One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020

Ashwin Muralidharan

Last updated: 18-11-2021

We are back with the third season of the much-awaited Bikat Pass. And it is better than ever! The Bikat Pass is a one of a kind Annual Trekking Pass that gives you exclusive access to 80 free and discounted treks across the Himalayas!

You can do a single trek in a year or multiple treks every month and still save big. In fact, our previous Pass Holders had an incredible time last year, thanks to the Pass. This month, we reached out to some of our participants to understand their experience with the Bikat Pass. We can’t tell you how happy listening to their stories made us feel!

So, in today’s article, we are going to share what the previous Bikat Pass Holders have to say about the Pass. 


1. Jubin Kumar Gupta


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"My story begins with my family. My Dad is a businessman and a traveler. When I was a kid, he used to take us around India for his business trips. Can you imagine a six-year-old already knowing the names of Spiti and Ladakh? 

In between the trips, we stayed at exotic destinations and explored unique cultures. So, what used to be a holiday getaway became a passion and eventually turned into my profession. 

Today, I am an MBA graduate in international tourism. I have done my BMC course in 2018 and I have extensive experience in the adventure industry. 

The Himalayas touched my soul. I have done trekking before, but I got into it full-time after the BMC course. Before 2020, while managing my father's shop for a few days, I made a complete chart, road map, list of 12 treks, and itineraries for myself. The spark was in my heart. I was just waiting for a Dhamaka (Blast) to begin the process. That's when a friend of mine told me about the Bikat Pass. 

Wait, what? - Did they forget to add a zero? 

I asked him these questions and he laughed. I quickly called up Bikat and asked the same thing. They laughed and said it's just 25k. 

The Dhamaka (Blast) began. Though I couldn’t complete my list of 12 treks- I did manage to complete 9 of them that year. The pass was a huge luxury, completely out of the normal. The best part of the pass was the wide range of regions it covered. One can easily shift from Ladakh to Kashmir. Thanks to Bikat, I could go on a mountain spree and get closer to my goal. 

For 2022, I am going to focus on AMC. I want to upgrade and explore a lot of expeditions. If the new Bikat Pass has a good offer for my needs, I will go for it. It will be another combination of Pataka (Cracker) and Dhamaka(Blast)."


2. Dinesh Kumar


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"I only have two important things in my life. One is the love for mountains and the second one is pushing your physical limits. So, what else is better than trekking. 

As regular trekkers, we all face a lot of hassles. We have to manage time, maintain fitness and spend a lot of money. Honestly, trekking is a costly affair for many. Think about the hidden costs of travel, logistics, and preparation. Without the pass, life would have been tough. 

When I heard about the pass, I was surprised. It is such a novel concept. No one in the industry would have thought about it. I immediately called Bikat and booked it. After that, all I had to do was focus on managing my time and fitness. 

Everything was wonderful at the beginning of the year. After that, a huge boulder fell on my dreams. It was the Pandemic. 

In this scenario, any other company would have withheld our money and canceled the pass. But, Bikat adventures extended the time and helped me use the privileges of the Pass for a long time. I made the most of it and I thank Bikat for it. 

In 2022, depending upon the cost and offering, I will take the pass. 

Trekkers, forget about your long list of 10 to 20 treks. Even if you try doing 3 treks with the pass, you will get more than your value. Think about it!"


3. Neil Kamat


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"There are two types of people when it comes to explorations. One is a tourist and the other is a traveler. While the former may prefer sightseeing, a traveller will always choose offbeat stuff. Count me in the second category.

My first Himalayan trek was KGL in 2019 with Bikat.I developed a deep affinity for trekking after that. There is something sweet and humble in that offline life. I was looking for more options to explore and make trekking an integral part of my life. 

That’s when I got an email from Bikat regarding the Bikat Pass. I immediately grabbed the opportunity and booked the pass. 

I like Bikat for its organizational skills. The leaders are professional and overall my experience has been good. The Bikat Pass is a novel concept. It has an extensive collection of treks and the price is affordable. It even has many challenging treks in it. 

For the upcoming year, I am planning to step up the Bikat rating scale. Gradually, I want to ascend from level 5-8. If they are coming up with a new pass for 2022 and if it has the ideal options for me, I might book again. 

The booking process is easy and it's definitely worth it. If you are planning to explore the Himalayas, just go for it. "


4. Jaidev HS


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"Trekking is an art and a big part of my life. From the age of 12, I have been exploring the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats. I moved to high-altitude trekking after 2016. That’s when I understood the grammar of the Himalayas. Of the many intriguing aspects like glaciers, ascends and terrains, my attention fell on the summits. Within the last 5 years, I have summited Stok Kangri, Kang Yatse 1, Kang Yatse 2, and Friendship Peak twice. 

To talk about the process behind these expeditions and treks, there was a lot of research and effort involved in choosing the right place at the right time. When I used to organize treks myself, I faced a lot of problems. Sometimes it would be about the money, sometimes it was the people accompanying me and sometimes it was time. But, with organizations like Bikat, things are easy. 

