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Summer Trek Quiz Contest April 2018 Results

Neelam Khanduri

Last updated: 19-04-2018

Our 4th season of Bikat Quiz was a gamut of three things we absolutely love about quizzing - Knowledge, Learning, and Fun.

And we are overwhelmed with more than 5000 responses in 15 days.

Thank you for such huge participation, we hope you enjoyed answering the questions as much as we enjoyed setting them.

Now let's have our Championscool 


1st Prize (Bikat voucher worth Rs 7000): Paras Gupta


2nd Prize (Bikat voucher worth Rs 5000): Manoj Kumar


3rd Prize (Bikat voucher worth Rs 3000):  Ajmer Singh


Congratulations to all the winners! You will receive further communications via email as well. 

As promised participation voucher worth Rs 500 will be given to all of you who participated with legitimate email id.

We would look forward to more energetic participation in future too.

Correct Answers

I.The first ascent of Mt. Everest was via which route?

  1. North Col
  2. South Col
  3. East Col
  4. West Col

Ans: South Col

II.Which is the highest peak in Pir Panjal Range?

  1. Deo Tibba
  2. Indrasan
  3. Hanuman Tibba
  4. Friendship Peak

Ans: Indrasan

III. Which of these peaks is not visible from Pangarchulla Peak Summit?

  1. Nanda Devi
  2. Chaukhamba
  3. Neelkanth
  4. Bandarpunch

Ans: Bandarpunch

IV. Which of these flowers found in the Himalayas are used in making herbal tea?

  1. Himalayan Balsam
  2. Geranium
  3. Rhododendron
  4. Tulip

Ans: Rhododendron

 V. Which of this equipment is used to cure altitude sickness?

  1. Altimeter
  2. Gamow Bag
  3. Crampons
  4. Carabiner

Ans: Gamow Bag

VI. Fill in the blank: A ____ is a dip between the two peaks wide enough to carry a motor road.

  1. Massif
  2. Ridge
  3. Peak
  4. Col

Ans: Col

 VII. Which is the highest motorable pass in the world?

  1. Ganda La
  2. Khardung La
  3. Umling La
  4. Tanglang La

Ans: Umling La

 VIII. Which of these mountains has never been climbed in winters?

  1. Kanchenjunga
  2. Nanga Parbat
  3. Mount Everest
  4. K2

Ans: K2

IX. In Garhwal region, it is called ‘Bugyal’ and in Himachal region, it is called ‘Thach’. What is ‘it’?

  1. Meadow
  2. Pass
  3. Lake
  4. Forest

Ans: Meadow

 X. According to mythology, Lord Hanuman chucked out a massive portion of this mountain in search of ‘Sanjeevani Buti’. Which mountain is it?

  1. Neelkanth
  2. Kamet
  3. Hathi Ghoda
  4. Dronagiri

Ans: Dronagiri

XI. Arrange them in increasing order of height: Stok Kangri, Mt. Elbrus. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kanchenjunga

  1. Stok Kangri < Elbrus < Kanchenjunga < Kilimanjaro
  2. Elbrus < Stok Kangri < Kilimanjaro < Kanchenjunga
  3. Kilimanjaro< Stok Kangri < Kanchenjunga < Elbrus
  4. Elbrus< Kilimanjaro < Stok Kangri < Kanchenjunga

Ans: D

 XII. Which of these peaks is visible from Goecha La Trek?

  1. Kamet
  2. Kanchenjunga
  3. K2
  4. Kabru

Ans: Kanchenjunga

XIII. Sir Louise Dane first crossed this Himalayan Pass in August 1884 in search of an alternate route to Spiti. Which mountain pass is it?

  1. Hampta Pass
  2. Pin Parvati Pass
  3. Pin Bhaba Pass
  4. Parang La

Ans: Pin Parvati Pass

XIV. What is the name of that hanging village on Rupin Pass Trek?

  1. Jakha Village
  2. Dhak Village
  3. Tugashi Village
  4. Sangla Village

Ans: Jakha Village

XV: Which of these treks does not go through Govind Pashu National Park?

  1. Bali Pass Trek
  2. Har ki Dun
  3. Kedarkantha
  4. Kuari Pass

Ans: Kuari Pass

XVI. Which of these treks is a walk on the glaciers?

  1. Vasuki Taal
  2. Kedar Taal
  3. Ruinsara Taal
  4. Panwali Kantha

Ans: Vasuki Taal

XVIIWhich of these treks is also known as the ‘tea house trek’?

  1. Bali Pass
  2. Har ki Dun
  3. Markha Valley
  4. Hampta Pass

Ans: Markha Valley


Neelam Khanduri

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