Why Adventure for Schools?

Catch them young they say and they do when they need to spoil! Noodles, Chocolates, Regimes, coaching institutes, you name them and they all try to catch them young!

Adventure is for souls who want to be free. If you don’t like being told to stay out, if you don’t like to get stopped whenever you push your limits, become an explorer, an adventurer!

So, adventure is not for schools, not for teachers, not for parents, it is for our young friends. It is that platform where they not just have fun but also learn to take charge. They make critical decisions, work as real teams, do things that they normally are not allowed to do, most importantly express themselves.

What do we offer

Day Events

Most convenient & affordable option. Adventure activities setup is installed inside the campus. Its like a simulated environment, where students learn the basics of different adventure techniques under the supervision of our expert team.

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Nature Camps

The target of a Nature camp is to simply provide happy and reflective experience to the young minds. True reflections mostly come only when you are out of your comfort zone and they become fond memories if the process is exciting and happy. Adventure based Nature camp is just the right recipe.

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Climbing Workshops

Climbing workshops are designed for schools to introduce this latest Olympic entrant sport into their curricula. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control.

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More About Day Events

We do not offer the “Joy Ride Fair” which has become a norm in this industry. Students are lined up like sheep and made to roll on ropes at different angles with no proper briefing, no learning, and no outcome based approach, just a bit of thrill here & there! Bikat Adventure Day is a sequential game played by students (one at a time) after detailed briefing on each activity. Activities are sequentially set-up as part of a larger schema.

More About Nature Camps

So, how does a Nature camp create a life time experience? We believe that there are 4 critical principles that form the basis to this:

1. By breaking the normal routine – It is critical that you break your routine of tablets, mobiles, Television, and chocolates! Once you are out of this modern day “clutter” you have the opportunity to breathe fresh and feel yourself. Believe us, you would have never felt so intimate about yourself!

2. In close proximity to nature – There is no better teacher than Nature herself. All what the mankind has achieved, is derived from inspirations created by the Nature. See around your self – Aeroplanes, Cranes, or whatever tool you see around, if you analyse well, you will see the inspiration. But now that we have created so much, we have not left space for our teacher in this clutter. So, innovations or discoveries are becoming minor and minor by the day. Come here to meet the best Teacher in the world and see for yourself how different she is from all your teachers!

3. Out of comfort zone – dependability is good but when you have so many dependable people and structure around, you become dependent which is bad! Adventure is best known for only this – It surely takes you out of your comfort zone. Stand at the cliff before start rappelling and you will know the real chill in the spine. You will not be comfortable here but this is scientifically proven that best learning can happen only outside your comfort zone. So be prepared fellas to try this new style of learning.

4. With ownership of choices – This is unique and very important. We don’t see enough emphasis on this these days. If I forget to bring my sport shoes on a PT day then my dad gets call, if I don’t complete my homework then my mom sees it in my school diary. Who is responsible for my learning? I am and every human being knows this. Even a child knows when he/she cannot even speak. So, she does not leave anything to chance – asks 100 questions, cries for answers, is rigid for them but the social structure kills this basic instinct in us. No one is responsible for you here! Your actions will result in your outcomes. If you don’t try an activity or give up without making any effort, you don’t get to learn it. There is only positive reinforcement working here – you are part of group where everyone’s trying and this alone will make own your decisions – Can’t Believe? Try once!

More About Climbing Workshops

Sport climbing is the artificial climbing technique that has been standardized over the years into a professional sport. The sport has tremendous scope:

National Competitions The Indian mountaineering foundation is organize the many championship competition like Bouldering ,Speed Climbing and lead climbing for participant on the zonal and National Level. National Sport Climbing Championship (NSCC) ,North Zone Sports Climbing Competition ,South Zone, Sports Climbing competition ,East Zone Sports Climbing Competition ,West Zone Sports Climbing Competition ,Junior North Zone Sport Climbing Championship by Mountaineering Association of J&K, India Open Artificial Bouldering Competition, Bouldering and Dyno Competition at IMF Bouldering.

International Competitions IFSC (International federation of sport climbing) is organize world cup (lead & Speed climbing) of sport wall climbing and this organization also organize world championship (lead, Bouldering & Speed climbing) and world youth championship (lead, Bouldering & Speed climbing).

In 2011, the International Olympic Committee announced that sport climbing is one of the 8 sports shortlisted for the summer Olympics in 2020. They made the final decision on whether the sport would be admitted in 2013, at the 125th IOC session in Buenos Aires. On the 29th of May the IOC decided to not include climbing in the 2020 Olympics.

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