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Last updated: 21-10-2017

Why Work at Bikat Adventures

Working for a start-up is anyways fashionable these days. So, rather than giving you the usual reasons like small office, no fix work timings, no bureaucracy, or promise of a great future, let’s give you some fresh ones or specifically speaking 3 big reasons:

  1. Adventure Exposure: This is no rhetoric! Everyone working as a Bikat would be exposed to the adventure we offer, be it marketing, sales or digital. It makes business sense and hence we do it :)

  2. Growth Opportunity: We have few employees but we never had any attrition till now. We know this might not hold true for too long but it does speak of what we have done in the past 3 years. Our people have grown from helpers to cooks to mountaineers and we are proud of them. The growth you can imagine would be yours and we would plan it together.

  3. No Hierarchy: We know that this is promised at all start-ups but once you join the gang, you will see for yourself. Everyone plays a role at a time, CEO may become the belayer, COO may be the assistant to Expedition Leader, and CMO may be a trainee to an instructor! We are not suggesting any chaos where we don’t know who does what but we keep wearing different hats as required and once you are there with a hat, you wear it with pride!

Expedition Leader  

This is the central role for our company and there is no way to directly join us in this role from outside. We do not hire for this job from outside but the role is the next step for those hired as Asst Expedition Leaders. Hence, the role is explained here in order to describe what would be the job on offer eventually (once the Training is over).

B2C Sales Executive - Delhi/NCR  

Have you ever imagined selling adventurous experiences? This is not like selling cakes or soaps. Endurance based adventure experience that Bikat organizes is not just a physical exercise but much more than that. When you talk or write to someone getting interested in such an experience, firstly your conviction matters. The person on the other side may be new or may not understand how serious his expedition can be but it is your job to make him/her understand.

One needs very good communication skills and a passion for adventure activities to excel in this role. We prefer people coming with 1-2 years of experience in a similar role.

B2B Sales Executive - Delhi/NCR  

Bikat Adventures offers customized adventure solutions for Institutions such as Schools, Colleges & Corporates. Sales executives are required for generating & converting leads of such institutions. 

Required Skills

Graduation in any stream. Proficiency in Written & Spoken English.

Job Description

  1. To generate leads for adventure tour programs from the institutional channel around Delhi/NCR - Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporate, and PSUs
  2. Help the design team develop suitable content for conversion of institutional leads like flyers, brochures, etc.
  3. Work for a pre-set sales target from the institutional channel

Executive - Content Marketing (Blog)  

Being a learning based Adventure Company, we always strive to create meaningful content that can help our participants in enhancing their skills. We connect with our audience through blog articles, newsletters, press releases, social media posts, etc. If you are a content writer, we invite you to apply for this position.

Required Skills

Proficiency in Written & Spoken English. Experience in Content Writing in the field of Print Media is Preferable

Job Description

  1. Content Ideation
  2. Writing Engaging articles on topics such as Trip Information, Know How, Trends, Experience, Product reviews etc.
  3. Go on various trips to write engaging content about different aspects.

Executive - Content Marketing (Videos)  

Shooting videos in outdoors is challenging. Doing it on Treks & Expeditions is even more so. Managing all the equipment, reaching at places before everyone else to capture that perfect shot of the group or waiting for hours to get that perfect time lapse require lot of planning & hard work. With us, you get to work out there in some of the most beautiful sites on planet earth. Videos may be either documentaries, promotional videos of trips/activities/expeditions, product reviews, learning based Know how videos & Interviews etc. If nature is your second home and shooting is your forte, we invite you to apply for video shooting assignments.

Required Skills

Proficient in Written & Spoken English. Experience in Video Planning, Shooting & Editing

Job Description


  1. Video content Ideation.
  2. Script Writing.
  3. Location Planning


       1. Shooting in Planned Locations Which will mostly be in Himalayas on our Treks/Expeditions.

Editing & Publishing

       1. Editing the raw footages with the help of editing software and publishing the final output on various platforms

Executive – Social Media Marketing   

Social Media has become a virtual reality for most people these days and organizations are trying hard to engage their community on various media platforms. What used to be a one way communication to consumers & buyers in the past, has now become a 2-way engagement process. This resource has one of the most critical jobs in Bikat marketing team. To manage social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While each media has its own styles & nuances, the resource needs to ensure brand image integrity among various creative posts.

