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Why You Should Not Wait Till Christmas to Go on a Himalayan Trek

Dhaarna Kukreja

Last updated: 20-10-2017

Mountains are fascinating.

Every season, mountains don a new avatar and you cannot decide which one you are in love with. It is snow white in the winter season, lush green in Springs, and barren beauty in Autumn.

Whichever season you prefer, you won’t find mountains same in any two seasons. And, if you thought the trekking season was over, watch out for November then.

Even though you need no reasons to go trekking in the mountains, there are reasons galore why you should go trekking in November:

Clear HD views

Q. What advantage do trekkers have in November over trekking in any other season?

A. Clear weather and brilliant views.

This is the time of the year when there are no unexpected downpours on the trek. Nor it is too chilly in the mountains. The mountain air is rejuvenated with freshness and just a little nip in the air.

The peaks are no more hidden behind the clouds. Wherever you stretch your eyes, you can see the vast spans of the mountain ranges. The views in this season are beyond spectacular.

Bakar Thach, a campsite on Beas Kund Trek, is an amphitheater of great Himalayan Peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Mt. Shitidhar. Imagine what it would be like to camp in the presence of such notable peaks.

Spot wildlife

If you are into wildlife photography or bird watching, now is the time for you bring those high-resolution camera lenses with you. There is a good chance you will get see a variety of fauna on Hampta Pass and Dayara Bugyal.

With the onset of winters, the exotic species of birds and animals descend to the lower regions due to snowfall and scarcity of water in the upper regions. Who knows you might as well find a Himalayan Bulbul or Trailed drongo waiting for you to capture their spectacular poses in your DSLR.

These exotic species are very photogenic. ;)

Crowded, no more

One of the reasons you go for trekking in the mountains is to enjoy the solitude.

Treks like Hampta Pass and Nag Tibba attract a lot of trekkers in the peak seasons. As a result, a campsite is crowded with one too many groups.

Not in November, you won’t.

Not many people venture out in the wilderness during this season. Therefore, you can have the mountains all to yourselves. This is the best time to experience the serenity in the solitude. Don’t let this chance go away.

Everything is cheaper NOW

This is a very small window until Christmas when you can get cheap rates for bus tickets, flights, and hotels.

Everything will get expensive around the time of Christmas. All the famous tourists and trekking sites will be swarmed with visitors.

What do you prefer? 

Icing on the cake

Are these above reasons still not enough for you? Here is one more.

If you book any of these treks running between 1st November to 10th December, then we have reduced all prices by flat 15%!

Yes, you read that right.

If I were you, I would make plans right now and even include my friends too.

Hurry till the season lasts. 

Dhaarna Kukreja

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