Bikat Adventures is back with the third season of the much-awaited Bikat Pass.

And it is better than ever!

Bikat Pass 2022 has more options, great discounts and the best part:

It costs ONLY INR 20,000!


"Wait, what? - Did they forget to add a zero? That was the first question I asked my friend when he told me about the Bikat Pass. And he laughed. I quickly called up Bikat and asked the same thing. They laughed and said that was how much it cost" - Jubin Kumar Gupta, Bikat Pass Holder, 2020




For the unfamiliar-

The Bikat Pass is a one of a kind Annual Trekking Pass that gives you exclusive access to

22 Free Treks and 58 Discounted Treks

For One Full Year.




"To be frank, Bikat Pass has turned out to be the best decision for me. Not only has it allowed me to do as many treks as my time permitted, it compelled me to improve my fitness, techniques, preparations, knowledge with gears, and my understanding of mountain topography."- Gurmeet Singh Mehtab, Bikat Pass Holder, 2020



You can do a single trek in a year



Or multiple treks every month



And still Save Big with the Bikat Pass.

To put it simply, it lets you worry less about the Travel Budget and more about Going Trekking!

Here’s what our previous Pass Holders have to say about it


There is one catch though. There are only a 100 Passes Available.

Up until last year, we sold the Passes on a first-come first-served basis.

This year, we have decided to change things a little bit.

Since there are only a limited number of passes and many trekkers who are interested,

we want to understand how this Pass is going to be useful to you.

We want the Bikat Pass to reach trekkers who are looking to step up their Trekking Game

And take on challenges along the Bikat Rating Scale.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new to the trekking game or an experienced mountaineer.

What matters is how passionate you are about the sport of trekking & mountaineering.

Please fill in the form below to Apply for the Bikat Pass.

We will open sales on the 16th of December to all the short-listed candidates!

P.S. Registrations for the Pass will close on the 14th of December.

Read Terms and Conditions- Bikat Pass 2022


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