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Latest Trek Updates - News From The Trail

Kiritika Jyotshi

Last updated: 03-01-2019

We are back with the update everyone has been waiting for. Our Chadar Trek(5 January 2019 batch) has successfully and safely completed the trek. The day temperatures varied from -20 to -15 degree celcius and the night time temperatures were as low as -35 degree celsius. 

These sub-zero temperatures did not stop our team from making the most of the time on the trek. The highlight of the trek, the frozen Nerak falls looked pristine as ever. 

Here's our happy team at the Nerak Falls: 


Latest Trek Updates - News From The Trail

Picture Courtesy: Lalit Yadav(Trek Leader)




Apart from the fun and glamour, the trek is indeed a tough one to take on and we must congratulate the team on showing such resilience and braving the temperatures and the terrain.  Here's a glimpse of our batch's effortless teamwork.

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Hello There!

First things first, a very Happy New Year to you all from team Bikat Adventures.

We are back with more updates from our latest trek batches.

Our team of trekkers has successfully completed the Kuari Pass Trek. The (29 December 2018) batch returned after spending 5 days in the mountains among the beautiful forests, meadows, and snow. During the trek, the temperatures were chilling and dropped to less than -10 degrees Celcius on the campsites during the nights. The summit day was especially very cold. Despite the harsh weather, our team summited successfully. 

Stay tuned for more updates from the trails. 

It's another beautiful winter day and our Kedarkantha Trek (29 December 2018) batch has returned.  

The trek was completed successfully by our batch. The beautiful snow covered trail welcomed all the trekkers and the entire trek was absolutely blissful. The temperatures during the trek were dropping as low as -5 degree Celcius. The beautiful sight of the frozen Juda Ka Tal left the trekkers mesmerized. the trekkers were greeted by a snowfall while they were retracing their steps back to the base village Sankri. The snowfall was the perfect parting gift from the mountains. 

A special shout out to our trek leader Swena for being an amazing trek leader during the 23 December 2018 Kedarkantha Trek batch. One of our participants Kriti Patil from Mumbai has written a beautiful review. 

She says, "I would really like to say thank you to the trek leader Ms. Swena for great support during my Kedarkantha trek (Batch: 23rd Dec – 27th Dec). I had started facing breathing issue while ascending from the first day onwards due to high altitude gain. Furthermore, another problem arose on my summit day, oh God and that was my ankle pain. The pain was increasing gradually as we were ascending towards the peak and at one moment I really thought to give up but Swena was the one who supported and encouraged me continuously by cheering me up “come on, come on Kirti”. Finally, the moment arrived and I reached the peak. Ohh, I was so happy that my eyes filled with tears. I successfully reached the peak in spite of having ankle pain and breathing issue, just because of the great supporting trek leader Ms. Swena who was there with me right from day one, till the trek ended. Swena, Thank you very much once again. I would really like to do future treks with you. A big thanks to Team Bikat for serving us delicious food in our Journey, great hospitality and having good trek leaders. All the best for your future progress."

We Thank Kriti for being such a sport during the trek and for writing this wonderful review. Such reviews motivate us and we always strive to achieve more and provide better for our beloved trekkers. 


Latest Trek Updates - News From The Trail

Picture Courtesy: Ashutosh (Trek Leader)

Kumta Gokarna Trek (30 December 2018 batch) also welcomed 2019 in the most perfect way possible. They were hopping from one beach to another while witnessing beautiful sunsets, pristine beaches and the warm sand under their feet.

The team had an amazing time on all the three days of the trek. The Kumta Gokarna beach trek is one of a kind and we strongly advise all our trekkers out there to at least try this trek once. The experience on this trek is very different from the usual Himalayan treks.

Our batch had an exhilarating experience and here's a picture which speaks for itself. 


Latest Trek Updates - News From The Trail

Picture Courtesy: Shreyas (Trek Leader)


Our Goecha La Trek (21 December 2018 batch) just got back from their adventure and it was nothing less than perfect. The trekkers on this batch had a perfect new year celebration on the trail. 
The batch started its journey on 21 December 2018 from Yuksom where the temperatures were around -3 degree Celsius. After this chilly welcome in Yuksom, the team geared up to start the trek. 
After hitting the trail, trekkers experienced the best views throughout. Upon reaching viewpoint 1, we experienced temperatures around -17 degree Celsius. 
The clear skies and the stars watching upon the trekkers always made a perfect end to the days on the trail. The cold was quite chilling, yet we made our best attempts to enjoy the trek to the fullest and we can very confidently say that we were indeed successful. 
On our return journey, we had the joyous experience of the perfect snowfall which lasted for about 3 - 4 hours marking the perfect end to the journey.

Here's a picture reflecting the happy face on the trek.  

Latest Trek Updates - News From The Trail

Picture Courtesy: Mohit Kumar


Our batch had an amazing time on the trail. Here's a short glimpse for you to take a look and judge for yourselves!


Video Courtesy: Narshima Reddy K

Winters are here and we at Bikat are excited about our winter treks.

Trekking in winters is a different experience altogether. The fresh snow, the chilly winds and the warm sip of tea while sitting amidst the most beautiful campsite is every trekker's dream. 

So, let's gear up for the winter and make the most of it, while it lasts. 


Here's an update from our latest winter trek batch. 

Brahmatal Trek Updates (Batch on 8 December 2018)

Bikat Adventures kickstarted the first batch of Brahmatal Trek, which is located in the Uttarakhand region this season with a blast. The journey started with the participants braving the cold temperatures of -4  degree Celsius from Lohajung, the base village itself. The team had already tasted the trill that was lying ahead of them.

The weather was cold and dry but the heart of the participants were warm and extremely excited to take on the giant mountain standing in front.

The pretty campsites welcomed the participants with snow and the snowfall on the last day was just the cherry on top.


A special shout out to our participant Bhavya Singh for taking the initiative of cleaning the trail. She collected all the waste she found on the trail and brought it back to the base. The waste she collected was left by other tourists and trekkers and she decided to follow our ‘Leave No Trace’ program even though no waste wasn’t created by her or her troop. We really appreciate such efforts and believe that if all trekkers follow Bhavya’s lead, all the trails will thrive with life and we will have a chance to explore nature at it’s best.


Latest Trek Updates - News From The Trail

 Picture Courtesy: (Kamal Trek Leader)


A glimpse of the snowfall on the last day of the trek. 


Video Courtesy: Kamal (Trek Leader)


"One of the best treks I have been to. We had amazing food during the trek. The snowfall on the last day left us awestruck." - Saurabh


If you are also planning a trek after reading about the amazing Brahmatal trek, then we have some exciting news for you.

You can spend your New Year in the lap of the Himalayas. We have batches going out that week. You can find all the details about the batches here.

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Stay tuned for more updates from the trail!

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