Due to the current scenario and keeping in mind the travel advisory issued by the Indian Government, please note that we have called off all our treks starting from 28th March till 25th April 2020 to ensure the safety of our participants. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to the 208 trekkers that were preparing to go for a trek during this duration. Please reach out to us at +91-8588878499 if you need any help in cancelling your booking. 


We understand the predicament of our trekkers in this current situation. Even though it takes months of preparation, both mental & physical before one feels ready for any trek, the level of uncertainty in this regard makes it natural for anyone to feel hesitant while planning their summer activities.

In an attempt to look out for those who had big plans this summer, we have come up with a few changes in our booking process to offer some flexibility to our trekkers.


We don't want your summer plans hindered



Apart from other applicable clauses of our Booking Policy, certain terms have been modified to provide an exception available till the 23th of March. You can plan and book your summer treks with a nominal booking amount and pay the balance amount 20 days before departure (start date of the trek)


Booking Amount

Summer treks upto INR 10,000 - Block your spot by paying INR 2,000

Summer treks between INR 10k & 30K - Block your spot by paying INR 5,000

Summer treks above INR 30,000 - Block your spot by paying INR 10,000

*offer only applicable for bookings made between 17th March & 23th March


Here's how you can avail this offer



Question - What happens if the COVID-19 situation worsens in the coming days and I wish to cancel my booking?

Answer - Provided you cancel your booking at least 5 days before the trek, we will issue a full refund of your booking amount (or booking amount + balance payment, if applicable), in the form of a Bikat Voucher. The voucher will come with a validity of two years and will be freely transferrable from your dashboard to any other user on our website. It means that in case you are unable to use this voucher, you can transfer it to your friend.


Question - What's the benefit of booking now? Why not book after waiting for a while?

Answer - At Bikat, we offer timing-based discounts that encourage planning your Himalayan adventure way in advance to spare adequate time for preparations. The quantum of discounts reduces as we get closer to the trek departure dates. Clearly, the benefit of booking at the current discount (19% off on transactions above 40k) will not be there for a booking made after March.


Question - The relaxation in Bikat policies are great, but what about the flight tickets? I will still incur losses if I have to cancel my flight bookings.

Answer - Since the treks you book will be happening in May or later, we suggest you wait it out and book your flight tickets based on how the situation pans out.

In case you would like to book your tickets now, most airlines have dropped their flight rates considerably whilst offering lenient cancellation terms. Not only is there a chance of booking your flights at a cheaper than usual fare, additionally, you can also get a full cash refund on cancellation if you book the right flight. 


Question - It is tough to ascertain the extent of the pandemic and how things are likely to turn out this summer. In light of all the new cases of COVID 19 that are being reported each day, what are the chances that the situation will not worsen?

Answer - The situation currently is uncertain. With non-essential travel cut out, public spaces shut down and companies offering work from home options, it could feel like everything is coming to standstill. We need something to look forward to now more than anything. Which is why we are hoping this relaxation in our booking policy will give our community, both trekkers and us alike, something to look forward to over the next month.

For instance, you can book your trek without having your finances blocked and use it as a motivation to start working on your fitness levels at home :)

With the steps the government and individuals alike in India are taking to contain the spread of the Covid-19, let us remain hopeful of things looking up once again in the coming months.





To keep track of all the latest developments, read our blog on COVID 19 updates.


For any queries, feel free to reach us at +91-7838148127

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