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Instagram Trek Photo Contest December 2018 Results

Kiritika Jyotshi

Last updated: 15-01-2019

It's been almost a month and the Bikat Adventures' Instagram Trek Photo Contest December 2018 has finally come to end. 

We would love to Thank all our beloved trekkers for participating and making the contest a huge success. The response we received was quite stupendous. 

Now the time has come to announce what you have been eagerly waiting for, the Results.  

Our contest judge Mr. Ayush Goyal who is also our official photographer had a very tough time selecting the winner out of the many tremendous entries we had received. 

He selected the top three winners through a rigorous two-part process and the photographs nominated for the viewer's choice award also had a tough competition going on as hundreds of votes poured in. 


So, without further ado, here are the winners for you!


1st Prize (Bikat Voucher worth INR 10,000): Prittam Priyalochan


Instagram Trek Photo Contest December 2018 Results

Ayush's View

Such a perfect nightscape Photograph! It has a very good mix of different light sources and we know how elusive milky way is especially in the presence of moonlight. Also, the composition is just right, drawing the eyes into the image. Also, the photograph is not over processed and easy on the eyes which most of the landscape photos suffer from these days.

2nd Prize (Bikat Voucher worth INR 6,000): Vishal Gandhi


Instagram Trek Photo Contest December 2018 Results

Ayush's View

Very beautiful shot of sunrise over an active volcano! The rising mist and the clouds add a lot of feel to the image and make it look dreamy too at the same time. Also, very good use of colours which adds to the narration of the photograph instead of distracting from it.

3rd Prize (Bikat Voucher worth INR 4,000): Rishabh Shukla


Instagram Trek Photo Contest December 2018 Results

Ayush's View

Classic top of the summit shot! Good natural composition. Warm colors in the foreground are going very well with the cooler colors of the mountains in the background. Very good use of complementary colors Orange & Teal.

Bikat Viewer's Choice Prize (worth INR 5,000): Santanu Panja


Instagram Trek Photo Contest December 2018 Results

This winning photograph received 942 votes out of 2459 votes.

A hearty Congratulations to all the winners and a big Thank You to all the participants. 

We are grateful for the amazing response.

Keep Trekking and Keep Capturing!

We will be back with the next edition of our Instagram TreK Photo Contest soon. Stay Tuned! 


 Guest Judge: Ayush Goyal
Ayush has more than 6 years of experience in photography. His passion for photography is driven by his love for nature, mountains, and trekking. Being an avid trekker himself he has been able to capture many beautiful Himalayan peaks, trails and, lakes.    

Kiritika Jyotshi

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