Khauli Pass Trek
  • Small Batch Size (Max 15)
  • Mountaineering Course Certified Trek Leaders, Specially Trained in Emergency Procedures & First Aid Responder
  • Local Guides Certified in First Aid Responder
  • Trek Leaders to Participants ratio of 1:8
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Khauli Pass Trek

At an altitude of 3750 mts, Khauli Pass is one of those forgotten treks that were charming once but with winds of "development", machneries were in and the trek was forgotten. Surprisingly though, the main stretch of the trek is untouched and remains to be a prestine trail with green shrubs and grass, the buttercups and orchids from dark purple to pale pink and the rhododendrons on the slopes, the stately pines and oak trees. Beauty of this trek lies in contradictions. Green trail along side the Hurla nala on one side, view of the snow laden peaks like Hanuman tibba, Friendship peak, Indersen from the pass and snow covered ( for at least six months a year ) meadows on the other side of the pass.

1 Duration 3 days
2 Region Himachal
3 District Kullu
4 Difficulty Level Easy
5 Maximum Elevation achieved & where 3750 mts ( Khauli Pass )
6 Best Season May to October
7 Total Distance 27 Kms
8 Base Kasol / Manihar
9 Permits if any None
10 Rail Head None
11 Road Head Manihar/Kasol
12 Getting to/ From Base Camp Ideal way is to travel to Bhuntar from Delhi in a volvo which is an overnight journey. From Bhuntar, a taxi / Tempo Traveller can take you to Kasol / Manihar where the trek starts from which is around 30 Kms from Bhuntar.
13 Guides & Porters Can be hired from Kasol / Kullu
14 Useful Links Packing List
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Bhuntar to Bhuntar

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Trek Dates


Day 01: Kullu - Kasol - Grahan (2286 mts / 10 Km trek)

Report at Kullu Bus stand by 0900 Hrs. A vehicle will be arranged for you here. After we freshen up and have the breakfast at Kasol, we can start our trek from here. Immediately after starting the trek, one can feel the dense forest with a sudden coldness in the air. Grahan (our camp site) is 10 Kms from here. A trail goes up the West side of Garahan Nala, mounting gradually through pine forest to Garahan hamlet. Most of the trail is through a coniferous forest in the Kanawar wild life sancutary. One can easily spot the buttercups and orchids from dark purple to pale pink and the rhododendrons on the slopes. The stately pines and oak trees along the narrow path mark the trail nicely. The camp site is near Grahan that is snowbound for six months of the year.
In case you dont want to trek right after road journey, you should reach Kasol one day before and rest there in a hotel. Reaching Kasol is easy, you may also book any bus or shared cab from Kullu for Kasol. The stay in Kasol should be arranged by the participant directly in a hotel / guest house / fix camp. Kasol is an interesting place, famous for beautiful river side landscapes, multi lingual & cultural diversity, and last but not the least - banned substances!

Day 02: Gahan to Padari 2820 mts / 7 kms trek)

Post breakfast, we head for today's target - Padari. Since the distance for the day is not much, the day would not turn out as tiring. Another amenable walk up the Garahan Nala to Padri camp ground on a meadow. We reach Padari by afternoon. The trail is filled with picturesque waterfalls, small streams and beautiful flowers. Padri in an alpine-type meadow at an altitude of 2820 mts.

Day 03: Padri - Khauli Pass (3750 mts / 8 Kms trek)- Padri

Today the target is Khauli pass. A steep strenuous climb leads to the pass; in May the approach will be over soft snow. Early morning start is critical today. Initial trail is through the thick woods of the Birch trees (Bhoj patra). Last patch is extremely beautiful but the beauty of flowers on this patch will only be visible in the post monsoon season. During May/June it would be completely snow-clad.The view from Khauli Pass is awesome. At a distance, towards the Manali side, we could see the tops of Hanuman Tibba, Indersen and the Friendship peaks. While on the other side we could make out the peaks of the "Bhara Shigri Glacier" like Paapsura, Dharam sura and White sail.

