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Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Dhaarna Kukreja

Last updated: 08-08-2017

Long Weekend is here!

2017 has been generous to us with so many long weekends in a year, which means so many treks to do this year. One such opportunity is approaching on the weekend of Independence Day. And there is a long list of Himalayan treks and expeditions on the long weekend that you can choose from.

This independence day, conquer your trek to freedom!

From the trail

Markha Valley-15 July

The first Markha Valley of this batch is back rejoicing the surreal landscapes of the valley. Located in the Ladakh Region, the scenery of this trek is unlike any other. Unlike other treks, Markha Valley is about walking long stretches on the deserts of Leh. The participants got a chance to experience in the local Tibetan homestays. Crossing umpteen water streams have made them a pro in fording river streams. On their trek, they also spotted Himalayan Chika, Marmot, and blue sheep which are strictly indigenous to the region. Crossing two passes (the only trek that offers it) - Ganda La and Kongmaru la, was a cherry on the top!

Trekkers from Markha Valley descending down

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Hampta Pass- 22 July

Hampta Pass is posing to be the most spectacular trek in the monsoons. The valleys of Chika (Day 1) & Balu Ka Gera (Day 2) are carpeted with flowers of variegated colors. The campsites are blooming with profuse vegetation as told by our Expedition Leader Geelani. There were huge downpours on first 3 days on the trek. Rainfall on the Pass Day posed a minor challenge but what is a trek without challenges? Our participants overcame the challenge of river crossing with great zeal and in panache. This was the first batch of this season to reach Chandratal Lake. It was a clear sky on Day 5 at Chandratal and one could see the mirror reflection of the sky in the lake.

A lot of verses have been written in the praise of Hampta Pass, the batches are filling fast. Book Hampta Pass Trek for the long weekend.

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Stok Kangri -29 July

Our participants from Stok Kangri are back and they are still in awe and amazement of the views they got to see from the top of the summit. Everything went amazingly well on the Stok Kangri Summit. The trekkers experienced cloudy afternoons as they got closer to the summit. The day summit was conquered, it got really cold and temperatures reached to -15 degrees Celsius in the night posing a difficulty for our trekkers. The unwavering enthusiasm of the trekking participants who have been trekking past 30 years is commendable.

Manali-Leh Cycling Expedition

The 9 July batch of Manali Leh Cycling Batch was stupendous because of the enthusiasm of our participants. The expedition started with the downpour on Day 1. The vision was compromised due to fog till Rohtang Pass. The days were clear afterward as told by our Expedition Leader Rohit. The batch had many fellow cyclists from the Netherlands who had come all the way to cycle in the lap of Himalayas. All the participants were well in sync with each other. They followed their daily routine on the expedition to the T.

The participants of 3rd batch of Manali-Leh Cycling Tour are on the last leg of the expedition. We shall share the updates with you in the next newsletter.

Kanamo Peak

The first batch of Kanamo Peak this season would be leaving on 12 August. We wish all the participants good luck. Standing high at the height of 19,600 ft, they are in for breathtaking views atop. Add to this the cultural experience of small Tibet of India- Spiti Valley. Some last minute entries are invited.

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Participants from Manali-Leh Cycling Expedition

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Himalayan Hall of Fame

55, and just started.

Age is just a number, they say. Navtej Matharu is a living example. Having retired as an CIO of SERCO, Navtej decided to put his good years behind and began his journey of exploring the Himalayas.

Within a span of 2 years, he has explored so many treks - Kedarkantha, Deoria Taal, Chandrashilla, Roopkund, Bali Pass, Stok Kangri. The list is too long.

Most recently, he conquered Auden’s Col which comes in the league of most difficult treks in the Indian Himalayas along with Kalindi Khal. Lined up to go for Stok Kangri again to give company to his dear friends Jagmohan & Rajiv, Navtej has made a mockery of all biases that could exist against age.

He was 55 when he began. But who’s counting anyway? The only thing worth counting is his adventures in the Himalayas.

How does he do it?  He has a super active lifestyle of biking & walking every day for long hours. He has not just gone and trekked but also inspired so many others to explore themselves on the Himalayas. 

“What’s next,” we asked. "Manali-Leh cycling expedition", he replied with an air of aplomb.

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Bikat Blog

Trekking is not just about adventure. It is about surviving in the wild and learning a technique. Whether it is ascending or descending the mountain or crossing a river stream, it requires special discipline and technique when it comes to basics of hiking.

