Best Rock Climbing Destinations In India

India is often considered a paradise for adventure enthusiasts due to its diversity and vast options of thrilling activities. It offers almost all adventure activities that exist in the world. Also, the craze towards these activities among Indians is escalating day by day. Out of all activities, rock climbing is the one that most people try. Though the activity was rarely persuid in India till few years back, but now it is attracting people from all age groups specially youngsters.

There are two types of sites where rock climbing can be done, viz, natural site and man-made site. To get a true experience of rock climbing, natural sites are preferred. There are some prominent destinations in India which have rocky terrain that makes these places perfect for this activity. So adventure junkies what are you waiting for? Just head out to these places and have a rush of adrenaline.

Delhi NCR

Delhi houses many places where one can try this sport. Out of these places, Damdama Lake, Dhauj Rocks & Lado Sarai Rocks are most popular and considered best. Damdama Lake, located in the suburbs of Gurgaon, is a good picnic spot with scenic views of Aravalli hills. Apart from rock climbing, one can also try other activities there such as Boating, Bird watching, etc. Dhauj Rocks is also an ideal place in the vicinity of NCR, to do rock climbing. It is located in Faridabad district.Lado Sarai Rocks are located in park near Saket metro station.

Best Rock Climbing Destinations In India

Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra

Malshej Ghat is a beautiful location to try rock climbing near the lush green valleys. Snuggled in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, it is around 120 km from both Mumbai and Pune. This rock climbing site is deemed to be suitable for beginners who want to acquire the skills of this sport. One can also explore waterfalls, caves and temples near the place. Best time to see the beauty of this place is during monsoon.However suitable time for climbing is winters.

Hampi, Karnataka

A notable UNSECO World Heritage Site, which is renowned for its ruins and fortifications. Other than this, the site is also eminent for rock climbing and bouldering. It is often called as the bouldering capital of India. The ideal time to visit this place is from October to February as Hampi remains dry during these months. Rock climbing on the quirky rock formations will give you an extricating experience. 

Best Rock Climbing Destinations In India

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Paithalmala, Kerala

Paithalmala is a scenic hill station, located in the Kannaur district of Kerala. The place is famous for trekking and rock climbing. Every year, many people come here to try rock climbing and explore its dense forest. Plethora of people visit this place annually to attend the expeditions that are conducted here.

Badami, Karnataka

Another site in Karnataka, famous for rock climbing on it's raging red sandstones. Badami is the best place in India to do rock climbing on bolted routes. Its steep and tough terrain makes this place a favourable one for thrill seekers. One can also pay a visit to cave temples situated there. Make sure you get a permission from local police as it is a heritage region. Ideal time for visiting is November to March. 

Best Rock Climbing Destinations In India

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Shey Rock, Kashmir

Leh has always been on the top of the list for those looking for some adventurous activities. Shey Rock in Leh is a must go place for rock climbing lovers. The unique terrain due to its different rock formation makes it ideal for both experts and amateurs. Once you reach the top, you get a breathtaking panoramic view of mountains. Summer is perfect for doing rock climbing in this region.

Miyar Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Miyar valley is a perfect site for those seeking an adventurous trip in an isolated place. Located on the borders of Leh, the place offers a lot to its visitors such as trekking, rock climbing, splendid views and much more. The valley is often termed as the himachal's valley of flowers. The valley is good for experienced climbbers, but amateurs can also give it a try. 

Best Rock Climbing Destinations In India

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