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Winter Treks Opened, Photo Contest Results Out - Adventure Bulletin

Dhaarna Kukreja

Last updated: 09-10-2017

Hello, mountain lovers!

Another long weekend passed. And those who chose to spend their vacation in the mountains were truly blessed.

What’s next?

Winter treks are about to begin in December bookings for which have been opened. Treks in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh region will come to a halt till next May.

Treks in Uttarakhand region are up and running. It is the last call for those who want to go to for Roopkund and Rupin Pass treks.

Our expedition exploratory team is on its way to Green Lake Trek as we speak. We have also launched another new trek- Hamta circle. Read on to know more.

But first. Let’s begin with updates from the trail.

From the trail

Beas Kund

The weather on Beas Kund Trek was all gay and cheerful. Our participants had a gala time on trekking all the way to Beas Kund- the source of River Beas.

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake was stupendous as always. The weather was perfect. The sky was clear. The views from 14,000 ft were brilliant.

Winter Treks Opened, Photo Contest Results Out - Adventure Bulletin

Hampta Pass

The trekkers enjoyed the clear weather on Hampta Pass Trek. Although the temperature on the trek has dropped causing a nip in the air. The crescent moon shaped lake- Chandratal was glistening blue under the sun.

Winter Treks Opened, Photo Contest Results Out - Adventure Bulletin

Bali Pass

From snow blizzards to chilly nights (-7 C in the night), from steep ascent to walking on the ridge; our badass participants had a great share of adventure and thrill on the Bali Pass Trek. They couldn’t catch a breath because of the tantalizing views of the virgin trek.

The last batch of the season has left updates for which will be shared in the next newsletter. If you wish to go for this challenging trek, make early bookings for the next season.

Winter Treks Opened, Photo Contest Results Out - Adventure Bulletin

Rupin Pass

The weather was with our participants all through the trek. Not only our participants were in awe of the views but they also got to see a decent amount of snow.

Roopkund Lake

New friendships were forged on Roopkund Trek. All the participants completed the trek with great enthusiasm. The views of the Kedarnath, Nanda Ghunti and Trishul peaks from Junargali top were oh-so thrilling.

Winter Treks Opened, Photo Contest Results Out - Adventure Bulletin

Goecha La

Season’s first batch is out. And we can’t wait to get our hands on photos and updates till the participants are back from the trek.

The beautiful trek in Sikkim will continue till December. For those who wish to see a different avatar of Himalayas must go for this trek.

Last Call 

Rupin pass 14 October

This is your last chance in this season to`see that double waterfall.

Roopkund Lake 14 October

Want to have a rendezvous with mighty peaks like Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, and Nanda Ghunti? October is the last month this season to enjoy the clear HD views of these revered peaks.

Winter Treks Opened, Photo Contest Results Out - Adventure Bulletin

Coming up next

The autumn is about to over.

Post Diwali, the winters treks will be in action. The bookings for these treks have already been opened. Reserve your seats if glissading on snow or making a snowman is something you want to do this winter. 

Himalayan Hall of Fame

Last month, a team of three participants went to Gangotri III Expedition and successfully reached the summit at an altitude of 6,569 meters.

Babita, one of the participants and also the only female in the group, showed a stellar performance on the expedition. She reached all the way to Camp 1, just one camp away from Summit Camp. Due to AMS, she took a wise decision to stay back while the team forged on.

Nevertheless, her courage and performance deserve an ovation. She was physically and mentally prepared for the challenge which is very important and a must for any mountaineer.

Babita has always been passionate about the mountains. She did her Basic Mountaineering Course from JIMWS last year in May and was placed best in endurance. She has treks like Great Lake, Goecha La, Rupin Pass, Tarsar Marsar, & Sandakphu in her kitty. She has also run 40 km and 50 km marathon.

Kudos to you, girl!

Winter Treks Opened, Photo Contest Results Out - Adventure Bulletin

New on the block

Hamta Circle

Our team was out on an exploration where they stumbled upon an offbeat trail called Hamta Circle.

Known only by locals around, the unknown Hamta Circle is a secret getaway tucked in the Himalayas. Take the trail not taken if you are someone who loves to explore offbeat paths. It is an easy trek apt for beginners, children, and solo trekkers.  

Why called Hamta Circle, you wonder? Because the endpoint of the trek is the beginning point of the famous Hampta Pass Trek.

Winter Treks Opened, Photo Contest Results Out - Adventure Bulletin

Green Lakes Trek

Our expedition exploratory team is on its way to Green Lakes Trek as we speak. The offbeat trek in the Sikkim region is a base camp to Mt. Kanchenjunga, third highest peak in the world.

Situated at an altitude of 16,568 ft, the trek offers exclusivity in the remotest places on earth. The sprawling landscapes dotted with pine trees and a pristine green lake make a perfect ambiance for some soul-searching.

Looking forward to beautiful photos from the trek? Get the updates of this exploratory trek in our next newsletter.

Bikat Blogs

Do you consider yourself a badass? Then, this virgin trek in Uttarakhand region is just the trek for you. Bali Pass is made of all things badass, enough reasons for a tough spirit to sign up for the adventure.

Catching AMS is easier done than said. Even the healthiest of people can succumb to AMS if not acclimatized properly. But that should not stop anyone from taking precautions. Follow this high altitude acclimatization advisory to keep AMS at bay.

Foot blisters on the trek can make your trek from awesome to awful in no time. But if get few things right, you can avoid and treat blisters on the trek. Don’t let anything hamper your trekking experience.

Contest Alert


We received around 500 entries in our Instagram Photo Contest. Thanks to everyone who participated in the event and made the contest successful.

We shortlisted top 15 nominations from the lot and made them open to voting. Our judge, Mr. Nitish Pandey, selected top 3 winners from the lot. The photo with the maximum votes was given Viewer's Choice Award. 

You can check the results here.

The heartiest congratulations to all the winners.

In other news

BRO is officially closing Manali-Leh Highway from 15 November 2017 till it opens again in May next year. So you will have to postpone your Leh plans to next year.  

Till then, you can go trekking in Uttarakhand and enjoy the winter snow. :)

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