Tandiandamol : Perks Of Climbing The Road Less Traveled

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Last updated: 17-09-2018

Tadiandamol Peak Trek


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Short treks are often loved by people as they are the perfect weekend plan. But such treks become very popular and are frequented by many. The problem of overcrowding arises in such cases. For most of the people, an ideal plan does not involve being around hundreds of people.

The Tandiandamol trek is the best option for those who are looking for a short and sweet trip. It is the most beautiful trek in Coorg. The greatest advantage being that is not very well known. The entire trail of this trek is extremely beautiful and very well marked.


The Tandiandamol peak is the highest peak in Coorg, with an elevation of 5740 ft. The view from this peak is absolutely breathtaking. It is a day trek. The trail of the trek does justice to all kinds of trekkers. The simple yet testing path gives the right mix of leisure and adventure. This trek also prepares you well so that you can undertake greater adventure in the himalayas

Tandiandamol : Perks Of Climbing The Road Less Traveled

The trek starts from a small village called Madikeri which is about 250 kms from Bengaluru. Once you reach this village a short cab ride takes you to the starting point of the trek. This point is not very well defined geographically but for the ease of travelers it has been marked with a tall white flag.

The start of the trek is a walk through muddy path that is covered by trees. The tree cover is so dense that the sunlight barely reaches you.

After a walking for a while, you reach an open stretch. This wide open grassland has a huge rock that sits majestically like a guard to the treasure that lies ahead. The cameras are most likely to come out at this point. After many poses and thousands of pictures you move ahead. The trail gets steep after passing the big rock.

Tandiandamol : Perks Of Climbing The Road Less Traveled

The mountains start testing you now. After all, treasure hunts are supposed to involve a little adventure, right?

The steep trail has lush green surroundings and water streams all around. Look as far as you can and your eyes will only see the colour green.

After the steep trail end, the mountains give you a red carpet welcome in their own way. A stone trail marks the rest of the way ahead. This part of the trek is comparatively easy.

Many beautiful views enchant your sense while you walk on these beautifully laid stones and get nearer to your final destination. The work of nature here is so perfect that it almost doesn’t make sense. You are compelled to wonder about the perfection of naturally present things. Nature is the master of design, I guess.

While walking ahead, a sudden sense of victory will over come as you see the peak right in front of your eyes. The joy that takes over is unlike any other feeling. But alas, the peak will be a false one. Don’t stop here. It is not the Tandiandamol peak. As you look further ahead you will see that the actual peak is still at some distance. But don’t let this discourage you. Instead enjoy the little victory you have achieved. You are just about to touch the peak.  

Tandiandamol : Perks Of Climbing The Road Less Traveled

Now the final leg of the trek begins, you tread towards the peak. This final stage might be most testing. There are slippery and steep cuts that are not for the faint hearted. If you are scared of heights, then brace yourself as many sharp, blinds ends stand in your way to the peak.

But as you cross these hurdles, you find the final treasure. A vast expanse of Shola forests sits right in front of you. You have a quiet and peaceful resting place at the top. The rest of the world looks liliputian. The view will almost take your breath away. The best way to enjoy this view is to sit at the edge of the cliff and look at what you have left behind. It is only now that you realize the height that you have scaled.

A short stop at the peak will mark the end of the beautiful adventure. Now you must start your way back towards the base. The feeling of leaving will certainly not be a good one. With the camera full of pictures and hearts full of content make your way back. As you reach the village again, the tiredness from the  trek will start to kick in. Rest at a small guest house and enjoy while you are still away from the robotic life.

This trek will awaken your senses and fill you with energy for the days of work that wait for you.

So, just pack your bags and get lost in the right direction.



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