On popular demand, we are introducing another 50 Bikat Passes for Sale this year.

After choosing 100 Bikat Pass Members for 2022, we closed sales on the 18th of December.

Trekkers have been reaching out to us ever since interested in buying the pass. 

With our 2022 Members already embarking on treks, introducing more Passes seemed an infeasible move.



However, after much deliberation, we have decided to introduce a limited 50 Passes for Sale this year. The registration process is the same as last time.

But, the Pass costs INR 25,000.

This has been done to preserve the competitive advantages of registering for the Pass in the first round itself.



For the unfamiliar-

The Bikat Pass is a one of a kind Annual Trekking Pass that gives you exclusive access to

22 Free Treks and 58 Discounted Treks

For One Full Year.



"The Bikat Pass 2022 is the perfect motivation for me to push my limits. It is like an alarm clock constantly nudging me to move ahead and get back on track. I believe that there won't be any snooze buttons anymore. The hassle-free booking process, list of free treks, and the variety of regions offered under the Pass are simply amazing. This might be the chance for me to train for Mountaineering Expeditions." - Aayush Gupta, Bikat Pass Member, 2022



You can do a single trek in a year



Or multiple treks every month



And still Save Big with the Bikat Pass.

To put it simply, it lets you worry less about the Travel Budget and more about Going Trekking! 

Read what our previous Pass Holders have to say 

Please Note: If there is a lockdown across Himalayan States this year,

the validity of the Pass will be extended for the same period in 2023.



How to buy the Pass?

Up until last year, we sold the Passes on a first-come first-served basis.

This year, we have changed things a little bit.

We want to take the time to first understand how the Pass is going to be useful to you.

This is so that the pass reaches trekkers who are looking to step up their Trekking Game.

And take on challenges along the Bikat Rating Scale.

If you are interested in buying the Pass, please fill up the registration form below.

We will open sales of the Pass to 50 shortlisted candidates on 17.01.2022.

The form will be open for registrations between 11.01.2022 and 16.01.2022.

Read Terms and Conditions- Bikat Pass 2022





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