefits of our vouchers and referral programs.
  • Personalized attention: We have small batch size (max. 15) on all our batches to enable individual focus and monitoring.
  • Best Expedition Leaders, mountaineering course qualifies and certified in first aid
  • Safety norms: We have mapped every region with an emergency evacuation plan and safety protocols. We carry an extensive first-aid kit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility: Is this trek good for me?

The trail of this trek is a bit tricky to navigate due to the rock-cut steps and steep slope. However, the difficulty level is easy, requiring basic physical endurance. In case you have vertigo, you should avoid taking this trek.

Eligibility: Experience required

This trek can be done by beginners as well as experienced trekkers. The overall this trail is easy to cover only the steep steps make this trail a little dangerous.

Eligibility: Fitness benchmark

There is no requirement of extreme fitness training for this trek. If you have basic physical fitness and if you are not scared of heights then you must undertake this trek. Those who have acrophobia should avoid this trek altogether.

Eligibility: Requisite Skills

Basic mountain mannerisms. Basics of knowledge of mountain ascending and descending techniques.

About the Trek: Why should I go for this trek?

If you want to explore the Western Ghats and witness the biodiversity and the greenery then this trek is for you. Adventure buffs find this trek especially attractive because of the steep steps climb. There is no railing to support you while climbing the steps. The deadfall on one side makes this trek a favourite among the adrenaline junkies.

Best Season: What are the best months to visit this trek?

October to March is the best time to undertake this trek. Monsoons are pleasant too, but heavy rains can make the trail dangerous.

Packing List: What to pack

Since it is a one day trek, you do not need to pack much. Just carry Carry your daypack with enough water, some eatables and all personal belongings such as your phone and camera.

Connectivity: How to Reach the base of the trek & how to go back from the end point?

By Road: The base camp of this trek is Thakurwadi village. This village can be easily reached from Mumbai. Take the local train from Mumbai to Panvel. A bus ride from the Panvel railway station will take you to Thakurwadi. Alternatively, you can walk towards the Mumbai-Pune expressway from the Panvel railway station and take a shared auto ride till Shedung Phata. At, Shedung Phata another auto ride will take you to Thakurwadi.

Connectivity: What is the cellular network connectivity for this trek?

The cellular network is available in several patches of the trek.

Nearby attraction: What are the nearby attractions that I can explore?

Prabalgad, Kalavanti hill, and Irshalgad they all are in close proximity to each other. Kalavanti hill, as well as Prabalgad, can be done easily if you start trekking by 9 am. And if started at 6, all 3 treks could be done.

Age limit: What is the minimum & maximum age limit?

No age limit

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