Basic Rock Craft Workshop (8 Days)

Basic Rock Craft Workshop (8 Days)

Bikat Rockcraft is a comprehensive introduction to the sport of rock climbing targeted at beginners and some of the experienced climbers looking to make a serious hobby out of climbing. What is mandatory is attitude and No previous climbing experience! The 8 day workshop would take you through the Climbing techniques, Equipment involved in the craft like the ropes, Carabiners, etc., and the Climbing Protocols and Systems, like Belaying or Anchoring, that ensure your safety. Participants will be given the opportunity to climb at a variety of crags and the workshop culminates in the ascent of a major multi‐pitch route; A closed group competition! Winner would be given a T-Shirt and a pair of PA shoes to make him/her a climber for life :) All in all, a classic climbing experience for those looking to learn more about this incredible sport. Rock climbing equipment including ropes, specialized gear, harnesses, helmets, and climbing shoes are provided by Bikat Adventures. The schedule as depicted below gives an idea about the learning that you can look forward to. What we are not writing explicitly below is that you climb and practice every day. All that you learn in theory would be applied there & then!

1 What is included Equipment, Services of a certified Coach, Guidance and training under very good climbers and instructors, Light snacking & water, basic first aid.

We also offer free access for the participants of the workshop to any of the Rock Climbing sessions that Bikat Adventures organizes during the period of their course.
2 What is excluded Any expenses of personal nature, Lunch or Dinners, Transportation.
3 Classes on Saturdays & Sundays Only. The course would be covered in 4 weekends

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Day 1 : Principles of Rock Climbing

Start with the basics. Get to know some theory today and understand some of the thumb rules that we always use.

Types of Climbing, Guiding Principles : Planning, Balance, and Conservation of Energy, Do's & Don’ts, Holds : Types of Foot & Hand holds, Practice on boulders

Day 2 : Anchoring & Belaying

Now that you want to claim your climbing skills, learn the first step that of setting up the anchors and belaying. As they say, if you are a good belayer, you won’t be short of climbing partners for life :)

Types of Anchors: Natural & Artificial, Introduction to anchoring equipment like pitton, etc., Usage and practice of the same. Types of Belay: Mechanical & Dynamic, Practicing the techniques.

Day 3 : Various Techniques involved in climbing

Let’s get into the art now. Today we have loads of fun while climbing different types of features using different techniques. Practice the various possibilities on the rocks one by one and learn as you climb.

Backing up & Down, Switching, Counterforce, Layback.

Day 4 : Rappelling & Rock Terminology

Setting up the base for Rappelling, Types of Rappelling, Have fun today while rappelling the various faces yourselves.

Day 5 : Fix Rope & Lead Climbing

Now that you have developed some understanding of the art of setting up anchors and climbing the faces, now is the time you learn the art of climbing as a team and in situations when no one is organizing things for you.

Equipment required, Types of Fix Roping, Lead Climbing protocols. Practice the routes yourself while taking turns to do the lead climbing and being a 2nd or 3rd member.

Day 6 : Practice Day

We have learnt a lot of things till date. It’s time to practice each of them more and more. We shall focus more on climbing techniques and practice on tougher routes today.

Day 7 : Practice Day 2 & Competition Categories ( On artificial wall )

Another Practice Day & last day before the competition. Clear all your doubts and push yourself as much as you can. Know about the categories that are followed in popular competitions around the world and practice as per the rules today.

Day 8 : Bikat Climbing Battle ( On artificial wall )

The rules of the game are set and your would know them by now. Go & Compete on the routes that you were climbing friendly till today :)

Rockcraft Workshop FAQs

Do I need to have any experience to participate?

None. As said, you just need the attitude of a climber.

Why should I do this workshop?

Oh! You got so many reasons for that:) Lets see 3 biggest ones:

1. Knowledge – Know all the basic techniques involved in Rock Climbing and related crafts along with knowledge about the equipment involved.

2. Skill – Develop your skill of ascending and descending on all sort of rock features.

3. Attitude – Grow into an amateur from a novice. Feel confident and cherish the feeling of learning a thrilling art – Rockcraft!

The end objective of this workshop is to develop you into an independent climber who can attempt to negotiate rock features anywhere in the world. We don’t guarantee that you would be climbing some 5.10s at the end of 8 sessions but be rest assured that won’t need others to organize climbing for you, once you have completed your learning during the workshop. Just find a partner and go out (with the equipment of course) to climb rocks wherever you like to!

Do I need any specialized Equipment?

No. We would take care of that. Please be dressed in comfortable clothing for the workshop sessions.

What should I wear?

Well, that depends on the weather and activity. Please avoid heavy clothes like jeans. Comfortable clothing like lower, trouser or trek pants would be good along with a T-Shirt. Wear jackets if cold so that you can easily take them out if required. Avoid Thermals.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Sure. Why not but please don’t expect us to take them into the workshop on the spot !…

What about food?

We have juice, mineral water and bananas but please bring breakfast, etc. in case you cant have them before reporting for the session.

What if it rains?

We make a case‐by‐case decision about the cancellation of events. If you haven't heard from us, plan on showing up!

What if I miss one of the sessions?

Don’t worry. We are together for all the 8 sessions and we would cover the areas that you miss. Session 7 has a planned revision where again we can cover the gaps for you.

How do I prepare for my event?

Come with an open mind, a positive attitude, and a body free from the effects of drugs and/or alcohol. Start your basic workout and keep yourself fit. Include as many pushups and chin ups as you can in your workout schedules.