Required Skills

Proficient in Written & Spoken English, Savvy with Social Media Channels, and Basic Knowledge of web languages is preferable. Strong Creative ability with good comprehension skills

Job Description

Social Media

  1. Acquire & maintain content from Expedition Leaders e.g, Pictures, Videos etc.
  2. Edit & Post Pictures of new Organized Treks/Explorations.
  3. Create a social media content strategy & detailed plan for Social Media Channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter etc.
  4. Develop Posts for Various channels and publish as per a predefined calendar.

Email Newsletters

       1. Design Engaging Mailers for the Community

Executive – Digital Marketing   

Website is not just an FYI tool anymore. In the age of e-tailers, website has become the biggest revenue earning sales tool. Bikat Adventures has always taken pride in the fact that we have the best website in our category (Adventure Tourism). Fresh, Original, creative and updated content on all our pages, best in class write-ups on various aspects concerning our audience, seamless booking & cancellation process for users, personal dashboard and exemplary loyalty programs that are completely managed online (Vouchers/Memberships/Referrals). This resource is accountable for website content & it’s positioning and needs to coordinate with Social Media, Operations, Expedition Leaders, and Website developer for various aspects of his/her role.

Required Skills

Proficient in Written & Spoken English, Basic Knowledge of web languages, Savvy with Social Media Channels is preferable. Ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders.

Job Description

Landing Page Improvements

  1. Take input from Social Media/Operations Manager & making running updates in the website e.g. Event date, Text corrections, Add pictures, Videos etc.
  2. Optimizing content on website in respect of new marketing campaigns.

Publishing new content

  1. Proof reading of the content.
  2. Interacting with Author for improvements if required.
  3. Publishing on website.

Photo Developing & Editing

       1. Designing creatives for various Social Media posts/ Marketing campaigns / landing page improvements.

Online Contests

       1. Ideation, Planning & Running Online Contests 

Executive – Web Development  

We are looking for experienced .NET developers with strong SQL and DevOps skills. Candidates should not only have the required technical skills but should also be creative thinkers.

Required Skills

  • Strong .NET C# and ASP.NET web development skills.
  • Experience of developing multi-tier applications from the front-end to the back-end.
  • Experience of different .NET web application design patterns.
  • Experience of object oriented design, analysis and programming.
  • Experience with EF, EF Code First migrations, IoC and AutoFac, AutoMapper, TypeScript
  • Experience with RESTful APIs, jQuery Ajax, and JSON
  • Experience with Nuget and the Package Manager console
  • Experience of HTML, CSS 3, HTML 5, Java Script, Photo Shop, Coral Craw, Adobe Illustrator, Experience of Web Designing

Job Description

• SQL Server optimization: Stored procedures, indexes, keys, normalization
• Running unit tests and improving code coverage
• Analyzing the application for performance bottlenecks, CPU and thread usage, proc cache, etc.

Special Focus

• Visual Studio-integrated database projects (SSDT)
• Entity Framework code-first and the Repository pattern
• Web API and RESTful API design
• SignalR

Internship Opportunities   

If you are looking to learn the skills of social media marketing,digital marketing,Content Writing or Video Making with a great adventure exposure, then this might be the right opportunity for you. We are looking for bright candidates with very good English comprehension and communication skills. It would be a 3 month internship based in Delhi. A stipend of INR 5000/- to INR 10000/- would be paid every month. The intern would also get a great opportunity to trek at least once (all paid on us) during the period :)

The internship can be a huge learning curve that not just allows you to learn the technical skills involved in these promising fields, but also a brilliant exposure to the field of adventure activities.            

Refer above for details of all profiles

Executive- Customer Engagement  

Required Skills

Proficient in Written & Spoken English, Graduate, and Prior Experience is preferable

Job Description

Enquiry Handling

  1. Handling inquiries from customers on Telephone & Email, Discussing with Marketing Manager if required, Answering Promptly.

  2. Handling inquiries from agents, Discussing with Marketing Manager if required, Answering Promptly.

  3. Preparing participant reports, operational calendar, sending & compiling skill questionnaire, recco for learning plan to Ops

Logistic Booking & Cancellations

  1. Booking/Cancellation in bus, train, Hotel etc.

Invoicing and maintaining record

  1. Invoicing and tracking payments, sending reminders (if required), compiling weekly reports

Processing Participant Cancellation Requests

  1. Taking cancellation requests & processing in stipulated time

How to Apply: To apply for this position send your resume to with job title as subject of email.


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