These guidelines are important for trekkers to follow to avoid any injuries, reduce ecological stress, and obviously to make your trekking experience a happy one.

Bikat Blog discusses the right techniques and modules for

These learning modules will be helpful to you when you go for a trek next time. If you are doing something, make sure you are doing it right.

Coming up next

Pin Parvati Trek is the most beautiful and challenging trek without a contest. A hallway between two diverse landscape, it takes you through lush green Parvati Valley and arid Pin Valley in Spiti. This 7-day trek is just the adventure you are looking for.

And if you are a Game of Thrones, then that’s all reason you need because this trek has got the counter locations to the world famous series.

Bhrigu Lake

Climbing to an ascent of 14,000 ft in just TWO days! You will only get this on your trek to Bhrigu Lake. It is a high altitude alpine glacier that changes color and formation every year.

Nag Tibba Trek

The batches for Nag Tibba Trek have now opened. So those who are looking a for a weekend refreshing hike from Delhi or planning to trek with family can book their treks now.

Trekkers treading forward from Mantalai Camp.

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Views from Nag Tibba Top

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Monsoons are going to be over soon!

We have opened the bookings for post monsoons treks.

Roopkund Trek

The superstar of all the Himalayan treks- Roopkund is favorite of all. Located at height of 15,700 ft, Roopkund is famous for the mystery of human skeletons lying at the bottom of the high altitude lake. Walking through the lush green meadows of Bedni Bugyal is blissful stroll amidst the woods. There is much already that has been touted about the beauty of Roopkund Trek.

Rupin Pass Trek

Packed with surprises, the scenery in Rupin Pass Trek changes at every turn. After Roopkund, it is Rupin Pass that gives all other treks a run for their money. The waterfall, the ancient Lord Shiva temple, and the thrilling altitude of 15,200 ft are some of the grand features of the trek. The other best thing about this trek is that it starts in Uttarakhand and ends in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh. After your trek is completed, you can go sightseeing in Sangla, one of the mesmerizing hamlets in India.

Har Ki Dun Trek

The most famous trek in the Garhwal Himalayas, Har ki Dun is your best pick to enjoy nature at its best. A paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers, Har ki Dun is where you can spot exotic species of flora and fauna. Climbing to an altitude of 3,500 M, this makes an ideal trek for beginners as well.

It is always a wise option to book your trek well in advance. Not only it will give you time to prepare for the trek but also build you stamina and endurance.

Camping on Roopkund Trail

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

New on the block

Here’s the last call for all the experienced trekkers and budding mountaineers out there for Gangotri III Expedition. The peak is booked and the leaders are preparing well for the same. A team is set and we have only 2 seats remaining now. Participation is only through requests in the registration form. The expedition is one opportunity for you to cut above the average & enter into the league of official Mountaineers! Last Date to register - 20th Aug 2017

Registration for the new trek on the block - Kedar Taal is also open. The arduous climb to the pristine blue lake, situated at the height of 15,748 ft, is full of thrill and challenges. The incandescent views of and around the lake are worth all the pain and patience. All those who have been fascinated with Gangotri as a destination and have wanted to explore the Gangotri national park have this all new trekking option now. With best views of Shivling Peak, uniqueness & serenity of the trail, and a lifetime experience of Camping at the Kedar Taal, this new option seems to be the best in Gangotri region.

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

Contest Alert

Adventure Blog Contest has come to an end.

We thank all the participants for the overwhelming response to the contest. It is because of your keen participation this contest has once again been a great success.

Check out the Adventure Blog Contest Entries.

It is time to reveal the name of the winners. Here they are:

Vamini Sethi -Winner

Rahul Gupta- 1st Runner Up

Akhil C. Jose- 2nd Runner-Up

Congratulations, you guys! :)

Fun stats

Did you know?

That you can burn 203 Gulab Jamuns on your next trek to Rupin Pass while you climb 16 Eiffel Towers!

See more such cool comparisons below and write more such comparisons in the comments section! Surprise gifts for those who are creative enough :)

Adventure Bulletin: July Updates

In other news

Ever since the talks related to Doklam Stand-off between India and China, an unrest has been observed in the region. Due to the ongoing tension and violence, Darjeeling has remained shut down for over a month now. The standstill has affected the local business, especially the export of famous Darjeeling Tea. However, there has been no creases in the transportation to Yuksom (base for Goecha La Trek). The operations in that aspect are running smooth.

We wish for the issue to be resolved soon bringing back peace to the region.

This is all for now.

See you soon again with the next issue of our bi-weekly newsletter.

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