Pin Parvati Pass Trek Blogs

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Last updated: 08-04-2019

Pin Parvati Pass Trek Blogs



The Pin Parvati Pass is a legendary trek in the Himalayas at a height of 17400 FT connecting the Parvati valley of Kullu to the Pin Valley of Spiti. Its trail takes you through lush green forests, expansive meadows, numerous waterfalls, a high altitude lake, multiple streams, and the mighty intimidating Pin-Parvati glacier. With over 10 days of trekking, this trek is a challenging one which requires a lot of stamina and trekking experience. This thrilling adventure provides you with a perfect transition from the green landscape to barren mountains as well as between the two cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism. This trail is a trekkers delight, a photographers paradise, and a nature lover’s aspiration.


Pin Parvati Pass Trek Blogs


1. Ten reasons to go on Pin Parvati Pass

The Pin Parvati pass is a bucket list trek for most experienced trekkers who are looking for an intimidating yet gifted trail. Undertaking this trek will provide one with a tsunami of adventures and challenges, conquering which will be such a well-deserved feat. Here are the ten reasons to go on the Pin Parvati Pass.

1. Hipster Kheerganga and its hot springs

2. Lush green forests of Tunda Bhoj

3. The thrilling Pandu Pull

4. The sheer pleasure of walking in the meadows of Odi Thatch

5. Uncountable waterfalls...Read on and find some beautiful pictures


Pin Parvati Pass Trek Blogs


2. The flora and fauna of Pin-Parvati pass

With a change in landscapes almost every day of the trek there is an abundance of wildlife on the Pin Parvati Pass trail. Ranging from beautiful flowers to wild horses and goats, and from edible and invasive plants to some of the most exotic Himalayan animals, the Pin Parvati Pass is a wildlife enthusiasts paradise. Here is a glimpse of wildlife you come across on the Pin-Parvati Pass

1. The romantic and elegant white flowers dominate the valley in Kullu

2. The Mountain Fleece flower with its soft, velvet-like texture

3. Geranium Mayflower, generally used as a blue dye

4. The super healthy edible Dandelion

5. The nuclear radiation absorbing sunflowers...Read on


Pin Parvati Pass Trek Blogs


3. Precautions and planning on Pin Parvati Pass Trek

This information is to make sure you are accurately informed on the rarely accessed difficult trails of the Pin Parvati Pass and to help you learn to assess and manage risk.

1. Being 6 on the difficulty scale, the Pin Parvati pass trek is meant only for seasoned trekkers. It is not for beginners who are not used to trekking on narrow precarious trails. It is important to know how to use basic mountaineering equipment like gaiters and crampons, also how to acclimatize properly and cross large water streams.

2. Tricky sections: Sections with high exposure and zero margins of error. Boulder bridges with sub-vertical scrambling with minimal footholds where a fall will throw you in the roaring Parvati river

3. Tough Terrain washed away by landslides and rockfalls

4. Roped crossing across the Pin river

5. Crossing over the permanently glaciated Pin-Parvati pass and navigating the crevasses by roping-up

6. Impossible evacuations due to the length of the trail being over 100km and a high altitude of 17400 ft...Read on

Pin Parvati Pass Trek Blogs


4. Similarities between the locations of Pin Parvati pass and Game of Thrones

The Himalayas are loaded with locations which can be synonymous with plenty of locations in the world that you crave to visit after looking at pictures of them. One such example is the uncanny resemblance of the Pin Parvati Pass trek which has got the most unreal locations fitting for shooting Game of Thrones. Such are the locations mentioned below.

1. Tunda Bhuj and Castle of Eyrie

2. Mini-Mantalai and the Riverlands in GOT

3. Odi Thatch and the places where Dothraki Tribe abducts Khaleesi

4. Thakur Kuan and The Vale of Arynn

5. Pandu Pula and Essos

6. Pin Parvati pass and the trail towards the North of the here for pics


Pin Parvati Pass, unlike any other trek, gives you everything you have ever dreamt about in a trek and so much more. From the luscious landscapes of Parvati valley to the distinct landscape of Spiti, this trek will make you cross streams, traverse sub-vertical boulders, navigate a thrilling glacier, and go across a challenging mountain pass making it absolute heaven for trekkers who would want to pin this in their forte.

Do you think you are up for it?

Yes? then take this adventure of a lifetime.

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