Why Work at Bikat Adventures:

Working for a start-up is anyways fashionable these days. So, rather than giving you the usual reasons like small office, no fix work timings, no bureaucracy, or promise of a great future, let’s give you some fresh ones or specifically speaking 3 big reasons:

  1. Adventure Exposure: This is no rhetoric! Everyone working as a Bikat would be exposed to the adventure we offer, be it marketing, sales or digital. It makes business sense and hence we do it J
  2. Growth Opportunity: We have few employees but we never had any attrition till now. We know this might not hold true for too long but it does speak of what we have done in the past 3 years. Our people have grown from helpers to cooks to mountaineers and we are proud of them. The growth you can imagine would be yours and we would plan it together.
  3. No Hierarchy: We know that this is promised at all start-ups but once you join the gang, you will see for yourself. Everyone plays a role at a time, CEO may become the belayer, COO may be the assistant to Expedition Leader, and CMO may be a trainee to an instructor! We are not suggesting any chaos where we don’t know who does what but we keep wearing different hats as required and once you are there with a hat, you wear it with pride!

 How to Apply: To apply for any position send your resume to info@bikatadventures.com with job title as subject of email.

Trek Leader

This is the central role for our company and there is no way to directly join us in this role from outside. We do not hire for this job from outside but the role is the next step for those hired as Asst Expedition Leaders (apply for it) . Hence, the role is explained here in order to describe what would be the job on offer eventually (once the Training is over).

Video Shooting Assignments

Shooting videos in outdoors is challenging. Doing it on Treks & Expeditions is even more so. Managing all the equipment, reaching at places before everyone else to capture that perfect shot of the group or waiting for hours to get that perfect time lapse require lot of planning & hard work. With us you get to work out there in some of the most beautiful sites on planet earth. Videos are documentary type, Promotional videos of Trips/activities, product reviews, Learning based Know how videos & Interviews etc. If nature is your second home and shooting is your forte, we invite you to apply for video shooting assignments. Apply here

Video Editing Assignments

We love creating interesting content. Videos make a large part of it. Videos can be documentary type, Promotional videos of Trips/activities, product reviews, Know how & Interviews etc. If you are good with video editing and wish to work for us, apply here

Content Writing Assignments

Being a learning based Adventure Company, we always strive to create meaningful content which help our participants. We connect with our audience through blog articles, newsletters, Press release and social media posts etc. If you are a content writer, we invite you to apply for this positions by filling this form: Click here

Executive – Digital Marketing

Required Skills:

Proficient in Written & Spoken English, Savvy with Social Media Channels, and Basic Knowledge of web languages is preferable.

Job Description:

Social Media
  1. Acquire & maintain content from Trek Leaders e.g, Pictures, Videos etc.
  2. Edit & Post Pictures of new Organized Treks/Explorations.
  3. Develop Posts for Various Social Media Channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.
Website Maintenance
Landing Page Improvements.
  1. Take input from Marketing/Operations Manager & making running updates in the website e.g. Event date, Text corrections, Add pictures, Videos etc.
  2. Optimizing content on website in respect of new marketing campaigns.
Publishing new content
  1. Proof reading of the content.
  2. Interacting with Author for improvements if required.
  3. Publishing on website.
Photo Developing & Editing
  1. Making creatives for various Social Media posts/ Marketing campaigns / landing page improvements.

Executive- Customer Engagement

Required Skills:

Proficient in Written & Spoken English, Graduate, and Prior Experience is preferable

Job Description:

Enquiry Handling
  1. Handling inquiries from customers on Telephone & Email, Discussing with Marketing Manager if required, Answering Promptly.
  2. Handling inquiries from agents, Discussing with Marketing Manager if required, Answering Promptly.
  3. Preparing participant reports, operational calendar, sending & compiling skill questionnaire, recco for learning plan to Ops
Logistic Booking & Cancellations
  1. Booking/Cancellation in bus, train, Hotel etc.
Invoicing and maintaining record
  1. Invoicing and tracking payments, sending reminders (if required), compiling weekly reports
Processing Participant Cancellation Requests
  1. Taking cancellation requests & processing in stipulated time

Executive – Finance 

Required Skills:

B.COM with hands on knowledge of Tally/other accounting software

Job Description:

  1. General ledger entry and tallying expense records with bank transactions
  2. TDS - Vendor record management, TDS compilation, deduction, deposit, and return filing (FLV application, quarterly), sending challans to vendors
  3. Service Tax - Compiling monthly invoicing for service tax calculation, calculating tax, preparing challans for payment. Preparing file for Service tax return (half yearly)
  4. Compiling monthly expense reports – Vendor wise, head wise.
  5. Income Tax return – Preparing and maintaining full year expense records with bills/vouchers, Preparing P&L reports, partnering with CA for return
  6. ROC return – Partner with CS for document validation and compilation.

Executive – Web Design & Development 

Required Skills:

Proficiency in web languages. Experience of working on mvc.net is preferable.

Job Description:

New Web Design & Development
  1. Preparing new web designs.
  2. Backend Coding.
  3. Third party integration (e.g. Payment Gateway), if required. 

Executive – Video Production 

Required Skills:

Experience in Video Making & Editing

Job Description:

Videos Developing & Editing
  1. Making Videos for Knowhow topics, Interviews, Events etc.