Day 04: Padri - Kasol - Kullu (15 kms mostly donhill trek)

We start the day on the descent along the Grahan Nala and move towards Kasol from where we touch the road head to Bhunter. The lunch is packed today that we have just before reaching the road head. From here, we take the taveller/jeep back to Kullu. Road distance would be 32 Kms till Kullu.


Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

In the April of 2015 we were looking for a trek which could be done over a period of 3 days. Some of the treks which are pretty popular in Himachal & fit in the duration of 3 days are Beas Kund,Tirthan valley & Brighu Lake. Since we had already done them, we wanted to explore a new trek. We talked to local people in Manali for some advice. We got many and after lot of information gathering we zeroed in Khauli Pass Trek . This trek lies in kanawar wildlife sanctuary in Parwati River valley near Kasol. The trek is not frequently done by trekkers. Usually the word forgotten is attached with its name indicating that there was a time when this trek was very popular. So we kind of also wanted to find out the reason for the same.

Day 01: Bhuntar - Manihar - Jammu Nala (2800 mts / 4-5 hrs trek)

The base point for this trek is Manihar. One has to take the road towards Manihar after crossing the bridge at the point of confluence of River parwati & River Beas in Bhuntar. The entire road journey is about 30kms.Trek begins from the place called Pancha where a water project work is on these days. Immediately after starting the trek, one enters a dense forest cover and a sudden chill in the air can be felt. After a while you enter a narrow valley as the trail winds along Pancha Nala for 3-4 hrs. You cross a number of streams , some of which were pretty strong & demand due caution. The campsite of Jammu Nala is amidst thick forest cover and camping here is an experience in itself. One of the low side is that the camping site offers very little flat ground & is not suited for big groups.

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Day 2 : Jammu Nala - Padri ( Over Khauli Pass ) 7-8 Hours

In every weekend trek there comes a day when the question comes "is it really a weekend trek?". Second day of this trek is challenging. The steep climb right from the Jammu Nala camps to Khauli Pass can leave any trekker gasping for air. With very little respite the trail keeps throwing one stretch after the other of steep climb. Watch your steps here if you are doing it in the months when these slopes are full of snow as the trail can be slippery. The last 50 meters before the pass are through a very narrow gorge of width not more that 10 Meters. As you are about to reach the pass the trail almost becomes vertical where at places you have to use your fours.
Now we have crossed many passes before. Sometimes people don't even realize that they have crossed it because the mountain features are pretty big & without an aerial map of the place its difficult to explain the geography of a pass. But this is not the case with Khauli Pass. Crossing this pass is like crossing a wall where you first keep your one leg on the other side & then push rest of your body. Once you are confident that you will not fall back, you sit comfortably on the wall with your legs almost hanging in the air & your eyes absorbing the view which was not visible even 2 meters before you had crossed the wall.
Now this was only first half of the day. As you are on the other side of the pass the decent is equally challenging. In the months of winter when these slopes are full of snow they can be a lottery for skiers. The trail is completely downhill till we reach our camping site for the day at Padri. Contrary to the previous campsite of Jammu Nala, Padri is a picture perfect campsite with a big open ground & a water stream flowing nearby .On one side you have the view of snow clad peaks & on the other side is a dense forest full of possibilities.

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Day 3 : Padri - Kasol (5-6 Hours)

The last day of this trek is a reward for all the strength you have shown on the previous day. The trail is long but easy. Its either downhill or flat with few sections of climb. Walking through the forest with sound of river in ears & chill in the air can leave a soothing affect on your senses. On the route find a nice spot by the river & have your packed lunch. Or if you are want to be more adventurous find a shallow stream of fresh water & take a dip in the ice cold water. If you do this, all your fatigue will be gone in seconds. By the mid afternoon you will be in Kasol. If you have time at hand spend a day here or you can also board a shared cab or bus to Bhuntar. From Bhuntar you can catch an overnight bus for Delhi.

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek

Why Khauli Pass is one of the Best Long Weekend Trek