7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India

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Last updated: 05-12-2019

Having a large part of the Himalayas in the country is a boon for all the adventure lovers out there and scaling these giants is a dream that many have. India is home to many Himalayan peaks which take the adventure to an ultimate level.

If you are an experienced trekker looking to push your limits, then you are lucky as some of the toughest treks in the Himalayas can be done from our mountain states! 

Curious about such treks? Want to know all about them? We've got your back. Here's a compilation of the most daredevil treks in India as per difficulty. 

7 Most Difficult Treks In India 



1. Auden's Col Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Region Uttarakhand
Max Alt 5490 M
Start Point Gangotri
End Point Gaurikund
Trek Distance 75 km
No of Days 15


Connecting the Khatling glacier and the Jogin I glacier is the Auden's Col pass. Lying at an altitude of 18,012 ft the trail to this magnanimous pass presents a great opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to experience Himalayan beauty as well as the tough terrain. 

With a strenuous terrain passing through moraines, narrow cliffs, boulders, endless glaciers, and difficult ridges, the Auden's Col trek is meant only for experienced trekkers with high physical fitness and mental endurance. 

Are you game for it? 


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2. Kang La Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Region Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul) & Zanskar
Max Alt 5465 M
Start Point Thingot
End Point Padum
Trek Distance 90 km
No of Days 11


The Kang La trek is a perfect mixture of a trail full of flowers and greenery along with ice and rocks. The beautiful pristine meadows, multiple emerald-green glacial lakes, crevassed snowfields, rocky moraines, massive glaciers crossing make the trek an ideal choice for those looking to push their limits. The walk over the glacier is one of the longest. This trek takes you through the best of Himachal Pradesh and Leh. 


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3. Pin Parvati Pass Trek



7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Himachal Pradesh & Spiti
Max Alt 5298 M
Start Point Bhuntar
End Point Kaza
Trek Distance 78 km
No of Days 11



The Pin Parvati Pass trek can rightly be called the crown jewel of the Himalayan trek. The crossover trek is not for the faith hearted. A great deal of physical stamina, as well as mental endurance, is required to do this trek. The glacier walk is the cherry on top of the cake. This trek takes you through alpine meadows, river crossings, waterfalls and adds a cultural spin to your trekking journal. 

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4. Kalindi Khal Expedition


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Uttarakhand (Garhwal)

Max Alt

5940 m
Start Point Gangotri
End Point Badrinath
Trek Distance 99 km
No. of Days 14


The Kalindi Khal expedition is what can rightly be called an extreme adventure. From rough glaciers, rocky screens, and crevassed snowfields one has to cross all to reach the pass. Along with it's tough terrain, the trail offers magnanimous views of Shivling at 6,543 m, Meru at 6,630 m, Kedar Dome at 6,808 m, Bhagirathi group at 6,856 m, Nilkantha at 6,506 m, Chandra Parvat at 6,728 m, Avalanche Peak at 6,413 m, Kamet at 7,756 m Mana at 7,272 m and Abi Gamin at 7,355 m. 

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5. Panpatia Col Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Uttarakhand (Garhwal)
Max Alt 5260 m
Start Point Badrinath
End Point Ransi
Trek Distance 61 km
No of Days 11


Let's start this one with a fun fact: The pass stands tall at a height of 17,257 ft between two unnamed peaks! That's how unexplored the trail and its surroundings are. So now you know what you are in for. A treat for those who aspire to add an epic trek to their bucket list. Technical knowledge such as roping up, using an ice axe, using crampons, etc are the necessary skills you need for this expedition.

All set for the trek?

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6. Stok Kangri Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Region Ladakh
Max Alt 6152 m
Start Point Leh
End Point Leh
Trek Distance 34 km
No of Days 9


This trek needs no introduction. Stok Kangri trek is one of the most popular treks in the country. To scale this peak one needs a great deal of physical stamina and mental preparation as the steep summit climb is not an easy task. Braving the sub-zero temperatures along with the rough terrain makes this trek perfect for those who want to up their trekking game. 

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7. Parang La Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Region Spiti
Max Alt 5580 M
Start Point Kaza
End Point Karzok
Trek Distance 128 km
No. of Days 12


The biggest challenge in the Parang la trek is the large distances that one has to cover. Each day trekkers walk up to 12 km or more to reach their campsite and on the final day, they walk 21.5 km to cross the pass. The trail is also one of the most beautiful and offers wide meadows and lakes all along. The famous Tso Moriri lake also falls on this trail. This trek offers a peek into the cultural and the lifestyle of the locals, making it all the more interesting. 

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So, which adventure will you choose for 2020? 

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