Best Treks Of Ladakh

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Last updated: 26-08-2019

Ladakh, the land of high mountains offer a significant list of treks for all adventure enthusiasts. Avid trekkers who wish to opt for the best trekking opportunities in Ladakh must be aware of these treks to experience the best of Ladakh.


Here are the top 7 treks to do in Ladakh



1. 6 Passes Trek

Starting from the village of Rumtse on the Leh-Manali highway, the 6 Passes Trek also known as Rumtse to Tso Moriri Lake Trek takes you to the village of Karzok by the shores of Tso Moriri Lake.

The 106 km gargantuan offbeat trek takes you across 6 high altitude passes above 5000M and 3 lakes namely Tso Kar, Startsapuk Tso and Tso Moriri. Considered as a difficult trek, the 6 Passes Trek shows you the full glory of the beautiful and pristine Changthang Valley with snowcapped peaks, mesmerizing highlands, meandering rivers, rich meadows, barren terrain and rainbow-like landscapes.

Duration: 10 Days

Max. Altitude: 17,850 ft

Difficulty: Difficult

Trek Distance: 106 km

Best Season: June to September

Region: Changthang, Ladakh


Best Treks Of Ladakh


2. Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri is a favorite among trekking enthusiasts who wish to take it up a notch by summiting one of the world’s highest trekkable peaks.

Located in the Ladakh range, Stok Kangri is higher than the highest peak in Europe. The summit push is notoriously difficult with over 12 hours of arduous climb. The summit offers unimaginable views of the Karakoram Range and the Zanskar Range. Conquering this peak is no small feat and prepares you well for tougher mountain expeditions. This trek is not meant for beginners and perfectly suited for adventurists looking to take it up a notch.

Duration: 9 Days

Max. Altitude: 20,184 ft

Difficulty: Difficult

Best Season: June to September

Region: Hemis National Park, Ladakh


Best Treks Of Ladakh


3. Kang Yatse 2 Trek

Kang Yatse 2 is a throne shaped peak that is a healthy contender to Stok Kangri. Located in the Markha Valley, the Kang Yatse 2 trek takes you through culturally rich villages, mani walls, old monasteries, and ruined forts.

Testing your endurance, the trek is meant for experienced trekkers only looking to push their limits. With staggering peak views and a beautiful trail to the base camp of the peak, the Kang Yatse 2 trek allows you to experience the best of Ladakh combined with a packed adventure. The trek also takes you to the highly taxing Kongmaru La pass after summiting the peak.

Duration: 13 Days

Max. Altitude: 20,505 ft

Difficulty: Difficult

Trek Distance: 72 km

Best Season: July to September

Region: Markha Valley, Ladakh


Best Treks Of Ladakh


4. Digar La Trek

Known as the Leh Nubra Pangong Circuit is the best way to see Ladakh. With a little bit of trekking and all of Ladakh’s mesmerizing landscapes, the Digar La Trek takes you across the mighty Digar La connecting the Indus and Nubra Valleys.

The trek takes you across typical Ladakh landscape and ends in the cold desert of Ladakh, Nubra Valley proving you fantastic views of the Karakoram range. Following the trek, we also drive you to Hunder in the Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake, the blue jewel of Ladakh.

Duration: 8 Days

Max. Altitude: 17,820 ft

Difficulty: Moderate

Trek Distance: 30 km

Best Season: May to August

Region: Ladakh and Nubra Valley


Best Treks Of Ladakh


5. Chadar Trek

Undeniably the most famous trek of Ladakh, the Chadar Trek lets you walk on a sheet of ice formed on the frozen Zanskar River.

With extreme temperatures of as low as -30 degrees Celsius, the Chadar Trek is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the life of the locals of Zanskar who since ages have been using the “chadar” to commute and trade commodities with other parts of Ladakh.

With stunning visuals and mesmerizing landscapes of Ladakh smeared white during winter, Chadar Trek is the most glamorous trek of Ladakh letting you experience celestial beauty combined with one of the harshest environment of this planet. Walking on slabs of ice for miles and miles is truly magical.

Duration: 9 Days

Max. Altitude: 11,150 ft

Difficulty: Moderately Difficult

Trek Distance: 62 km

Best Season: January and February

Region: Zanskar, Ladakh


Best Treks Of Ladakh


6. Sham Valley Trek

Known as the “Baby Trek” of Ladakh, the Sham Valley trek takes you to Sham Valley, the lower part of Ladakh. This trek can be done throughout the Ladakh and is a great way to experience the history and culture of Ladakh.

Letting you explore the local culture and traditions of the locals, the Sham Valley trek is perfect for beginners and experienced trekkers alike who wish to enjoy Ladakh’s pretty villages and stunning monasteries like Alchi monastery.

Duration: 4 Days

Max. Altitude: 12,715 ft

Difficulty: Moderate

Trek Distance: 32 km

Best Season: May - October

Region: Sham Valley, Ladakh


Best Treks Of Ladakh


7. Markha Valley Winter Trek

Being one of the most fascinating treks of Ladakh, the Markha Valley Winter Trek takes you on a beautiful journey to the cold and dark yet absolutely pretty Markha Valley with colorful prayer flags, mani walls, distinctive villages, monasteries, high passes and exotic wildlife.

The highlight of the trek is a chance to walk on the frozen Markha River which is a great alternative to the Chadar Trek.

Duration: 10 Days

Max. Altitude: 13,300 ft

Difficulty: Moderate

Best Season: November to February

Region: Markha Valley, Ladakh


Best Treks Of Ladakh


So why wait?

Book your favorite Ladakh trek right now and embark on the best journey of your life.

Enjoy Ladakh’s finest to cherish a lifetime of memories.

Happy trekking!

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