Treks Contest Blog Contest The Adventurer Blog Contest July 2017 Results
10 August 2017 | Neelam Khanduri

So today is the day! We are finally announcing the winners of "The Adventurer Blog Contest - July 2017" But before we applaud for the winners let's congratulate all our contestants who particip

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Contests Contest Photo Contest The Adventurer blog contest - July 2017
31 July 2017 | Neelam Khanduri

So back from an adventure, you must be thinking what's next? We say let your adventure breathe once again. How? Pen it down before it becomes a distant memory, difficult to recall. Your story has t

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Contests Contest Trekking Quiz Contest Summer Trek Quiz Contest Results
14 June 2017 | Neelam Khanduri

“No matter which generation we belong, X , Y or the latest Z, we all love anything and everything about the quizzes…” And here we are not giving a generic statement but someth

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Contests Contest Quiz Contest summer trek quiz contest
27 May 2017 | Neelam Khanduri

Take this quiz to see how much you know about Himalayan Summer Treks   The purpose of this quiz contest is to test the knowledge of the participants about Himalayan Summer treks. The following

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Contests Contest Blog Contest The adventurer blog contest April 2017 winners
20 May 2017 | Neelam Khanduri

It's 20th May - The judgment day! Just kidding not the judgment day but of course an important day as we are going to announce our winners of "the adventurer blog contest". But before applauding for

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Contests Contest Blog Contest The adventurer blog contest April 2017 entries
19 May 2017 | Neelam Khanduri

We are extremely proud to share all the eligible entries that we have received for The adventurer blog contest.  From trek experiences of nag tibba, hampta, Kalindi pass in north to the Rajmachi

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10 May 2017 | Neelam Khanduri

The adventurer trek photo contest has finally come to an end. Out of so many splendid photos, it was difficult to select the three winners. Our judge Sreeram Venkiteshwaran had to do a lot of thinking

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Treks Contest April Photo Contest Vote For Your Favorite Photo
02 May 2017 | Bikat Adventures

So, the second version of the Photo contest that we conducted ought to be larger and wider. Accordingly, we made some changes in the rules and invited participants active on all forums (not just insta

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Contests Contest Photo Contest Instagram Contest
27 August 2016 | Bikat Adventures

This month Bikat Adventures will turn 5. We are celebrating our 5th Anniversary with a Trek Photographer of the month contest! The Prizes are : 1st Prize :  Voucher of Rs 10,000/- 2nd Pri

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Treks Contest Trekking Blog Contest Submit Your Trek Stories
11 March 2015 | Bikat Adventures

Your contributions are welcome ! We invite you to submit your trek stories from anywhere in the world . It doesn't matter if there is already content available on the internet for a particular trek. W

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