Know your trail!

Don’t just trek Head Hung, Dead focussed on your feet, looking at the sky to catch a breath, Just focussing on finishing the day somehow.

Trekking becomes a meaningful experience when you can absorb the surroundings – the trees, landscape, milestones, and waterbodies. Bikat is giving you a new & exciting reason to trek like an explorer. We are challenging you to be aware of your surroundings, enjoy and learn from the nature. And yes! We won’t let your extra efforts go cashless  There are many prizes, worth INR 5 Lakhs up for grabs in this contest.

Welcome to Nag Tibba Scavenger hunt Contest !

How to Enter

It’s very simple. Just solve the 5 clues by clicking pictures and post them on your Instagram handle with #nagtibbascavengers and tag @bikatadventures in your caption. Include a brief write-up in your caption telling us how you identified the spot.

Here are the clues..

Take a Selfie at First ''पानी'' (water) Point

Clue : Lies 1.6 Kms from Pantwari Village, is the first major water point when you start hiking to Nag mandir from Pantwari

Take a Selfie with an ''अन्यार'' (Lyonia Ovalifolia) Tree

Clue : Slightly reddish brown in color, the Leaves of this tree are typical wild ‘climbers’ that grow around many other trees. They are laid down in domestic animal shelters to keep them warm.

Take a Selfie with ''नाग व्रक्ष''

Clue : An old tree with not many leaves on it now but with a unique shape and standing like a stalwart not far from Nag Mandir. Lies within 20 M Radius of Nag Mandir.


Get yourself clicked in "भुजंग आसन" (Cobra pose from Yoga) in front of this tree

Clue : The tree seems to be split directly by a thunder lightning. Lies 0.9 Kms from Nag Mandir towards your climb to the Nagtibba summit, in the middle of dense forest.

Get yourself clicked right at the top - The Nag Tibba Summit in "नागिन" (female snake) pose

Clue : Clue: Keep climbing, don’t give up and complete the trek smile


Overall Winner : Voucher of INR 20,000/-
Prize for completion : Voucher of INR 3,000/-
Best Picture in Each Category : Voucher of INR 2,000/-
Participation Prize for everyone who enters the contest : Voucher of INR 500/-

Contest Rules

  • Photos should be uploaded on Instagram.
  • Judging criteria: Degree of Completion of Tasks, Quality of Pictures & Captions.
  • Entries must be posted from a public account during the challenge period. You cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will NOT be considered eligible.
  • Although completion of all 5 tasks increase your chances of winning the contest, however it is not a mandatory requirement to enter the contest. Out of 5, try to complete as many tasks as you can and upload your pictures.

We can’t wait to see your entries ! So get going & start trekking to Nag Tibba ! laughing


Dec 1, 2016: Contest Launch

Feb 28, 2017 at 6pm: Deadline to submit photos

Mar 06, 2017: Winners Informed

Mar 09, 2017: Winners Announced

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