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Summer Trek Quiz Contest August 2018 Results

Neelam Khanduri

Last updated: 08-09-2018

You answered our Himalayan trivia questions, and it’s our turn to answer one.
Who came out on top? The nerdiest of mountain nerds. The master of alpine fun facts.
After 7000 entries and an INCREDIBLY close call, here are your victorscool


1st Prize (Bikat voucher worth Rs 7000): Asmita 


2nd Prize (Bikat voucher worth Rs 5000): Pranav


3rd Prize (Bikat voucher worth Rs 3000): Harish


And as promised participation voucher worth Rs 500 will be given to all of you who participated with legitimate email id.


Congratulations everyone and be ready- the new contest coming your way real soon!

Correct Answers

I. Fill in the blank: Altimeter can determine altitude by measuring ____

  1. Air Pressure
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Oxygen Level
  4. Temperature

Ans: Air Pressure

II. Indrasan, the highest peak of Pir Panjal range is visible from?

  1. Hampta Pass
  2. Bhrigu Lake
  3. Beas Kund
  4. Pin Bhabha Pass

Ans: Hampta Pass

III. As per mythology, this glacial lake near Badrinath is a meditating ground of holy Trio-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

  1. Ruinsara Lake
  2. Kedar Tal
  3. Vasuki Tal
  4. Satopant Lake

Ans: Satopant Lake

IV. This trek is an ancient trade route between the Spiti in Himachal, Tibet & Changthang in Ladakh region

  1. Lamkhaga Pass
  2. Markha Valley Trek
  3. Parang La Trek
  4. Kanamo

Ans: Parang La Trek

 V. Which of these mountains is not a part of the famous amphitheater views of Har ki Dun Valley?

  1. Swargarohini
  2. Bandarpunch
  3. Black Peak
  4. Dronagiri

Ans: Dronagiri

VI. Which of these is an appropriate layering system for an extremely cold and wet conditions?

  1. Synthetic base layers, fleece mid layer, nonbreathable nylon hard shell
  2. Merino base layer, fleece mid layer, soft shell
  3. Merino base layer, down mid layer, breathable hard shell
  4. Synthetic base layer, fleece mid layer, breathable hard shell

Ans: Merino base layer, down mid layer, breathable hard shell

 VII. What is the upper limit of core body temperature for mild and severe hypothermia?

  1. Mild < 35°C, Severe < 25°C
  2. Mild < 33°C, Sever < 25°C
  3. Mild < 35°C, Severe < 28°C
  4. Mild < 37°C, Severe < 28°C

Ans: Mild < 33°C, Sever < 25°C

 VIII. Which of these is true about down Jacket?

  1. Good for wet weather
  2. Made from any kind of duck feathers
  3. Best warmth to weight ratio
  4. Bulky and heavy

Ans: Best warmth to weight ratio

IX. You wake up at your campsite at 12000 ft with a splitting headache and shortness of breath. You recognize symptoms of altitude sickness and decide on which treatment plan?

  1. Take a rest day at the same campsite
  2. Take Diamox and continue hiking
  3. Descend to an elevation of 9000 ft
  4. All of these are appropriate treatment plans

Ans: Descend to an elevation of 9000 ft.

 X. Which of these factors do not increase susceptibility to hypothermia?

  1. A previous case of hypothermia
  2. Alcohol
  3. Diabetes
  4. Immobilisation due to injury

Ans: A previous case of hypothermia

XI. What is the minimum altitude at which mountain sickness can occur?

  1. 10000 ft
  2. 8000 ft
  3. 5000 ft
  4. 2000 ft

Ans: 8000 ft

Neelam Khanduri

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