Offbeat Crossword Puzzle Contest

Pranav Harish

Last updated: 03-07-2019

Offbeat Crossword Puzzle Contest 3



  1. Participate in the crossword puzzle below as per the clues provided.
  2. The timer starts as soon as you feed in your name & email address.  
  3. Upon finishing, make sure you spell-check before hitting the 'submit' button.
  4. Head back to the facebook/Instagram post where you found this contest and comment "Completed". Do not forget to tag your friends too!
  5. DM us a screenshot on Facebook/Instagram after clicking 'submit'. 

Only one lucky contestant will stand a chance to win a voucher worth INR 3000.



All the answers are there on our itinerary page. Make use of this information to successfully solve the puzzle.



Here is the 2nd Offbeat crossword puzzle, duly solved. Told you that all the answers are there on our itinerary pages, didn't we?



Offbeat Crossword Puzzle Contest


The winners of the 3 Offbeat Contests will be revealed on Friday, 4th Oct. Stay tuned!

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