What To Carry In A Daypack

Kiritika Jyotshi

Last updated: 08-10-2018

So you’re ready for your next adventure, you have all the items you need for the epic trek ahead of you and you’ve managed to keep your load light, but there’s just one thing…

Your itinerary has a day hike.

Awesome! Day hikes are great additions to trekking itineraries (like Har Ki Dun or Kedar Tal) and give you the chance to visit places you wouldn’t be able to otherwise, but they do mean planning a little bit beforehand as to what essentials to carry in your daypack.


Things you must carry in your daypack. Your hiking checklist.

A daypack is a small rucksack that can be used for short hikes or day treks. Most daypacks range from 15 liters to 30 liters. Therefore, it is very important to pack efficiently as there is limited space.

Here are a few things that you must carry in your daypack in order to ensure a smooth journey. Once you’ve got this checklist taken care of, you’ll be more than ready for the day’s adventure!

What To Carry In A Daypack

With these essentials, you can have a great time on a trek. You can prepare your daypack for your next day hike knowing that everything you need will be in the most convenient place.

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