What makes Brahmatal a great winter trek?

Pooja Dhiman

Last updated: 17-03-2018

What makes Brahmatal a great winter trek!


During winters, the Himalayas wear a blanket of snow, limiting the number of treks that are safe for outdoor enthusiasts. While the summer months bloom with endless options of well-known and virgin treks, you can literally count the options for winter treks on your fingers.

Brahmatal trek is a great option but is often overlooked due to the popularity of other equally mesmerizing treks.

I have come to understand that the treks that are mostly ignored, usually are the most blissful, just because you have the mountains to yourself. It’s almost like a private date with the Himalayas.

Here is what it holds for you in the quiet winter months: 

1. Beautiful oak and rhododendron forests:

The entire trail takes you in and out of beautiful thick forests which, when it snows, glow with mysticism and serenity. If you like taking a walk in the woods and watching the delicate way the trees hug and sprinkle snow, then this is your place. You will feel right at home here.

What makes Brahmatal a great winter trek?

2. A campsite that will take your breath away:

Now there are two campsites on the trek, the one at Bekaltal is quite average but the camping spot next to Brahmatal lake will steal your heart. The only other trek, with an equally beautiful campsite is Kedarkantha but except that, Brahmatal campsite trumps all the other campsites on all winter treks. And the best part is that it's just 2 minutes away from the Brahmatal lake, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch the sunrise and sunset by a beautiful winter lake.

What makes Brahmatal a great winter trek?

3. Two epic lakes:

There are two absolutely stunning lakes on the trail: Bekaltal and Brahmatal.

Bekaltal is a lonely wild lake, bang in the middle of a forest, which is bound to leave an impression on you given its magnificent size. There is a small temple right next to the lake as well dedicated to Lord Brahma. There is peace and stillness in the air, and you’ll feel it while walking around the lake.


What makes Brahmatal a great winter trek?

Brahmatal on the other hand is surrounded by snow slopes and its crystal clear water beautifully reflect the colours of the sky. The energy around the lake is vibrant and uplifting. Most snow fights during the trek break out around this lake. Legends have it that Brahmatal lake was named after Lord Brahma, the creator, who used to meditate here. 

Both lakes in their own unique way will demand your attention and amaze you.

What makes Brahmatal a great winter trek?

4. An adventure when it snows:

Sometimes the Himalayas make grand gestures to welcome you into their world. And when that happens, the world stops spinning for a few seconds, everything looks surreal, and nothing crosses your mind, except the sight in front of you. We experienced two days of sporadic snowfall during our trek and it absolutely melted our hearts.

Within a few hours, the landscapes around us were wearing a blanket of snow and it was pure magic. 

What makes Brahmatal a great winter trek?

What makes Brahmatal a great winter trek?

We even glissaded on the fresh snow slopes to add to the madness.

Sounds like a great adventure isn’t it?

There is magic in this world, and you will most definitely find it in the mountains.

Find out more about Brahmatal here.

Happy trekking!

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