“I am planning to book a trek for September in January. Would you not give me any discounts?”

“Oh come on. We are 5 people booking together. You don’t have any offer for us?”

“We have been coming to you all our life. Are you telling us that there are no incentives to book with you again?”

“I have referred 3 people to book with you. Does that give me credit?”

“I am going to contribute in the form of a blog article, Pictures, Video etc. Is there a way by which you will reward me?”

Have you been asking such questions to Adventure operators?  At least we get many calls asking these questions and our Customer Engagement team keeps getting into a conscience questioning mode each time so happens. While we have structured Loyalty, Referral, and Content sharing mechanisms on our portal, the challenge was to formalize Group & Early booking benefits. We tried Early Bird offers, Groups discounts, etc. but they were temporary and continuity of such offers became a parity issue. So we thought of getting done with it and sat down to finally put the saving principles on paper.

There are certain behaviors that we as an organization want to encourage in our participants, so we naturally want to incentivise such behaviors. In that endeavor we have also come up with structured means to do so:

Pre-Trek Savings

  1. Early Booking – Planning early is a great habit and if you do that, there is so much to gain – more time to plan, exercise, prepare. So from our side, we have come up with a structured saving mechanism. Book with us early and save extensively:
    • Booking more than 180 days before – Save 25% of the fee by simply using the voucher BIKATEARLY180
    • Booking within 120 & 180 days – Use BIKATEARLY120 to save 15% of trek fee
  2. Group Booking – Planning in groups is not easy. We recognize the effort it takes to combine the energies of 5 people into common dates and plan. So, once you do that difficult job, we also reward you. Use our vouchers published for each trek here. The two slabs are:
    • Group of 5 to 8 participants – 10% of trek fee as saving
    • Group of 9 or more – 15% of trek fee as saving
  3. Member Savings – If you like us and keep coming with us, we naturally are grateful. Our membership vouchers – Inaugural Voucher of INR 2000/- or Booking voucher of 10% with every booking, are already extensively used by the members. Read more on FAQ page (Membership tab) to understand how our members use these vouchers.

 Post-Trek Rewards 

  1. Ecological Awareness – No need to elaborate much on this, our Environment Policy already says a lot. We have already announced the saving that our participants can have by contributing on this front. With the formula of 100 gram of waste = INR 100 voucher, we want you to collect more and save more. The voucher amounts would be signed off by your Trek Leaders and vouchers would be credited within 10 working days of your trek completion.
  2. Self-Sustainable Style – We have always encouraged this but could not quantify the reward before. Now we have tried to do so. To begin with, we are offering 2 mechanisms of saving on this front: 
    • a. Carry your own sleeping mattress – A very simple yet effective beginning for trekkers to move in the alpine trekking direction. So we have also created a small token of appreciation. We are offering 5% of Net Amount Paid* cashback for trying this out. Again the cashback would be credited within 10 working days after trek completion to participant’s account. The credit would be signed off by the Trek Leader at the end of the trek. One may not bring their own mat, you can carry the one provided by us as well
    • b. Carry your own sleeping bag– An obvious next level, carrying the sleeping bag. If you bring your own sleeping bag and carry it on the trek, then this would be a big step. You are not just carrying a weight but creating an example which will inspire many. From our side, we will do our bit and offer you a cash back into your account worth 15% of Net Amount Paid*
    • *Net Amount Paid would be the amount paid to Bikat Adventures at the time of booking after adjusting for all rebates provided by applying vouchers. Also, Please note that any transport, additional transport, bike rent booking amounts or taxes are not part of the Net Amount Paid
  1. Content Sharing – All of you can earn rewards by contributing to our content – photos, videos, blogs, and more. Read more on FAQ page (Content Sharing tab) to understand how you can use this.
  2. Referral – If you are a member and refer us to your friends, you can earn 10% of the fee that they pay to us. Read more on FAQ page (Referral tab) to understand how our members use this feature.

Please note that all these saving mechanisms are small tokens from Bikat Adventures to encourage certain behaviors and nothing more. We have always kept away from hidden discounts and transparency has been our style of working.

A summary of all Saving Principles

Saving Principle Saving %age Pre Trek or Post Trek Remarks/Conditions
Booking more than 180 days before 25 Pre Use voucher BIKATEARLY180
Booking within 120 & 180 days 15 Pre Use voucher BIKATEARLY120
Group of 5 to 8 participants 10 Pre Use specific vouchers published here
Group of 9 or more 15 Pre Use specific vouchers published here
Membership Inaugural voucher NA Post INR 2000/- Voucher after 1st successful trek/expedition with us
Membership Booking Voucher 10 Pre Cashback on each booking made with us (For Members only )
Plastic waste collection NA Post INR 100 voucher for every 100 gm of waste collected
Carry your own sleeping mattress 5 Post Cashback post successful completion into bank account
Carry your own sleeping bag 15 Post Cashback post successful completion into bank account
Referral 10 Post Cashback as voucher for every referred booking completed (For Members only)
Content Sharing NA Post Vouchers for blogposts, pictures, videos, etc. Read more on FAQ page (Content Sharing tab)

DISCLAIMER: The rate of savings or principles defined above are the sole prerogative of BIKAT ADVENTURES PVT LTD. The company reserves the right to add/modify/delete them at any point without any prior notice. The principles & rates listed above are effective from 7th January 2017 till next notification on this page is issued.

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