Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

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Last updated: 23-04-2019

Top five reasons to do the Tarsar Marsar Trek in 2019



Is Kashmir's Tarsar Marsar in your bucket list?

Not yet?

No worries, it will be after we tell you all about it.

There is more to Kashmir than just Srinagar, Gulmarg and Sonmarg. Kashmir is referred to as the valley of lakes. There are more than 15 enchanting lakes deep in the valleys and mountains of Kashmir which are accessible only by trekking. Unlike the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar which attracts tourists, the lakes of Tarsar and Marsar located deep in the Lidder valley are a delight for trekkers.

Tarsar and Marsar are two high altitude oligotrophic alpine lakes which lie in the vicinity of each other separated by a mountain. Due to their close proximity and similar physical characteristics the two lakes are often called as the twin sisters. Tarsar Lake drains out and flows into the Lidder river, whereas Marsar Lake drains out and flows in the opposite direction of the Tarsar Lake eventually entering Dal Lake in Srinagar.

The Kashmiri locals favor Tarsar Marsar as the only trek which takes you to the heart of Kashmir, with heavenly views representing the Kashmiri culture.

The Tarsar Marsar trek is on par with the more famous Kashmir Great Lakes (KGL) trek in Kashmir. With its fair share of stunning meadows, beautiful valleys, outstanding mountains, and pretty trails, the Tarsar Marsar trek is a great alternative to the KGL trek.


1. Imposing meadows of Lidderwat and Sekhwas

Tarsar Marsar has what I call the “gold mine” of Kashmir, which is Kashmir’s picture-perfect meadows. Nothing like you have ever seen, these meadows will leave you awe-struck and elevated. Right from the start as you ascend from the basecamp of Aru and approach the campsite of Lidderwat, these meadows will put a smile on your face. 


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Alluring campsite of Lidderwat


On the second day, en route to the campsite of Sekhwas, the valley opens up revealing its mesmerizing meadows with fantastic mountains surrounding it. A view that takes you by surprise and leaves you craving for more. Tarsar Marsar with its green meadows and colorful trail is very attractive.


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Postcard worthy campsite of Sekhwas



2.    Soaring mountains

Mountain views with stunning vistas make this trail look like its straight out of some fantasy land. The mountains you see during the trek are tailor-made for this marvelous scenery.


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Every turn gives you enthralling views like this


Tarsar Marsar has stunning mountains around the blue lakes and separating them from each other. At the campsite, you see a crystal clear blue lake on one side, sensuous green meadows in the center, and rugged mountains on the other side. Thereby, displaying a catalyst of colors with each layer being more beautiful than the other.


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Trek loaded with such spellbinding views



3. The emerald blue color of Tarsar and Marsar

The three lakes which you see on the trek, namely Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundersar get their characteristic emerald blue color from being oligotrophic in nature, which means the lakes have low nutrient levels leading to low algal level and thus crystal clear water. When the sunlight falls, the water of the lake appears to shine like diamonds. The lakes of Tarsar and Marsar being the highlights of the trek are so huge that when viewed from different angles and elevation gives you a different picture of the lake with varying colors. Such is the magic of the lakes of Kashmir.


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Lake as seen from the Tarsar ridge


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Marsar Lake as seen from the Marsar ridge



4. Camping next to the Lakes

The highlight of the Tarsar Marsar trek is the unique opportunity to camp next to the enchanting lakes of Tarsar and Sundersar. 

How often do you get to camp right next to a high altitude glacial alpine lake? Nowhere do you get to camp next to such spectacular high alpine lakes. Well, here you can and you have no idea how epic it is. It’s so beautiful and euphoric as you camp on the soft meadows right next to the reflection of the blue sky in the crystal clear lake while jagged mountains surround you. It’s an out-of-the-world experience and certainly a romantic one.


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Beautiful campsite of Tarsar


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Sundersar Lake as seen from the Sundersar campsite



5. Easy trek - Perfect for all

The Tarsar Marsar trek has a decent increase in gradient and is a moderate trek making it perfect for beginners and experienced trekkers alike to explore the gorgeous valleys and lakes of Kashmir. The total distance covered during the 6 days of the trek is about 40 km making it less strenuous. In the 6 days of the journey, you get to see gorgeous alpine meadows, beautiful blue lakes, a mountain pass with unparalleled views, impressive valleys and sublime mountains.


Five Reasons To Do The Tarsar Marsar Trek

Amazing view of the valley from Tarsar Pass


Picture this exact image in your head. Wait for it to be processed.

Doesn’t it look absolutely gorgeous?

Such is the beauty of this place. It can take over your imagination.

What more can you ask for in a trek?

The Tarsar Marsar trek gives you everything you ever wanted plus incomprehensible dreamy views. A class apart from any other trek you have ever done. Go for this trek now.

Tarsar Marsar in Kashmir is truly a paradise on earth.


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