Bikat Adventures, as a learning-based company, has quality content and detailed information on its page. When I was surfing the website, I came across the Bikat Pass. My friend and I were looking out for new summits and the Bikat Pass had some good offers. The two options which stood out were Friendship peak and ABC. We got a good deal for 25k. It was incredible. If I chose to do it separately without the pass, I would have paid more than 70k. I saved a decent amount of money because of the Pass. 

Down south, I lead small groups for trekking in Bangalore. Many of my participants ask me about companies that can arrange Himalayan treks. I will definitely recommend Bikat’s name and give them an idea of the pass. 

My next goal is to advance and complete more expeditions. If the new Bikat Pass has some good expeditions in it, I might buy the pass again."


5. Ashish Gusain


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"Coming from Pauri Garhwal, I have the Pahadi blood in my veins. So be it trekking or just traveling, the love for mountains is always there in my heart. Five years ago, I did my first Himalayan trek to Chopta Chandrashila with friends. After that, I did a few other treks with professional companies like Bikat. 

2020 was the year of awakening. I wanted to do more treks and the stunning Bali Pass and Friendship peak were already on my list. When I saw the Bikat Pass ad on Instagram, my curiosity was piqued. I was shocked when I went through the offering. 25 free treks, 55 discounted treks, and a year-long validity just for 25k. It was a revolutionary idea. It was a win-win situation for me. I took the Bikat Pass and did Bali Pass, Kedarkantha, and Friendship peak the same year. 

The hospitality of the staff was good, the leaders were professional and overall I had a humbling experience with Bikat Adventures. When it comes to the value of the Pass, I got more than 65k for three treks. The best part about the Pass is switching your option. Normally, other companies will never do that. The process was simple and all I had to do was choose my ideal trek. If I don't like it or If I have some other issue, I can simply choose some other trek and use the privilege of the pass to go there. 

There are many trekkers out there who can afford only a single trek a year. This pass is a golden ticket for all of them. I don't know if I will go for a new pass or not. I live in the moment. I will wait and see what 2022 has in store for me."


5. Rakesh Phatak


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"I have been trekking since 2007. My journey started with the Sahyadris and landed on the Himalayas. The common problems we face during trekking are getting the right means of transportation and choosing the right option. Many companies in Uttarakhand have a repetitive list of treks in their portfolio. Bikat is one of the very few companies that has a diverse portfolio. 

After finishing my BMC in 2011, I wanted to do more challenging treks instead of the populous ones like Har Ki Dun and Kedar Kantha. But, doing treks solo was tough. A simple example is the Parang La trek. I did it myself with just one local guide and two donkeys. Though the trek was amazing, it was hectic and tough to organize. 

Also, being in the IT industry, managing holidays is a different kind of challenge. Unlike others, I cannot take short holidays. I have to go for bigger ones like 2-3 months. In this short window, I mostly try to cover as many treks as possible back to back. You can call it a mountain marathon. 

The Bikat Pass was a perfect match for this purpose. With so many diverse options and a wide range of regions, I was able to use it to the maximum capacity. Region, range, and cost, these three factors were covered with the Bikat Pass. Other than free treks, the discounted options were ample enough to my liking. It was a complete package for me. 

I believe this Pass makes sense for a guy like me. It won't work for people who occasionally try to trek. For 2022, I have different plans. I may go to Nepal and try to explore more expeditions. If the offering meets my needs, I won’t mind buying the pass again."


6. Sunny Mehta


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"The shackles of 9-5 life don't bind me anymore. Since 2017, I left all the mundane stuff behind me and started traveling full-time. En route adventures or on the way to some new place, I pick up some consulting assignments to fuel my travels.  

I would like to directly talk about the Bikat Pass now. Though I took the pass at the end of 2019, I could not use it for a long time because of the lockdown. I am a trekking enthusiast and like to push my limits to go beyond. The stagnation during the lockdown was a bit hard. I was able to use the pass effectively only in September 2021. 

The pass was ideal for my short-term trekking goals. Initially, I thought it was a prank. Who would offer so many treks for free in just 25k?

I was surprised when I confirmed it with the sales team. It was a really good deal for me. The original validity of the Pass was applicable until 2020. They even extended the time until September 2021 because of the lockdown. It was very considerate of Bikat. 

But, I think people should understand the actual purpose of the Pass. I don’t recommend it for first-timers. This Pass is perfect for those who are planning at least 3-4 treks a year. That’s when you will realize the economical value behind it. 

My next plan will be venturing into challenging expeditions. Since the last 2 versions of the Pass, the list of 25 free treks has remained the same and most of them are already done by trekking enthusiasts who trek frequently. Newer additions to the list will be a welcome step."


7. Tapan Madkikar


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"My friends ask me - 

How do you do so many treks? 

Where do I get the money from? 

How do I manage time?

Being a professional artist, a painter, I don't work for others. I have the luxury of time and I can trek whenever I feel like it. And the trick to doing many treks for less money is the Bikat Pass. They were surprised to hear about the Pass. 

