7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India

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Last updated: 09-05-2023

If you are on this page reading this article, we are sure that you are already aware that the Himalayas are an inexhaustible treasure house to which seekers of adventure have come for years to quench their thirst for exciting challenges. The ecosystem provided by the tallest mountain range in the world, in the form of its many glaciers, fresh water rivers, dense forests, diverse wildlife, unmerciful slopes and unending heights in addition of course to all the natural beauty housed within them, becomes a playground for millions who come to its boundaries each year.

According to records, the Himalayan Range constitutes a little over 16% of India’s total geographical spread covering an area of over 5 lakh kmsq.  Needless to say, that’s a massive spread of walkable land to cover in one lifetime which means that you will never run out of ground to cover and discover something new each time you are within the many undulating folds of the Himalayas housed in the Indian subcontinent. This massive area is shared between 95 different districts spread across 12 Indian states which is to say that each Himalayan fold also houses within itself an innumerable variety of cultures and diverse lifestyles that have evolved to adapt to the region. 

Having a large part of the Himalayas in the country is a boon for all the adventure lovers out there for the landscape here allows one to take adventure to an ultimate level no matter whether you pick rivers, roads or mountain slopes as your choice of challenge.

If you, like us, are someone who is always looking to push your limits and take your outdoor journey to the next level, you will be glad to know that some of the toughest trekking trails fall within the borders of India and are fairly easy to access. 

Curious much? Looking to find out where your next adventure could lead you to? We've got your back. Here's a compilation of the most badass treks in our portfolio based on difficulty level. Take your pick and head on out! 



7 Most Difficult Treks in India


1. Auden's Col Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Region Uttarakhand
Max Alt 5490 M
Start Point Gangotri
End Point Kedarnath
Trek Distance 75 km
No of Days 16


Auden’s Col is the holy grail of trekking in the Western Himalayas - hailed by many as being more difficult than Kalindi Khal, which is one of the most dangerous treks in India (and also features on this list, of course). As a mountain pass hanging at an impressive altitude of 5,490M, this impossibly high, glaciated pass between the ginormous Gangotric and Jogin massifs is the climax of a long, treacherous journey between the pilgrimage towns of Gangotri and Kedarnath.

On the one hand, the trek is an easy pick for its scanty crowds and a perfect assortment of beautiful landscapes along with unmatched views of revered peaks in the range. But on the other hand, it is feared to be a hostile trail where the dangers encountered outweigh the scenic beauty of the terrain. For the distance covered and altitude gained each day, there are no ‘easy’ days here. The trek requires immense patience, and doesn’t forgive those who don’t acclimatize well.

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2. Kang La Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Region Himachal Pradesh
Max Alt 5465 M
Start Point Manali
End Point Srinagar
Trek Distance 90 km
No of Days 12


From the lush greens of the grass to the brightly colored wildflowers spread across its floors to the rough browns of the many rocks and boulders to the clear white of the ice, Kang La has it all! Add the emerald green glacial lakes to the mix and the crevassed snowfields full of rocky moraines only get a little easier on the eye. Kang La, in addition to providing one of the longest glacier walks, is 90 long kilometers of one surprising element after another. The richness of terrain and the many challenges as a result of that, has earned this trek a place on our list. For all the difficulties it throws your way, this trek takes you through the best of Himachal Pradesh and Leh.

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3. Pin Parvati Pass Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Himachal Pradesh
Max Alt 5298 M
Start Point Barsheni
End Point Kaza
Trek Distance 82 km
No of Days 12


Pin Parvati Pass, a trans-Himalayan trek is your passage between two distinct worlds - that from the abundant and alive Parvati valley which starts at the confluence of Parvati river and Beas river in Himachal Pradesh to the dry, resilient and almost galactic Pin Valley in Spiti (the cold desert). And the reward for getting to the highest point of the trek – the Pass (5,298M) - is that you get a look into both the worlds at the same time. The prayer flags, the panoramic view with the assault of greens on the one side and browns on the other, while you find yourself in knee deep white snow, is an experience like no other. This is the reason why Pin Parvati Pass continues to remain our most favorite cross-over trek in the country! 

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4. Kalindi Khal Expedition


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India



Max Alt

5940 m
Start Point Gangotri
End Point Badrinath
Trek Distance 99 km
No. of Days 15


Christened the toughest expedition of India, it involves crossing 99 long kilometers all in the thin air of high altitude. Kalindi Khal, a high mountain pass which connects Gangotri to Badrinath is hence, nothing if not extreme adventure. The trail takes you through all that is challenging at high altitude, including rough glaciers, rocky screes, high winds, and crevassed snowfields each day of this 15 day long trek. Be warned, there are no easy days on this one! As challenging as it might be, the journey also rewards you with unobstructed views of the most majestic peaks of the Indian Himalayan range - Shivling at 6,543M, Meru at 6,630M, Kedar Dome at 6,808M, Bhagirathi group at 6,856M, Nilkantha at 6,506M, Chandra Parvat at 6,728M, Avalanche Peak at 6,413M, Kamet at 7,756M, Mana at 7,272M and Abi Gamin at 7,355M. You are sure to return from this one very exhausted yet very inspired! 

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5. Panpatia Col Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Max Alt 5260 m
Start Point Joshimath
End Point Rudraprayag
Trek Distance 61 km
No of Days 12


Care to know just how unexplored this trail is? Here’s a fun fact – This high mountain pass which connects the holy pilgrimage sites of Kedarnath and Badrinath rests between two peaks which are over 5,500M. That is not the surprising bit; the twist in the tale is that these peaks are ‘unnamed’ and ‘unclimbed’. This very interesting bit of information should qualify this trek to be the monarch of all offbeat treks. If you are someone who wants to walk the trail less traversed, you won’t find a trail better than the Panpatia Col Trek. There is a lot that makes this trek a challenging endeavor but we don’t want to ruin the surprise by telling you all of it here. 

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6. Stok Kangri Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Region Ladakh
Max Alt 6152 m
Start Point Leh
End Point Leh
Trek Distance 34 km
No of Days 9


Stok Kangri needs no introduction. As one of the highest trekkable peaks in the country, its reputation surely precedes itself. Merely the thought of gaining over 1,150M in elevation on summit day alone is enough to squeeze all the air out of the best of us. This beautiful peak in the heart of the cold desert of Ladakh makes its presence known from the time you land in Leh, towering over this small mountain city colored in monochromes of brown. Do not let its status of a trekkable peak fool you, for getting to its crown is sure to make you sweat even in its frigid, sub-zero temperatures.   

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7. Parang La Trek


7 Most Difficult Treks To Do In India


Region Spiti
Max Alt 5580 M
Start Point Kaza
End Point Karzok
Trek Distance 128 km
No. of Days 12


You cover a distance of 128 long kilometers in a span of 12 short days. If knowing this doesn’t send bullets of sweat running down your face, this one is just for you! Each day on this trans-Himalayan trek demands that you give it all you’ve got and then do it all over again the following day for 12 days straight. The trail, however, is absolutely stunning with wide meadows and clear lakes all throughout. The region itself is extremely unique for its terrain and barren landscape, a beauty of a rare kind. As you trudge slowly towards the pass at 5,580M, you stumble across treasures such as the infamous Tso Moriri Lake along the way. Getting a chance to experience the unique culture of this harsh region as you cross small settlements along the way, only elevates the overall experience. 

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So, where are you headed next? We are just here, hangin’ out by the phone, waiting to hear from you!


Article originally written by Kiritika Jyotshi as published on 05/12/2019

Edited and updated by Neeti Singhal on 10/09/2023


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