Bikat Adventures is now hiring Trek Leaders. If you or anyone you know is interested, please send in a CV along with a cover letter to Alternatively, you can also fill-up the form here.

For freshers looking to kickstart their career in the field, please note that a BMC certification is mandatory. 

For more details on what the hiring process is like, the career growth one can expect, and how long it takes to become a full-fledged Expedition Leader (to lead some of our mountaineering expeditions independently), please refer to the articles linked below.

Some helpful Information:

1. What is the hiring process for a Trek Leader at Bikat Adventures?

It takes us six months to hire a trek leader at Bikat Adventures. To find out what we do during this period, Click here.

2. What is the career growth for a trek leader at Bikat Adventures?

Bikat Adventures is one of the few organisations in the country that holds mountaineering expeditions in conjunction with Himalayan treks and other outdoor activities.

This essentially means a Trek Leader joining Bikat Adventures gets the exhilarating opportunity to grow into a well-rounded Expedition Leader while fine-tuning his/her skills in outdoor leadership through other activities in our portfolio (like skiing, cycling, wildlife spotting etc.)

To help you achieve this, we have built specialised training programs for our trek leaders with NIM and charted out a clear timeline of career progress one can achieve after joining Bikat.

To learn more about this, click here. 

3. What is the life of a trek leader like at Bikat Adventures?

In the article linked below, our trek leaders share personal stories of what drew them to the field of mountaineering and what life at Bikat Adventures has been like so far.

Hear what our trek leaders have to say in this article: Click here.

4. How equipped/skilled are trek leaders at Bikat Adventures to handle a crisis?

In a time of crises, the brunt of both, making the right decision in the face of uncertainty and being responsible for each participant’s safety, lands squarely on the Trek Leader.

One misstep or wrong judgement could compromise the safety of the entire team.

So, how equipped/skilled are the trek leaders at Bikat Adventures to handle such scenarios?

Click here to find out.


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