After finishing BMC in 2018, my attitude, fitness level, and goals grew in the field of trekking. When I was looking for a cost-effective way, I found the Bikat Pass. It was a Paisa Vasool (Cost-efficient) deal for me. 

Imagine a trek like Friendship peak or even Bali Pass: individually we would have to pay a heavy amount and then spend on the logistics. But with the Pass, we get 25 free treks and 50 discounted treks. I don't have to do 10, just a single trek can cover the value of my pass. For a regular trekker like me, the benefits of the Pass were double effective. 

Now, think about the people who come from the South or from cities like Mumbai, we have an additional cost for flight. So, this pass reduces a part of the financial burden. The additional cost is negated. My next plan is to explore Grade 6 treks followed by expeditions. I am waiting for the 2022 Pass. 

Thank you Bikat for extending the validity of the Pass during the lockdown and I hope more people join this trekking community in 2022. 


8. Chandan Dey


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"In 2018, I was rejected by a trekking company because of my weight. I was 105 and I didn't fall under their fitness category. This incident ignited a spark in me. I took an entire year and reduced around 25 KGs for trekking. After that my first Himalayan trek was to the Kedar Kantha with the same trekking company which rejected me. The experience was phenomenal and I wanted to pursue trekking more in 2020. 

When I heard about the Bikat Pass, it was really intriguing. The concept was really nice and the discounts were an eye-catcher. My primary goal was to gain as much altitude and **do challenging treks **not to do all the free treks. I am a little disappointed that I couldn't use the pass to the full extent because of the lockdown. But, I am sure that this pass will benefit the new candidates who would like to have some fun and explore the famous trekking spots. 

Since I have experienced 4-5 Himalayan treks until now, I want to test my 50-year-old body on expeditions. In 2022, I am planning to do my BMC course and make myself ready for new mountain Expeditions. I don't think Bikat has space for Expeditions in the Pass. If things work out, I will definitely give it a thought. "


9. Gurmeet Singh Mehtab


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.  

I had read these lines by Robert Frost during my school days, but never did I know back then, that this would become my lifestyle mantra and take me far away from city life, high into the Himalayas towards eternal bliss.

A few years ago, completely tired of city life, I decided to pursue whitewater kayaking and it brought me to the foothills of the Himalayas. The tranquility of the place, the simplicity of life convinced me to shift there. It was a road less traveled, and every turn in life after that kept taking me closer to my inner self and higher into the Himalayas. It is here that I fell in love with mountains and trekking. 

It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. Sometimes I feel that Sir Edmund Hillary was conveying this just for people like me. 

On this journey to conquer my inner self, and explore new mountains, I came across a unique organization called Bikat Adventures. The Customer Rep promised me that the batch sizes would be small, and the trek leaders would take good care of me during the trek. I decided to do Har Ki Dunn with them, and after being suitably impressed with their professionalism, personalized attention, and safety standards, I felt encouraged to opt for the BIKAT PASS. While this meant making a bulk advance payment to an unknown entity, I decided to trust my gut and take the road less traveled.

To be frank, Bikat Pass has turned out to be the best decision for me. Not only has it allowed me to do as many treks as my time permitted, it compelled me to improve my fitness, techniques, preparations, knowledge with gears, and my understanding of mountain topography. 

Thanks to the Bikat Pass, the mountains have become an integral part of my life. I can comfortably live in sub-zero temperatures and can aspire to live a contented and self-actualized life of a Pahadi Shephard (Mountain Shepherd) someday. 

Thank you Bikat. :)"


10. Sampada Sampat Salunke


One Pass, Endless Adventures: What trekkers have to say about Bikat Pass 2020


"The main motto of my life is ultimate fitness. I believe that trekking is one way to achieve it. The Sahyadris played a major part in inducing me into this habit. It brought me out of my home and comfort zone. There was a time when I used to visit the Sahyadris every weekend and trek to many forts and peaks. 

Himalayan treks changed my perspective of the mountains and immersed me in the world of peace and tranquility. And there's one other reason why they remain my favorite!. I met my life partner there. 

In 2020, when I wanted to explore more Himalayan treks, I came across a FaceBook post of Bikat Adventures regarding Bikat Pass. It was a nice concept. I never knew something like this could come into the trekking industry. It even had Friendship peak expedition on its free list. I felt happy and booked it immediately.

But, the sad part was not being able to use it to its full extent. I blame the pandemic for this. My job and hectic city life didn't give me the extra time to explore more treks. I just did one trek and it was the Friendship peak Expedition. 

I think this pass is the best means for all full-time trekkers. In 2022, if the Pass rate comes down with some good offering, I will consider buying it again."


Bikat Pass 2022

These incidents and stories have no parallels in the world of trekking for us. Since the introduction of the Bikat Pass in 2019, we have had the opportunity to watch many dedicated trekking enthusiasts achieve their trekking goals. It has been a humbling experience to get to be a part of their journeys! In 2022, with the launch of the new Pass, we are hoping to reduce your burden some more and help you realize your Himalayan trekking dreams. 

To Learn More about Bikat Pass 2022: please click on the Link Below.

Bikat Pass 2022: Features, Cost & Validity


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