Things To Know Before You Take Up Skiing

Kiritika Jyotshi

Last updated: 23-03-2020

Things To Know Before You Take Up Skiing Courses


When one thinks of adventure activities, especially the ones in the mountains, we are pretty sure that the first activity that comes to mind is skiing on the mighty snow slopes. 

The images of being on the skis while zipping through the plain white slopes, leaving behind a trail of your own is surely a thought one cherishes! 

Well, before you decide to take up skiing or maybe just do it for fun, there are a few things you must know and keep in mind. So, let’s begin by understanding these basics first. 


1. First things first, before you decide to race the slopes you should familiarise yourself with the components of a ski. It is very important to know what you are stepping into before taking up the activity. Each of the skis has some basic parts like nose, heel cup, brake pedal, binding, heel track, break arm and tail. Each of these have been labelled in the image below. 


Things To Know Before You Take Up Skiing


It is very essential that you get the right tutor or expert to get you to know these beforehand. Once you step into these skis, knowing the distinction between each of the components will make the learning process faster for you.

2. The next step that you most follow is to make sure that you get the right person or organisation to help you understand all about the activity and clear the basics. In India, Gulmarg is one of the most popular destinations known for skiing. The USP being the 4200 m slope, which also is one of the highest ski slopes of the world. Zipping downhill from that slope is exactly what an adrenaline junkie would look forward to.

But before one can manage to navigate through that slope, one needs to go through a couple of training programs namely, the basic and the intermediate skiing course. Once done with these the golden opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your learning comes when you do the advance skiing course. 


Things To Know Before You Take Up Skiing


Now in order to reach this stage, it is extremely important that you choose the right organisation and the right professionals who are not only certified but also passionate about the sport.

3. Once you have the right guidance, the fun part of the activity begins. It is important to understand that seeing professionals and pros take plunges from high slopes and seeing them do stunts does not mean that you are prepared to do them too. Although a fun activity, taking proper precautions and following the rules is one thing you cannot forget. Therefore, keep in mind that all slopes are not meant to be conquered in the first attempt.

Knowing your slopes is mandatory. Although, when you enroll for a skiing course, the professionals make sure that you do not make any such mistakes and do only the things that are permissible under your level of the course, it is always recommended to keep an eye out for yourself. 


Things To Know Before You Take Up Skiing


Always make sure that you are under the right vigilance and do not try to wander off on slopes which look thrilling. As they always say, precaution is better than cure.

4. Wearing the right ensemble before you start skiing is very important. Most of the time, tourists who  undertake activity just for fun forget that skiing is an adventure activity and we cannot afford to take any chances.

Wearing your fancy jeans for instagram worthy pictures is a big NO NO. Even if you plan on doing the activity for the thrill, you should keep in mind the basic dressing rules of the game. Snow pants, proper snow boots, gloves, helmet etc are the most essential. All these can easily be rented, leaving no chance for excuses. 


Things To Know Before You Take Up Skiing


Always keep in mind, dress appropriately.

5. As we mentioned in one of the points above, it is very important to know your slopes. Along with knowing your slopes there is another thing we should always keep in mind i.e. never put yourself to test while learning. It is crucial that we understand that before the responsibility of the professional it is our own responsibility to ensure our safety. Not only that, when we make sure that we follow the rules and keep ourselves on track, we are also safekeeping the interests of others around us.

So, when you are learning, no matter which stage (basic, intermediate or advance) without the approval of the professionals or the organization involved we must not put our skills to test. 


Things To Know Before You Take Up Skiing


If you want to judge your progress, seeking guidance and testing under proper circumstances is the responsible thing to do.

Through these pointers above our goal is to make sure that you are mentally and physically prepared to undertake the activity and that you enjoy the joys and the adrenaline rush of skiing without putting yourself or others in harm’s way. 

We hope to encourage all of you to take up such outdoor adventure activities and also to see you soon in Gulmarg sliding down that 4200 m giant. 




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