Chandranahan Lake Winter Trek

Chandranahan Lake Winter Trek

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The Chandranahan Lakes are the source of the Pabbar river. This trail forms the route to Buran Ghati Pass in the summer months, yet few people visit this region in winter. This trail passes through huge meadows covered with snow, the Chandranahan waterfall and five frozen lakes.

Why Bikat?

  • Learning Experience: We do not just focus on completing the trek but also help you develop basic trekking skills like:
    • Packing a rucksack
    • Morning Yoga & Evening stretching
    • How to pitch and dismantle a camping tent and properly use a sleeping bag
    • Ascend and Descend on a mountain trail
    • How to ensure camp safety and hygiene
    • Identify trail signs and signals
  • Loyalty Programs: Join Bikat community and enjoy benefits of our vouchers and referral programs.
  • Personalized attention: We have small batch size (max. 15) and we maintain a healthy ratio of 8:1 (Participants: Leader) on all our batches to enable individual focus and monitoring.
  • Best Expedition Leaders: Our leaders are advanced mountaineering course qualified, specially trained in rescue procedures from NIM and certified first-aid responders. Even our local guides are certified first-aid responders.
  • Safety norms: We have mapped every region with an emergency evacuation plan and safety protocols maintaining a zero accident record so far. We carry an extensive first-aid kit including oxygen cylinders and high altitude medicines.
  • Safety equipment: Our trek leaders carry UIAA certified rescue equipment like static rope, ice ax, harness, carabiners, jumar, pulley, short and long slings.


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1 Day 1
Shimla to Janglik - 150 km Drive
2 Day 2
Janglik to Dayara Thatch
3 Day 3
Dayara Thatch to Litham Thatch
4 Day 4
Litham Thatch to Chandranahan Lakes and back to Litham Thatch
5 Day 5
Litham Thatch to Simir Thatch
6 Day 6
Simir Thatch to Shimla via Janglik

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