Camp Green Hut - Bairagarh

Camp Green Hut - Bairagarh


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Brief Description

The Young Explorers program is one of a kind comprehensive summer camp program developed by Bikat adventures which focuses on Physical (Agility, Coordination, Endurance, Strength), Mental ( Decision Making, Interpersonal Relation, Empathy, Problem Solving), Emotional (Self Confidence, Motivation, Initiative, Overcoming Fear of Failure) and, Social (Community Interaction, Gender Sensitization, Service Orientation) development of the participants. Camp Green Hut In Bairagarh is a 7-day summer camp designed to focus on the children of the age group of 8 - 12 years. The camp is located on a riverside amidst green forests of Uttarakhand. Proximity from Rishikesh makes this camp an ideal choice for the given age group of children. The activities have been planned in such a way that the participants have fun but also take back life skills which help in shaping their personality. The activities held on this camp are rock climbing which helps in building endurance, conquers fears and helps in motivation, increases flexibility and problem Solving, river crossing which helps in overcoming fear of failure, improves patience and self-confidence, stream walking which is a great team building activity, rappelling which helps in improving coordination (Body & mind), decision making and also reduces stress. Many more engaging activities are carried out on the camp.

Why Bikat

  • The Program: The Young Explorers Program has been designed by educationists from Delhi University, School Administrators, and Mountaineering professionals to ensure experiences with reflections. The program will be overseen by education practitioners and run by a good mix of male and female adventure professionals with extensive experience in the fields of adventure, trekking, cycling, and climbing. We understand natural terrain and reflection in the wilderness. One of the major goals of the summer camps will be showing sensitivity towards local communities and focusing on keeping the trail green and clean. We have also designed a reward system to encourage the participants to do the same.

  • About Safety: We understand that the biggest concerns for parents would be the safety of their children while they are away on the summer camps. But we can assure that the summer camps will a home away from home for all the participants.
    • Our biggest commitment is ensuring the safety of all the members of the camp.
    • Only certified mountaineering professionals are our camp leaders and they ensure that all the activities are done with utmost safety using only the best in class equipment (certified by UIAA or other competent authorities).
    • We guarantee the use of certified First-Aid support always.
    • We also believe in leaving no loopholes when it comes to planning, therefore we also have an emergency evacuation plan in place.
    • Since the security of the female participants is also of a great concern, we make sure that there is always a dedicated female instructor on the camp.
    • With this proactive approach towards safety, we not just safeguard the participants from physical injuries but also ensure that they are never scared of participation.

  • Our Commitment: The activities carried out during the summer camps will not only be fun but will also have a lot for the participants to take back from. All the activities have been carefully thought, planned and designed to fit the age group of the camp and have some value addition for everyone. In our experience of over 6 years, we have organized 100+ events and activities like school camps, cycling, climbing, and trekking. We have over 2000 participants across events and about 80% repeat participants. At Bikat we always focus on learning based adventure and it is our goal to ensure that the same is implemented in our Young Explorers Program too.


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1 Day 1
Arrival at the camp
2 Day 2
Rock Climbing and Stream Walking Day
3 Day 3
Stone Painting and River Crossing Day
4 Day 4
Rappelling and Cliff Jumping Day
5 Day 5
Survival Skill Development Day
6 Day 6
Zip Line and Talent Night Day
7 Day 7
Final Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility: Is this summer camp good for me?

The Bairagarh summer camp i.e. Camp Green Hut is ideal for the kids of ages 8 - 12 years. Kids will have a chance to engage in new activities and connect with nature and their surroundings. Apart from fun activities, the kids will also be able to learn and enhance their physical, social, mental and emotional intelligence. The summer camps are the best way to get children out their beds and off their devices.

About The Summer Camp: Why should I go for this summer camp?

The Bairagarh summer camp will give children a chance to learn and discover. They can learn about new activities and interact with new people giving them a chance to expand their horizons. Instead of spending summers at home in the city, children will have a chance to be close to nature and experience wilderness. The summer camp will be fun as well as a source of learning for the participants. The 7 days spent in the camp will be in close proximity to nature. The participants will have the freedom to make their own choices and plan their schedule. The days will be filled with adventure. Set of individual and team based activities will be carried out giving the students a chance to learn new skills like rock climbing, survival methods, jumaring etc. All participants will get a personalized Testimonial along with the Certificate of Completion

Activity List: What are the activities held on this summer camp?

The activities which will be held on this summer camp are:
Rock Climbing: An activity which involves using one's hands or feet to climb a steep object.
Stream Walking: An activity which involves walking up the course of a stream.
Stone Painting: An activity which involves hand painting stones.
River Crossing: An activity which involves crossing a river while being suspended on a rope.
Rappelling: An activity which involves descending off a steep object using ropes.
Cliff Jumping: An activity which involves jumping off a cliff into a water body.
Zip Line: An activity in which the participant travels from one end to another while being on a cable, propelled by gravity.
Note: Camp activities are subject to change depending on the weather and safety condition during the camp.

Miscellaneous : Are cell phones allowed on the summer camp?

No cell phones will be allowed on the camp.

Miscellaneous : What is Chhoti Haazri?

A session in which all the feedbacks and grievances of the participants will be addressed by the camp leaders.

Miscellaneous : What is BPL(Bikat Premier League)?

A program on the last day of the summer camp in which some performances and competitions will be held.

Miscellaneous : What is Zero Zone?

Zero Zone will be a time zone for reflection and meditation for the participants.

Safety : Is the summer camp safe for girls?

Yes, the summer camp is completely safe for girls. There will always be a woman instructor present on the camp and the overall ratio of participants to instructors is maintained at 6:1.

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Terms & Conditions

What's Included

  • 6:1 Child to Instructor Ratio
  • Mountaineering Certified Leaders
  • Woman Instructor
  • UIAA Certified Equipment
  • Separate Boys and Girls Tents Stay
  • First-Aid Responder Leaders With Staff
  • Residential Doctor
  • Security Guard
  • Emergency Transport

What's not Included

  • Transport up to Pickup Point
  • Insurance Fee
  • Any Expense of Personal Nature
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