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Leh Authorities recommends medical examination for Chadar Trek - February Edition


Last updated: 09-02-2018

Hello Adventure Seekers!

Hope your new year started on an adventurous note for if happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventure should be the top priority.

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience, as quoted by Eleanor Roosevelt. And, in search of those soul-filling experiences, you venture into the world of Himalayan treks.

Seizing the opportunity, some trek operators take large groups in the mountains neglecting the repercussions it has on the environment. The naive customer is also ignorant of the importance of trekking in small groups and ignorantly becomes the part of the herd.

Think about it! What kind of experience would you like to have in the mountains? The quaint campsites where everything on the trek is up to schedule. Or cramped up campsites where everything is delayed in order to manage a large group.

This is why we have a strict policy of restricting the batch size to not more than 15 participants. You may not have even thought about the effects of group size before. But now you have something to ponder upon in your spare time.

But first, let me update you about the recent treks.

From the trail

Chadar Trek

Back to back batches have been running on Chadar Trek. The river was frozen in all its glory. The waterfall of Nerak looked magnificent as told by our expedition leaders there. The trek attracted a huge crowd of trekkers in the past month. The frozen bed has now begun to melt.

The authorities in Leh have made medical examination advisable for all the tourists before the commencement of Chadar trek which will become mandatory from next year.

Brahmatal Trek

Finally, the snow has befallen on the trails of Brahmatal making it more beautiful than ever. Our participant on the trek also fought the notorious winds and bitter cold in the night. However, the weather in the day was clear and sunny. The lake is frozen like a blue sapphire.

Chadar Trek


Brahmatal Trek


Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is loaded with heavy snow. The weather in the day was pleasant and sunny. The astral views in the night from the campsite is surreal. Here is the proof for you in case you don’t believe me.

Kuari Pass

The participants are enjoying the snow trails on Kuari Pass. There is about 2 feet deep snow on the Lord Curzon trail. Snow conditions and weather have deemed it perfect for a winter trek.

Nag Tibba Winter Trek

The weather is pleasant at Nag Tibba Top with patches of snow. Get a sneak peek at the Nag Tibba Photo Story from our latest batch.

Kedarkantha Trek


Kuari Pass Trek


Upcoming Treks


 Nag Tibba Trek


Around the corner

Goecha La

If you are wondering the best time to do Goecha La, it is in April for you will get clear views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and can go bird watching.

Har ki Dun

The best time to do Har ki dun trek has come. The Valley of Gods will open its gates in March for trekkers and mountain lovers to experience its beautiful vistas and rich mythology.Make sure you are among those people.

Pangarchulla Peak

It is an underrated trek that offers just the right amount of challenge for first-timers and a refresher for the experienced trekkers. If you have never climbed a peak, let this be your maiden.

Panwali Kantha Trek

The trek provides you with one of the rarest views of the complete range of Yamunotri- Gangotri- Kedarnath- Badrinath mountain peaks. In the route, you will pass through the seven Bugyals of Panwali Kantha. What more do you want?!


Himalayan Hall of Fame

In a region where everything freezes, the warm hospitality of the Zanskari staff added a touch of love to our overall experience on Chadar trek. Everyone from the porters, to the kitchen staff, to our local guide was exceptional.

It’s unbelievable how much they care and how much hard work goes in behind the scenes, to ensure everyone is well fed, comfortable and safe.  They can sense your fears on the trek and will comfort you when they pass you by, they will lift your spirits with their greetings and local songs, and most importantly, regardless of the extreme weather conditions, they will go out of their way to ensure you get warm meals at all times.

Going on Chadar trek is like going to their homes, they treat you with respect and warm you up with their efforts and smiles. People in the coldest places have the kindest hearts.


Leh Authorities recommends medical examination for Chadar Trek - February Edition

Bikat blogs

You still have ample of time to gear up for Manali Leh Cycling Expedition, the adrenaline pumping ride in the Himalayas.

Step 1: Select an MTB with all the requisite specs.

Step 2: Get proper MTB clothing and gear.

Step 3: Start exploring trails around your city for practice rides.

In case you are planning to do Nag Tibba on your own, know everything you should. Don’t go without a guide though.

Contest Alert

Instagram Photo Contest has received an overwhelming response. Thank you, everyone, who participated in it making it a huge success. The online voting for the shortlisted entries will start soon and the results will be declared on 15 February.

In other news

27 January was a happy yet tragic day for the mountaineering fraternity as we lost a mountaineer to the 'Killer Mountain' Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. Tomasz Mackiewicz of Poland and Elisabeth Revol of France got lost after ascending Nanga Parbat (8,126 m), world's ninth highest peak located in PoK.

While they were successful at rescuing Revol, the rescue operation of Tomasz ended in tragedy. They became the second couple in the world to climb Nanga Parbat in winter after Pakistan's Ali Sadpara and Spain's Alex Txikon. Our hearts go out to Tomasz Mackiewicz family and friends.


Leh Authorities recommends medical examination for Chadar Trek - February Edition


That’s all for now, folks!

See you next month with more updates.


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